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  1. That would be a great gesture if that is the case. BBC article, just mentions about the pay cuts and furloughs but as you say, different story entirely if they are donating their wage to top up the wages of those who may miss it more.
  2. Maybe just me, but I think when the normal staff members (admin, cleaners etc) are being told they are dropping 20%, you would think the rest would follow suit. I would assume he is on a wage that 20% would probably help.
  3. Just read there that steve Clarke and some heroic souls at the SFA/SPFL have taken a 10% wage cut, leaving the admin staff etc to be furloughed. Token gesture from the jakey. Petrie and Mulraney have taken 20% pay cuts.
  4. The gentleman and legend Colin Jackson Mick Fleetwood
  5. You were nearly there mate. Just had to open the pics up and copy and paste the link and that was it.
  6. 83rd minute, last time they actually won anything 😂
  7. He's donated and raised a bit of profile for a very good cause. None of us know what we or he donates to different charities. Good on him. Have my issues with the way he managed us and the way he had been in the media, but I can't fault him here.
  8. Harsh reality has kicked in for me over the last week as well. Had to say to my mum and dad last night that I won't be able to go and see them for what looks like the next three months, but I'd rather that and know they are still here than take the risk and be selfish. People are dying, workplaces are dying and they want to lay claim to a football title. Rancid club from top to bottom. Shameless.
  9. Good riddance to them if they go. I feel for the general workers at any business that goes under, but not for the players or for the people running them. I don't forgive or forget them. Scum club that tried to kill us. Fuck them.
  10. Probably the most (for me anyway) unexpected career change for a footballer i've seen. Would never have thought he would appear in so many big budget movies.
  11. Dundee. I'm sure that was the one. Remember it being a team we wouldn't normally think about beating us.
  12. Sure he was also the keeper when we got beat either 3-2 or 4-3 back in the early 90's to a team like Falkirk. I was fairly young so details are sketchy, just remember thinking he wasn't very good!
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