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  1. Jimbo82

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    As I said he'll be addressing the attack I'm sure. Main reason we lost to them is we couldn't defend for Shit and were made of bread sticks.. alongside a garbage mentality. Hopefully that's being sorted. Get some of the mentality Walter gave us and we'll get it right up them.
  2. Jimbo82

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    I'm pretty sure Mr Gerrard has a plan he wants to execute and has now had time to appraise the squad and decide what needs doing. Main issues defense and physicality, which he has been addressing. Attacked we scored the most goals in the league, so this will be next on the agenda. It's the 11th of July, we have extra time once the English window closes, i feel we're going in the right direction and to have 9 signings in already is great.
  3. Jimbo82

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    I had the home strip, my Dad got me the top and my Gran the shorts and socks for my birthday - this wasn't the point I became a supporter though, my dad had ingrained it since birth (he's currently trying it with my nephew who's Dad is a Boro fan, first present sent was a Rangers babygrow!)
  4. Jimbo82

    Players not going to Spain

    I also think there's a player in there, playing in a three with the other two and properly drilled you could see a decent ball playing defender. Martin made me feel sick when I saw his name on the team sheet - absolute garbage!
  5. Jimbo82

    Your 1st Rangers away game

    1992 Leeds vs Rangers - no away fans, with my dad no colours trying to no jump about when Hateley smashed one in after 2 minutes! Bloke ten rows up started jumping about and was swiftly ejected...
  6. Jimbo82


    We also have to understand that MW has been here for 13 months and we had no scouting network until we got Frank. So they have to go with the market they know until they can build the right scouting staff up. Otherwise we're just taking shots in the dark. The progress so far from having nothing in place is clear, we've brought in 4 talented young players who could become key in the future. I'm sure once the correct staff and contacts are in place we will look into these markets, but currently its not the right thing to do. Patience is key with this sort of thing!
  7. Jimbo82

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    We've come up a division and teams have done nothing but sit in, it's a complement in someways. But if we're not that great then why do it... Motherwell grafted hard today and had clearly been told by the manager if you give Rangers an easy ride you're finished with me, the complete opposite to his previous i'm guessing. We looked a labored through most of the game and never got into full flow, but grinding results is better than not getting them. I'm confident that it's coming together and we'll be fully up and running come September. Also the referee had a stinker!!