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  1. Just read they have been charged 17 times by UEFA since 2007. 17!!! All they receive is fine after fine. I don't understand how we get sections of the stadium closed but they continue to get a slap on the wrist time and time again. @Virtuoso, you called it spot on.
  2. Goldson and one other will be the choice, but I would have Helander and Katic. Both good defensively and for me Katic offers a real threat at the opposite end of the pitch from set plays that Goldson doesn't offer. good headache for the manager to have though
  3. Horrible news. A warrior to the end. Rip Fernando.
  4. You just have to wonder sometimes don't you?
  5. And the only reason they have that chance was because of a half Decent manager in McLeish that understood the limitations of the players and got some decent results . They won't qualify.
  6. So that's them already poo-pooing any sort of criticism of Clarke, offering up the argument of "he's the best we have". Nonsense.
  7. How Charlie Mulgrew is still playing for Scotland o will, never know lol
  8. BBC reporting abysmal as usual, and ignoring the fact Scotland are awful. "Has there been a better performance by a player at Hampden in the last 10 years?" Well the fact Scotland are shite and managed by a diddy might also have something to do with that.
  9. Clarke still won t be out under pressure i bet. Christ, McLeish was put under pressure when Scotland won games!
  10. Think those Belgium at -3 bets are happening. Well predicted @born a blue nose Embarrassing stuff from scotland.
  11. Second hernia op in a few months, will be out for a while I would imagine. Barisic surely had to grab this chance now.
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