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  1. Individual mistakes in the big games we've lost this season. Not lost to any bit of quality play yet, we're being set up well, executing a good game plan. Then being let down by a poor decision!
  2. That was a proper doing! Stewart really impressed and grew in confidence every minute of the game. Kent and Jones back soon too, depth that wasn't there a season ago! Able to not feel the Aribo loss as well... All good new traits about the squad!
  3. Just happy to get off that pitch against those dirty twats with any sort of win. As ever dangerous play is ok against us! Hopefully Aribo is all good to play with a snazzy headband after being assaulted.
  4. Morelos - 9, We wont have him for much longer. Expect a bit to come in January that will be a Scottish record. ­čśô
  5. Lets hope Barasic starts again Sunday and does that, if he does it brings a whole new dimension in the SPL.
  6. Seem to remember him being thrown into an old firm, straight from an injured spell and him smashing it. Just one of those things with football and competitive sport, muscle issues happen.
  7. He just needs Mr Gerrard to loosen him up at HTC, maybe buy him a steak dinner with some jazz flute. Once legs are loose, there is no going back.
  8. Big Jorg, remember demanding my shirt with a 3 on the back as a kid.
  9. Agreed his numbers will improve, plus stats don't show the contribution out with assists and goals (like you said committing defenders). Beats one or two men, team on the back foot - making space for others, runs without the ball taking defenders away and teams constantly doubling up. That gives new players like Ojo, Aribo and Jones a bit more space to damage as well. This signing is a massive piece in the jigsaw to win the title - i hope anyways.
  10. Barasic hasn't done much wrong the last few games. He hasn't done what he can going forward either, signs he is getting his confidence back with the goal and some forward runs - unlucky with the head knock against Legia. Hopefully he plays well for Croatia and brings that with him going forward. Got two months to make the spot his own!
  11. Even made a few nice runs cutting inside, few more solid games and he will hopefully start properly opening his legs and believing in himself.
  12. Standard panty wetting at a solid result against a good team, in a hostile atmosphere, away from home.
  13. Whenever I see it's an artificial pitch I know the match will be a stinker. Makes my eyes bleed, seeing it bobble all over the place
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