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  1. What a player hes turning into. Hos 2 goals were cracking tonight but goals aside what a performance again he put in. My man of the match easily. Future captain right there.
  2. Anyone have any idea when the feyenoord tickets will go on sale?
  3. Defoe's finish is a lot better than it looked yesterday. Hes very clinical at times.
  4. Been like playing with a man down this season. He needs a break away from it. Hopefully he can get a rest and come the player we all know he can be.
  5. Got sorted eventually, fuckig nightmare as per
  6. Cany seem to see an option to buy online
  7. Seeing these videos for porto, cant fucking wait for feyenoord
  8. No want that time, nothing was mentioned about it.
  9. I watched the match on bt sport and heard someone shout along the lines of do the black bastard when morelos received the ball at one point, sure it was in the first half.
  10. I'd stick flanno in there on thursday
  11. If he starts against porto they could terrorise us down that side. I'd look at today's game and just say run at him hes useless.
  12. Championship level player at best. Stats for goals/assists mean fuck all if you cant defend and give away cheap goals week in week out. That today was pathetic. Shat out that header for the goal, scared he banged into goldson. Not one set piece or cross hit a Rangers player and he also made an arse of a few throw ins. That one across our box to katic in the second half could have cost us again. Hes not good enough and should be dropped as of now, it's on gerrard if he cant see this and continues to play him. NEVER a gers captain in a million years either.
  13. Tav is a useless cunt, championship quality at best, sick of hearing look at his stats, maybe we should be looking at his defensive stats, hes meant to be able to defend, that cunt cant even do the basics at times. Shitebag and all, hes no beat a man since the championship.
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