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  1. Tbf its a fucking cracking looking top
  2. Ye never know. A was shocked that people were actually looking at them as if they were a bargain at 6 quid
  3. Only rob kiernan t shirts left
  4. Can you still get these anywhere, i had one and it got left at a previous house i lives in. Choking to get a hold of one!
  5. VAR

    Video Assistant Referee. Whats your thoughts on this?
  6. Get it up ye
  7. Hes been solid as off late. Cant fault him at all. Well deserved and saved us from a pumping against the tims.
  8. In this case it is, hope they get pumped!
  9. 25 mill for a guy who scores goals against a shite rangers and diddy teams like partick thistle. The money these teams are playing with is disgusting.
  10. Definitely must be the most loyal. The shit we came through and kept on tuening up week in week out is simply outstanding. And thats some stat regarding most away support this season. Very impressive
  11. Got to be waggys 1st againrs the accies. What a bloody header that was.
  12. Just the right age then :L
  13. Bebo was a paedos playground
  14. Watching that video makes me want walter back. Absolute legend!
  15. To be fair they are the only 2 probably worthy of a new deal. Id also give big wes one when his is coming to an end.