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  1. Possibly mate, I have this other top which I know the one on the left is definitely durrant and I guess there is some similarities, cheers
  2. Can anyone help identify this autograph? It's on a 2008/09 season shirt.
  3. Couldn't happen to a worse club, cheerio
  4. I'm fucking sick of this coronavirus. Decisions are not being made quick enough.
  5. Shows how deluded the board are at times. Fair enough they've backed gerrard financially but some of the decisions made have been crazy.
  6. Seems like a very rash decision with no thought process.
  7. Board have basically made him unsackable. Shocking decision to offer him a 4 year extension after one good win.
  8. Banter years stuff this is. He can get himself to fuck. This is unacceptable in my eyes. No wonder we are where we are fucksake.
  9. Cheers must be sold out, constant error now mate
  10. Anyone keep getting an error when trying to buy home end tickets?
  11. Simply could not give a fuck about this game at the moment. Will most likely feel the same come Wednesday. Will be going along for a laugh though. Hopefully get a convincing 1 nil win.
  12. We will win fuck all with tav as captain. Not just blaming him but his mentality is pathetic along with many others.
  13. Cheers for the heads up mate, looks like this trip could turn into a nightmare for lots of folk.
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