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  1. Shame the 'Scottish media' won't report on lock ins the bastards were having on Monday night. Did a delivery to a pub on st Vincent's street who were saying they weren't but clearly were. Country is a cesspit.
  2. They have absolutely no shame. They are celebrating this 'title' like it was legitimately won on the field. Their arrogance has come to the fore again and I hope it shows our players what we are up against. They expect to be given everything and will celebrate like it's the sweetest victory, which to them i guess it is in a way. They have been handed a title they didn't have to compete to the end to get, like other highlighted 'victories'. I hope that seeing them celebrate at a time families are mourning, where life has changed for most people and where their moral compass has been shown to be how it truly is, gives our players the motivation to put those bastards back in their place once football resumes.
  3. Great getting a new kit deal. Fingers crossed its a cracking kit and makes us all want one (even us who haven't worn a football too in years). The issue i have is with MyGers. A club for supporters is always a good thing. But, I don't believe they should be categorizing supporters by wealth. A lot of people simply can't afford at least £50 a year on it. Family of 2 adults and 2 children and that's the best part of £200. A year. On top of season tickets, that's a big outlay. If the club so want to go down this pathway, which English teams also do, then at least include the membership with season tickets at no extra charge. Season ticket holders should be rewarded for loyalty, and if any of us non season ticket holders want MyGers, then we have that choice to make. I don't blame the club for wanting to get extra revenue in. It is good that they are looking at extra revenue streams, but at least reward the guys and girls paying a lot of money each year to see the team.
  4. To me it comes back around to the competence of the people running the game at the highest levels. They are proud that circa 44% of revenue for clubs are through ticket sales. They are deflecting from the fact that they have failed in garnering the correct levels of sponsorship and tv revenues that should have incrementally happened through the years. They failed in their duties to the game and clubs will die because of that. The Scottish government should not step in for the very reasons you state. Where would it stop?
  5. Not sure how seriously their statement will be taken, but they managed to get the word 'wheeching' in there, and that is to be applauded. In all seriousness, they are the supporters association and their voice should matter to the SPFL, much as the voices of the member clubs of the association should, although we do know their disdainful attitude towards any who question their governance and administration. Poorly drafted but the message and the contents they should pay heed to.
  6. Closed shop that is happy with the mediocrity and the status quo that sees one club raking it in. Hope change does come but it's going to be a hell of a fight.
  7. We absolutely could do with a Barry Hearn type. He isn t everyone's cup of tea but he absolutely knows how to sell and market a sport.
  8. Tv contracts are another area the stewardship of the SPFL have failed in. They appear to have all the negotiation skills we used to have when valuing players for sale.
  9. It's not even that at the moment. The deck is stacked in favour of one team. There's not even the chance of another club picking up one of the trophies, which I think they will have been happy with. A team being given a title and on the cusp of 12 consecutive domestic trophies is scandalous. It could even look corrupt. Who wants to pay to see a rigged race?
  10. That's going to be the spin on it. It's a definite sign of unrest though. Also shows just how many owners are either apathetic to the idea of change or are actively against it because of allegiances.
  11. DR nailing their (tri)colours to the mast with their wording
  12. Chunk Norris 😂😂 I don't know how you managed it, but you've outdone yourself again. Superb!
  13. They seem to be conditioned to fight against anything that challenges the narrative. They know deep down how cushy they have it, and the fact anyone speaks out and stands up for themselves they don't like.
  14. I may be reading too much into the ICT statement, but I feel there may be a veiled shot across the bow of the scum in there. "Hatchet piece printed in that Glasgow newspaper". Why specify Glasgow? Again, I could be reading into it too much and with the academic hat on, but why mention it at all otherwise?
  15. 15 would be a good number for me. Too many clubs will be loyal to other board members/ be happy with the status quo. It just had to be a number that turns heads and shows that change is required.
  16. Completely agree with that. Most of the pieces you see from chief sports writers are dressed up as opinion pieces, probably just so they can legally get away with potentially libellous points of view.
  17. Absolutely. They have been so transparent in their agenda. There has been one writer for the DR who has been fair, but Jackson is a disgrace. Same with the Herald. A good thing to come out of this is the number of journos who have outed themselves and the ones who are there for the right reasons and have been a bit fairer. Definitely remove access for the former.
  18. That's an excellent summary and opinion piece from Vanguard Bears yet again.
  19. In a sense sections of the media have done their paymasters job here. The last few days there has been a drip fed narrative of 'civil war', distrust and a clear setting up of dividing lines. We won't win this vote today but I do hope that enough clubs support the call for an independent inquiry that the SPFL leadership are shown to have no confidence. It just absolutely baffles me how anyone could not want an inquiry. Surely even if there is truly nothing to see here, no administrative deficiencies it is always good to be analysed from the outside. There's always room for improvement no matter how good you think current practices may be. I do note that most of the brow beating comes from the old boys club that sit on the SPFL board (us aside) and that they are trying to sully the name of some good business people. At the very least the professionalism of these people and the ones charged with running the game has been atrocious. At worst, collusion and skullduggery. Again though, we see the influence exerted by the few or the one and how Scottish football has been consumed and blinded by a hatred of one club and one section of society. It does boil down to that as if it were a purely football and governance issue then clubs would vote for the inquiry. It's the right and sensible thing to do. Being analysed is a good thing. It helps you see your mistakes and your strengths. Whatever happens today I'm proud of our club from top to bottom and also proud of the other clubs in Scotland who are voting to do the right thing no matter how this pans out. Shows you something when community run clubs like Kelty and Brora are better run and more professional than some of the league clubs, some of them an absolute disgrace. Feels like the journey is just starting.
  20. Quite right as well. Comes across like he has a bit of integrity and won't be drawn into the favours game.
  21. Britton coming across well there. Keevins is just a bitter old one deliberately missing the point that it isn't just a Rangers issue, that regardless of any club bias from the administration of the SPFL, they have been shown to be inept, aggressive, argumentative and putting themselves before the interests of the member clubs. They have been shown to lie about a few things so there needs to be a clean sweep.
  22. Could be a watershed moment for our game. The resolution won't pass, but hopefully there will be a big enough split that action must be taken.
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