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  1. Signed. Ridiculous they have been judged by our own club like that. Celebrating a goal. Where's common sense gone?
  2. It's all about opinions. They just aren't my kind of players. I would rather watch a David Silva or an Aguero than De Bruyne.
  3. Delle alli Kevin De Bruyne. Decent enough players but just never seen the love in with them. Modern day technical football pish. If I could pick a team, I would pick Spurs. Watching them is less fun than watching paint dry.
  4. Sobering when you see that compared to the Champions League. Makes it all the more important that we qualify for it.
  5. Holt says they aren't a dirty team, then in the next breath says they will "get in our faces" - scottish for kick anything that moves. Scottish football 👊
  6. Met @Cedrickbefore the game tonight to get Livingston ticket. Top man, thanks again.
  7. The leaps he has made in the last 6 months is phenomenal. There's a real maturity about his play now, and we are getting to see a guy that will be playing in one of the top leagues soon.
  8. Feyenoord effectively becomes a free hit for us now. The Young Boys game will be the big decider. Would be brilliant if we wrap it up away to Feyenoord and take the pressure off for the final game.
  9. Will be interesting to see how it's reported (providing we win), compared to their win against worse opposition than Porto. As you say, a genuine Champions League quality team.
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