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  1. Hes been solid as off late. Cant fault him at all. Well deserved and saved us from a pumping against the tims.
  2. In this case it is, hope they get pumped!
  3. 25 mill for a guy who scores goals against a shite rangers and diddy teams like partick thistle. The money these teams are playing with is disgusting.
  4. Definitely must be the most loyal. The shit we came through and kept on tuening up week in week out is simply outstanding. And thats some stat regarding most away support this season. Very impressive
  5. Got to be waggys 1st againrs the accies. What a bloody header that was.
  6. Just the right age then :L
  7. Bebo was a paedos playground
  8. Watching that video makes me want walter back. Absolute legend!
  9. To be fair they are the only 2 probably worthy of a new deal. Id also give big wes one when his is coming to an end.
  10. Listen, if only our current players and management had the same attitude as barry then we would be in a much better position than we are now. We need players like that. Halliday is meant to be one of them but hes no showing the passion on the pitch. This is rangers yous are playing for, if you thing a draw is acceptable then find a new club. Your no good to rangers.
  11. This guy has saved us many a scuddings this season. Hes been top class the big man. I can remember thinking when he first came here he wouldnt be good enough in the premier division but hes proved me wrong.
  12. 1. Warburton stubborness to continue trying to play barca like football. When it works it looks great but we dont have the players with the ability to take the ball from wes every time. No matter how much pressure we are under we try to play it from the back. This is Warburtons fault, at the end of the day if the gaffer tells you what to do your gonny do it. This causes us most of our issues, put pressure on us unnecessarily. Celtic must have been give the ball in our own half at least a dozen times yesterday. It needs to stop when its too risky its fucking killing us. 2. Our defending from corner kicks and other set pieces is shocking. What the hell is davie weir doing at rangers? Surely he should be sorting this out. Only defender i xan trust to do a job is clint hill. Hes been embarrassed by these other clowns! Simple fucking defending and we cant do it. I honestly think if we stop the pissing about at the back when under pressure and sort out the defence we can pick up more wins. Lets face it here, we're making it hard for ourselves.
  13. Halliday was more interested in his boots than playing the game. Guys been useless for months now.
  14. Started off outstanding then go and do that fucking daft shit, frustrating as fuck! Theres certain situations when you just kick the ball up the park
  15. Looked good against diddy teams last season but hes been found out this year, frustrates the life out of me.