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  1. For anyone travelling to Rotterdam on the ferry be aware that p&o have been known to stop people travelling that are wearing football colours.
  2. Apparently your allowed to bring upto 1 litre of alcohol per person on board
  3. I've done the boats before it's a fucking rip off once your on there mate, 5 quid for a pint of Heineken and its fucking stinking. Food is also expensive and not great so I'd get a scran before you head onto it if you plan on eating.
  4. 4 of us just booked on to that today also, should be packing with bears I'd guess.
  5. Are these cunts hidden in plain sight?
  6. Im all for the union bears but maybe if all the supporters coming out with this bullshit sang it wouldn't be a library... you dont need to be in bf1 to sing or start a chant.
  7. Maybe because hes talking about the supporters. Gerrard is not a Rangers supporter, he is the manager.
  8. Barasic needs dropped on his heid. Dreadful football player. Cant defend or drive forward. Constantly plays the ball inside to who ever is closest to him. Puts in 1 decent cross per game. Halliday starts before him every week in my opinion. Left back required urgently!
  9. Broadfoots a fucking clown, escapes 2 bookable offences, nothing new there.
  10. I agree but maybe one of the 3 home friendlies could have been away.
  11. Happy theres none of our boys in there. Hope they get fucked every game.
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