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  1. I agree but maybe one of the 3 home friendlies could have been away.
  2. Happy theres none of our boys in there. Hope they get fucked every game.
  3. Still had no correspondence from premium credit and no payment taken today, looks like another call to the muppets later.
  4. They are passing me back to Rangers and Rangers are trying to pass me back to them again. The whole thing is turning out a shambles mate.
  5. I'm thinking of doing the same, phoned them up to see if I've been accepted for the credit and they're telling me they have none of my details.
  6. What the fuck is driving rain, walkers an absolute tosser
  7. After today the majority of ibrox will probably give them a guard of honour. Simply embarrassing. And for all the applauders today, Billy knew!
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