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  1. I did actually look it up 4dots means end of discussion. Lol
  2. I just want to believe it’ll change. Now King is away and Traynor, just hoping it does really.
  3. I can’t see us saying the status quo can’t continue then not do anything else other than trying for an independent inquiry. I honestly don’t know how long stuff like getting it all in order legally takes. People trust H+H and they’ve said we won’t back down. At the same time I’m hoping Hearts take them on.
  4. There should only be three ellipsis
  5. Look what happened when we gave one statement. The spfl were falling over themselves dishing out statements here, there, and everywhere tripping themselves up. I’ll wait till it’s announced that we’ve decided to not take it any further. And as we’ve been told before that it’s a marathon not a race.
  6. Wilson is the director of football why would he want/have to comment on, if any, plans that we are working on in regards to taking on the SPFL?
  7. Thread for those still struggling. This maybe helps.
  8. If true and been negotiated down to £3m then that’s great business.
  9. I can see why. Was meant to be a positive thread about Morelos. Didn’t last long.
  10. Nope. I’m genuinely liking the same video posted by different people. Love the guy! should actually say videos not just one video.
  11. Great thread. Easily like the same videos of Morelos tons of times when it’s posted by different people on Twitter.
  12. Seems it is true. Sherbrook on FF posted #10.
  13. whether its true that we've completed the move just now or not those words with have some folk frothing at the mouth which is good enough for me.
  14. Who is it exactly that’s in charge of this? Seems a nightmare and I’ve not even renewed yet. Might give it a couple more weeks and hopefully things are ironed out a wee bit better.
  15. Hahaha he’s raging. Ginger cunt
  16. Looks half decent in that. Hopefully we stay away from young loanees. Experience definitely needed.
  17. They are openly telling clubs make sure you have the ideal plan and we’ll make sure it goes through.
  18. If they do that then they are again shooting themselves in the foot again. They are showing that they can changes rules so why not change rules to give the clubs their money.
  19. I thought we were happy if that inquest went ahead seeing as everything would have came out if it did?
  20. You renew through the email I’m sure.
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