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  1. That's smart. It looks like the McEwans Lager text is felt as well. Those were the days! jeez I was only 5 back then
  2. Commanding CB, and 2/3 really creative players needed, and we also need to shift a sizable amount of deadwood. If Morelos goes this summer then we need two strikers to replace him. lafferty needs to be going, he contributes nothing of note. We should be able to free up a decent amount off the wage bill in players leaving, and start to bring another couple of youths through.
  3. I think thinking that too. They seem to always be looking to improve the standards and quality of the leagues down there, while we seem to be resistant to almost any sort of change at all. Christ, even goal line tech was seen as a big no. Dinosaurs man.
  4. That's where the frustration comes in. We reached a very high level of performance in that game that we haven't matched very often since. When we do, we look a very good team. Hopefully we are mentally stronger next season.
  5. It doesnt, but what it does is take that particular albatross off. If we hadn't won that game, it would be used as a stick to beat him with (understandably), so it does need to be highlighted positively too. I'm not happy with the silly points dropped either, just adding balance to the discussion.
  6. Between a 6/7 out of ten for me. it's been a good season all told, certainly with room for improvement (like there always should be). New manager, coaching team, new culture being implemented, investment in infrastructure. lots of new players with little time to gel. Money from the European journey was a welcome but important bonus, and it is folly for some to ignore its importance going forward. We need to be giving Gerrard a chance to see what he can do with the extra money that will be available. people are discounting Europe to further an argument, and are down playing the teams we faced. We can only play what's in front of us, and even those arguing have to admit that getting to the group stage exceeded expectations. the league form has been inconsistent and at times frustrating. We have a manager adapting to a new league, a new role, and we must give him the chance to improve. At the start of the season, second was the realistic target and we will reach that comfortably ahead of aberdeen. we cannot realistically just turn up and win the league against a team that has been settled for the last few seasons. They have been able to add one or two players a season rather than compete overhauls every year like we have had. They are no great shakes and we aren't that far behind them, which is remarkable considering financial disparity, new squads, new managers every season and the really poor levels we are held to with regards to the disciplinary panels and referees. Next season is huge (every season is), and I am sure there will be improvements. We are improving and we are getting our club back. Our Rangers. People are even down playing the victory against them. We outclassed them. Remember that. A couple of very good players and we will be there.
  7. You would almost think there's a narrative being created now about the rise again of hooliganism and poor behaviour at games...
  8. Brilliant. BBC sounding gutted while they reported that
  9. It went perfectly for them scoring as early. Last thing we wanted to do with this mob. They are so defensive and are happy to sit deep and kick fuc k out of us
  10. That's exactly what I see coming. Maybe a small fine and that's it. Will be very surprised if it's jail time.
  11. Crazy. The authorities in England are treating it like the very serious issue it is and are rightly so making an example of the guy. Really quickly as well, whereas up here they seem to be treating it like a bit of a jolly jape. God forbid the guy sang a song at Tavernier though. The English press have highlighted the issue better than the Scottish.
  12. I'm surprised at that. Nevin always seemed like one of the more level headed ones. Shows how easy it is to put a lie out there passed as fact. It's out there now and people will think there is truth to it.
  13. We're all in with Gerrard. We have to accept that unless we were sitting 4th or 5th at this point, then it's a different conversation. We are in the situation where this season was all about progress, and we have made progress. There was a bigger rebuilding job than I think most of us realise, and not just in the playing squad. There have been a lot of things behind the scenes that have been worked on in order to bring us up to par with other clubs as big as we are. we need consistency. There's a big shift in mentality that surely you can see. in terms of bringing a more experienced manager in, after Warburton left was the time for that rather than the Pedro experiment. I look at the way Gerrard is doing things is laying foundations for the future success of the club, not just on a season to season basis, which we were doing for far too long. The money we have wasted paying players off etc is ridiculous. I see enough there to think that we will mount a bigger challenge next season, not because of the name Gerrard, but because I've seen enough in the way he wants to play and the standards he expects from the players. If the players don't improve, I can see more of them out the door next season. the league is gone, but if we do win the cup (and it will be hard), then it's progress and should give the players a taste of success.
  14. Excellent. So what do we do? Sack him and get another manager in and have another rebuild?
  15. He's a player alright. Never realised how good a player he is until we signed him. Has that extra quality we have been lacking.
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