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  1. Correct.
  2. Thats a straight red card everyday of the week. Absolutely shocking! I really do hope someone sorts that cunt stokes out. No place in society for arseholes of his nature.
  3. Agree 100% mate. Makes sense to come with facts and facts only.
  4. I heard him on the radio interview saying exactly that. Hes a fucking rat bag liar. He deserves everything he gets.
  5. Prso and averladze.. fuck me
  6. We need a 30 goal a season striker. Been a while since we had one of them! The things you would do to have someone like prso in the team again.
  7. If we went for it, the scoreline could have been alot worse. Hibs pounded us during periods of the second half. Alves was murder day. Lost count the amount of times he just hoofed the ball up the park to no one. Millers finished in my eyes. Hes been a great servent but we can't let him hold us back. Hes gonny end up like davie weir. Serving us well isnt a valid reason to keep on playing him. Hes no cutting it anymore and continuing to play him will hamper us i feel.
  8. Entitled to your own opinion mate. It was a hard 60 mins down to 10 men but I felt we gave a good shift.
  9. Guys a bombscare at times. No sure he was at fault for there 3rd today. Thought that was a decent strike but hes definitely no good enough for rangers. He cant command his area at all. And that fucking pass he gave wilson in the second half just outside the box when wilson had a hibs player right up his arse could have cost us another, hes to dodgy at times.
  10. Fuck the lot of them.
  11. Ridiculous comment. We fought like fuck. Flying into tackles and chasing men down all day long.
  12. Behave, it wasnt that bad!
  13. Spot on. If miller puts us 2 up i think it would have game over because we were looking good at that point.
  14. Still absolutely raging with this shocking decision. John beaton is 3 yards awqy from the incident and makes an utter arse of himself. Stokes should be the one thats walking here. He clearly holds jack by the throat and then push his head towards jacks. Im a ref myself and to be honest i really dont think hes cheating but hes definitely made an arse of it big time. At that level this simply cant be allowed to happen. The guys not good enough ans should be removed from the top league.
  15. I honestly dont think so. We got off to a cracking start. Knocking the ball about well, pressing high up the park, got the early goal then the game settled and evened out a bit but up until that red card we were on top. Jacks sending off is a disgrace. If anything stokes should have walked. The referee was in a great position and clearly saw stokes hand on jacks throat and then he presses his head in to jack. This fucks up our game plan far to ealy on in the match. We at least dug in and were getting into tackles that you would not have seen last season. We had fight. I felt the extra man they had made a few of our players for example dorrans, cover far to many yards on the pitch. We had a few decent chances to equalize and thought we were a bit unlucky at times. Pedro made changes at time and tried to change the game. It didnt work but at least he tried to change it up. We need to get behind the manger and the team. Its early days and we already look much better thsn at any point last season.