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  1. Says the man who was sent off 17 times in his career..
  2. Think that's where I'll be going having caught up with this thread 😂 I think Tav might be going, or he might not. He may have appendicitis, or a cold. Possibly neither, and could be out anything from two weeks til the end of the season. 😵
  3. Sad news, RIP Bobby. 179 consecutive games is incredible, especially at the time he was playing. A gent and a true Ranger.
  4. Placating the hordes with signings. If any club needs to be getting rid of players instead of buying more, you think it would be them. Hope they bankrupt themselves.
  5. The issue Barca have got if they try playing the Pep/ Cruyff way is that they are an aging team. Do they have the legs for the high pressing game now? They need a lot of changes. Wouldn't be surprised if results start to decline and the end up punting this guy at the end of the season
  6. English as well. He said we are mock offended by the racism and are using it to point score. How they are getting away with it I don't know.
  7. That's the one. Redemption in sure they called it. I have nothing but respect for people who turn their lives around, but the inconsistency from the press up here is scandalous
  8. There's the one from Hamilton as well, sure he did some jail time for gbh or something. Can't mind his name
  9. Some are even playing the racial abuse down, brandishing it as 'banter', even though there is video evidence of the abuse taking place. The article goes way beyond professional boundaries and even as an opinion piece goes far beyond the acceptable. One thing Morelos has been is professional. Leckie could learn a lesson in dignity from the young man.
  10. Throwing the old "hasn't scored against celtic" in there, as if that's the barometer for excellence! Shows his colours.
  11. A disgraceful article full of libellous content. Both he and whoever edited that garbage should have legal action taken against them. Both racial stereotyping and misogynist language used (no paper should be printing the term resting bitch face), and the personal insults go way too far. Shows his true colours (even using the term 'them' when describing us), and showing his hypocrisy when using players to illustrate what a hard and fair player is (Keane and Cantona were far from fair- imagine the furore if Alfie did what either of those two did). A ban would play straight into his hands and would give him free reign to step the campaign up. Legal action and a very strong complaint to the press commission has to be taken. A Colombian international, top scorer in the SPL and the Europa League, fifth or sixth top scorer in a season in the competition, has a charity foundation and he is the waster? Scottish journalism at its 'finest'. I think you should have a look at a certain ball grabber in the East end if you are brandishing the words diver and cheat around, but then again I would understand the confusion as there are a lot of those in that neighbourhood.
  12. I think it all depends who were to become available. If the right player came who would improve the starting line-up, then definitely, but no point in spending just because.
  13. I think the commentators were saying that straight away. I remember thinking Alfie is in front of him, how the hell does he manage to trip the defender up? Now where's that expert in bio-mechanics when we need him..
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