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  1. Unfortunate Gazza went mate. Some cracking tops there, but you really couldn't knock back Pele! You'll be chuffed with that.
  2. ­čśé just meant in response to sema's suggestion that Morelos may not play. Our options are quite limited.
  3. We would be taking a risk playing Morelos if that is the case. Other options i can think of would be Stewart or Barker i would assume, but both a bit too left-field for me.
  4. Stop that you, I might start believing we can do it! would absolutely love it if we did it. It's wildly stacked against us but you never know.
  5. Got to be the Gazza one. Looks like you also get the added bonus of Chris Waddle's signature on it! What a player he was as well.
  6. Thing is though, they absolutely should be able to put their branding and our crest on the packaging. It's the mindset of the morons that inhabit this country that means that these logos give them carte Blanche to do what they want. Scandalous that a football top will need to be packaged like an item from LoveHoney.
  7. Shows what a shit hole of a country Scotland has become where football tops aren't safe once they have been passed to the courier. Football tops. Can you imagine that happening in any other country? Wanton vandalism and damage because the items have a brand or a crest on them? Obsession isn't the word.
  8. Thought overall Madden had a good game but wasn't given anything too difficult to make decisions on until the latter part of the game. After the sending off they got a lot worse with the physicality. He got the sending off spot on, Ferguson could easily have seen red for repeated fouls (thought the shoulder barge an easy yellow) and at least one Aberdeen player was booting McGregor at the goal line incident. Hayes o would say was a definite yellow. Penalty shout was one that could go either way. Seen them given but no complaints. Overall, nothing overly contentious but I think a lot of that was down to Aberdeen not playing the usual way they do against us. 7/10 I would say.
  9. I work there so need to make sure I'm out too­čśé
  10. He was outstanding. Boy he is playing is a decent player as well. Unstoppable in that form.
  11. Gold tier access only
  12. I just find it difficult to believe that we would knowingly play a game without the proper procedures having been followed. Something just doesn't ring true. It was a BCD friendly so it could have easily been cancelled if the results hadn't arrived. You would also think officials would be checking through clearance paperwork before the game kicks off? If we are at fault here then there are a few procedural issues as well.
  13. SFA involved in arbitration as well doesn't fill me with confidence. They nailed their colours to the mast when they brought disrepute charges against Hearts and Thistle. It's a compromised procedure right away when that happens but then again we have a guy in charge of one of the organisations who has openly shown his disdain for a member club. What hope have we for parity? I do try and keep positive. They don't make it easy eejay!­čĹŹ
  14. I always take these sensationalist headlines with a pinch of salt. Need to see how it pans out. If it turns out that we did proceed with up to nine players not having had official test results back then obviously we should be disciplined for that. However, I don't believe that we would have played the bounce game against DU had we not been sufficiently confident of the results, neither would DU or the officials. It's easy to get caught up in the headlines. The big issue here is the number of positive cases at St Mirren. If the league start is delayed it will be down to that, not the situation at Rangers (unless of course some of the results come back as positive then a while can of worms opens for us).
  15. Let's hope the ruling is given today. It does look like it should be a win for Hearts and Thistle, but I would bet no overturn of relegation but compensation agreed. I think with 8 days to go until the start of the season there will be no other outcome. (I hope I am proven wrong there). SPFL and SFA appear to be trying their very best to keep Scottish football in the financial doldrums for the foreseeable.
  16. 7 cases at St Mirren surely means a delayed start. Doubly so if anyone from Hamilton tests positive. The game really is run like an amateur sport up here.
  17. There's a picture that tells 1000 words. Captures the magnificent bastard perfectly. Strength, confidence, experience. A midfielder like him would elevate us tenfold.
  18. You would like to hope that Hearts and Partick would release some of the findings / process, especially if this ends up going against them. Obviously if there's a payoff in there that will tell a story in itself, but you can guarantee there will be some sort of non disclosure agreement if the SPFL get their way. As Dave says, keeping the level of secrecy they have over this when they couldn't hold their water three months ago is an admission of guilt.
  19. It is and should continue to be an embarrassment for the SPFL, but they just front it out and continue business as usual through both Covid-19 and through the arbitration process. Since Hearts and Thistle have been given the arbitration meeting, the SPFL have released the fixture list and have released the names of the new board. Arrogance from them again. They already have this won in their own minds and are poised to strike against Hearts and Thistle. I agree that they (SPFL) have lost to a degree, but they aren't acting like it, which again highlights why they are not for purpose.
  20. People only need to look at the way the SPFL and SFA have conducted themselves over the last three or four months, pandering to certain clubs, abusing their power and steamrolling to their preferred outcome. They act like they are untouchable. They have the situation sewn up and as you say, this season coming will be like nothing we have seen before with regards to questionable decisions and "honest" mistakes.
  21. I agree, that's where I think it's a clumsy statement. It isn't accusing our fans of it but it can be interpreted as having a go.
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