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  1. If somehow the games goes ahead tomorrow, the pitch will be in some nick. I doubt there will be enough time to get it back in a decent state for thursday as theres alot more rain expected. The pitch has looked terrible since the break!
  2. If the weather keeps up next few days braga could be in doubt the state of the pitch.
  3. I'd have to agree with this. Sometimes you have games like tonight that are going to be tight and your need the referees to be spot on for the big decisions. If not this is what happens and that can lose you many many points over the course of a season. The refereeing in this country is a shambles. I agree morelos deserved a booking for his dive, but he seems to be the only player in scottish football that is consistently punished for it!
  4. It's got to be on the line. Hes learned fuck all. Fair enough hes brought us on a long way in europe but we're no any better in the league and at the end of the day that's the main priority!
  5. These people are an embarrassment, we are chasing a fucking league title! Obviously there are people with genuine reasons for leaving early but no nearly 15000 fucking off at the 75 minute.
  6. I and a few as said questioned certain controversial decisions made by certain referees from our matches during these meetings and some of the excuses as to how they came to the decision was just bullshit made up to try and cover up mistakes. They often came out with "we always back our fellow referees, we all make mistakes and dont have to answer to the criticism that will inevitably come our way" Referees should be allowed to come out, put there hands up and explain why they made that decision.
  7. Ojo? Give me one valid reason why this guy is entitled to another chance? Did you see him on saturday?
  8. I was refereeing under 17s matches for a few years and regularly attending monthly referee meetings at hampden. I can assure you there is a clear bias towards our club. A few of us bears stood up to it on many occasions but it was always brushed aside. One of the many reasons i chucked it. Will never referee for the sfa again, it's a fucking joke of an organisation and a complete embarrassment to the game on all levels. Believe me I've seen and heard of referees cheating and taking bribes at boys football. 100% it happens!
  9. How lee sniffis doesnt get sent off is blatant cheating. Nick Walsh is 5 yards away looking right at it.
  10. Too many players have went off the boil at the same time. You get away with one or two being off it but no 7 or 8. Gerrard job to find out why and either change it up or sort it out.
  11. Dont think anyone is saying that. Just pointing out a shocker of a performance. Didnt eben get the basic decisions correct! If I made that many basic mistakes in my job I'd be punished. He should fucked into the 3 division games.
  12. Worst refereeing performance over a full 90 minutes I've ever seen in my life! So inconsistent the cheating bastard. Reluctant to book a red shirt in the first half. Dallas can safely be added to cheating bastard referee list.
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