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  1. That's a very good summation of the current situation. Absolutely laughable that they can bleat on about sporting integrity while voting against proposals that would uphold said integrity. I do hope the relegations / promotions are overturned.
  2. Good luck to him. His attitude seemed spot on, always looked to give it his best shot when he played. Definitely looked a better player slightly further forward but want ever going to make right back his own. Trims the squad slightly and puts a few 100k into the kitty.
  3. You are absolutely correct there 👍 it's one of those tricky words but their usage is correct in this case. I always think the same way, principle being first or major and relating to a thing or an ideal, and Principal usually relating to a person (although not always). English teacher in training here, but the language is a minefield at times!
  4. Absolutely. He serves a purpose, and as you say nobody will challenge the status quo.
  5. He seems absolutely determined to plough Scottish football into the gutter. So that will be SKY expecting more games for less or the same money the next time the deal is due for renegotiation. Bravo Doncaster and the members of the SPFL. Business sense of a jobbie.
  6. The premiership clubs should be refusing a share of that so the lower league clubs get a bigger share. They need it more. 50k plus could be the difference for them. The guy keeps being rewarded for his ineptitude because the major beneficiaries keep making money.
  7. If I remember rightly they said clubs would go under if the SPFL proposal wasn't accepted. No mention from them of a £10 mill liability or giving the naming rights away for nothing. It smacks of people using Covid-19 to line their own pockets while others suffer. That doesn't sit right with me. I think with regards to your second point, some clubs will immediately vote down a proposal just because of the fact it comes from Rangers. Scottish football will hate itself to death, ably assisted by the SPFL and celtic. They'll make a few quid though, so all good for them.
  8. The lack of business acumen and ambition from the business people running out clubs is staggering. You wonder how they make any money at all.
  9. It will take a colossal effort from us to win the league next season, not because of the ability of them, but how they will be protected by officials, authorities and the press.
  10. Shame the 'Scottish media' won't report on lock ins the bastards were having on Monday night. Did a delivery to a pub on st Vincent's street who were saying they weren't but clearly were. Country is a cesspit.
  11. They have absolutely no shame. They are celebrating this 'title' like it was legitimately won on the field. Their arrogance has come to the fore again and I hope it shows our players what we are up against. They expect to be given everything and will celebrate like it's the sweetest victory, which to them i guess it is in a way. They have been handed a title they didn't have to compete to the end to get, like other highlighted 'victories'. I hope that seeing them celebrate at a time families are mourning, where life has changed for most people and where their moral compass has been shown to be how it truly is, gives our players the motivation to put those bastards back in their place once football resumes.
  12. Great getting a new kit deal. Fingers crossed its a cracking kit and makes us all want one (even us who haven't worn a football too in years). The issue i have is with MyGers. A club for supporters is always a good thing. But, I don't believe they should be categorizing supporters by wealth. A lot of people simply can't afford at least £50 a year on it. Family of 2 adults and 2 children and that's the best part of £200. A year. On top of season tickets, that's a big outlay. If the club so want to go down this pathway, which English teams also do, then at least include the membership with season tickets at no extra charge. Season ticket holders should be rewarded for loyalty, and if any of us non season ticket holders want MyGers, then we have that choice to make. I don't blame the club for wanting to get extra revenue in. It is good that they are looking at extra revenue streams, but at least reward the guys and girls paying a lot of money each year to see the team.
  13. To me it comes back around to the competence of the people running the game at the highest levels. They are proud that circa 44% of revenue for clubs are through ticket sales. They are deflecting from the fact that they have failed in garnering the correct levels of sponsorship and tv revenues that should have incrementally happened through the years. They failed in their duties to the game and clubs will die because of that. The Scottish government should not step in for the very reasons you state. Where would it stop?
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