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  1. Also the refs have worked out how to deal with him. Book him the first chance they can and then say no more or you're off - nullify any controversy for them and takes some of his edge away.
  2. I hope Gerrard leaves the door open and makes the players listen to Aberdeen celebrating. They need to feel shite and embarrassed by this. This sit everyone behind the ball and make the most of breaks or set pieces is awful but it's how they set up everytime. Need a better plan, even giving them some of the ball and sitting in a bit would mess with that plan.
  3. McInnes will be driving down to get that music off... Too loud lads.
  4. If good old Craggggsss had his way there would be no yellow cards so far...
  5. Made lots of chances after we tired them out, keeper made some good saves to be fair to him. Could have been double figures, need to make sure we're clinical on Wednesday! Remember it's all just biomechanics.
  6. And now we have to listen about how amazing Kilmarnock and Steve Clarke are.. fuck me Worrall gave them a goal, they've done nothing else.
  7. Just fucking clear it out.. useful by both of them.
  8. Hearts Goal woke us up, what a finish.. even better he's offside for Stewart to cry about. Need a good bollocking at half time.
  9. Nearly a perfect day for other results too - let's keep this up now and make them all feel the pressure!
  10. Fuck you Andy Walker.. to start. Wins and win, pretty shit - let's get the ball rolling McFadden St Mirren weren't sitting in.. they were. Nice insight and U turn there FFS.
  11. Bet this one wasn't a pen either Andy... You fucking plum
  12. Why is Andy Walker still commentating on our games ffs
  13. Got my home and third kit the other week, names and numbers are all good. Well happy with them.
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