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  1. Sure there was a bit of a race row over him and his brother as well. Then again, you can't white two wongs!
  2. That's brilliant. Our social media people have upped their game recently.
  3. It reads like a filler article, a summary with some opinion in there, some fact, some whataboutary and a bit of throwing "facts" out there without backing them up, while also talking up his beloved 'hoops'.
  4. There's no more direct a link than that, and the fact that money was going directly from the club into that trophy centre. There are evidential links there that are being glossed over.
  5. Fucking Londis is too good for them.
  6. Really reprehensible article from that blogger. We get an honourable mention, so that's something. They can't see it or more likely don't want to see it or acknowledge that this is an issue wider than football, wider than the colour of shirt a person wears. Children were abused by those entrusted with their care and protection and someone needs to take responisbility. To say that the owners/board at that club should shoulder no responsibility because it didn t happen on their watch (recent developments prove that lawell was there in the 90's) is preposterous. By that logic, the current head of the BBC shouldn't have apologised for the paedophiles that operated in the 60's etc. They place a football club, rivalry and conspiracy theories before the due care and attention that innocent boys deserve. the song was right, sorry seems to be the hardest word.
  7. Terrible stat to read. The games against them, hibs and Aberdeen have been the difference in us not winning the league this season. Sickening really.
  8. We do need an upgrade. Decent squad player but as a starter we need better. We actually have a lot of numbers in central midfield but a lack of real quality.
  9. I don't even think they are consciously working in concert, but just doing what they do, which happens to be the same thing.
  10. Haven't seen tonight's yet as well, but they never deviate from the script.
  11. So predictable from Sportscene to be honest. It's like a fanzine for celtic now. He did the same last week bringing up the singing. Funnily enough the Ira-oke never gets a mention.
  12. 😂 he's leaving me in suspense here. I reckon it's either: Morelos should have seen red for some reason. Big bad Rangers fans singing songs. Glossing over decisions against us. Sportscene bingo!
  13. There years warming the bench if I remember rightly.
  14. He would fit right in at that club. Weirdly though, the outrage wouldn't be anywhere near the level it would be if he joined us.
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