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  1. Can really feel not having Tav in this game. Not saying Patterson would be better than Flanagan today, due to the physical nature. Just we miss the composure, athleticism and attacking threat.
  2. Can already tell this is the only game of the season that matters to Hearts..
  3. Controlled the game well, lack of sharpness in the final third again, made harder with St Mirren probably drilling for this game the entire winter break. Got the win and we haven’t destroyed our chance like last season. On to the next!
  4. Enjoying the commentary team ignoring assault on Defoe before the goal
  5. Let the kickfest begin. Ref best start wafting his cards about.
  6. Refs needs to start getting the cards out or someone's gonna get badly hurt
  7. That's a lovely goal.. Aribo composed as fuck! Kent since he's come back from injury has been contributing in every game - end product...
  8. Craigan can get to fuck. That's how you move defenders... By fouling the fuck out of them, Morelos gets manhandled and reacts... Needs to be better than that. Scottish fucking football in a nutshell.
  9. This is a proper away, post international performance. Lazy at times and taking it easy on the opposition. I'll be happy with any win, get motoring for a big run of games!
  10. Points in the bag. That'll do after being away in Europe and then having a bunch of thugs allowed to do what they like against us. Ref sets the tone on that shit, how Polworth stayed on the pitch I'll never know.
  11. Might not be at the races fully yet, not helped by the ref being fucking awful so far .
  12. Standard Pish refereeing, give these sort of thugs any encouragement and they give us a game.
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