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  1. When it works it's fine but I think it's liable to cut out sometimes, had it happen during big games down south and you miss about half the game, I wouldn't be solely relying on it for a game like this
  2. Probably hinder I'd imagine, wilshere defo won't be there for another year if they go down, and championship might be seen as a good way for them to slowly get him promoted into the first team
  3. Just be grateful you got tickets ffs 😂
  4. That's that clown captain of theirs missing games against us most likely, dunno if that's good or bad he's fucking rotten
  5. There's no way that other bears around you would allow this one guy to swipe your ticket and run off, especially if there's as many as you are suggesting
  6. The opposition continually fire their goal kicks down that side now hoping they'll get an advantage with the height difference but thankfully not really caused too many problems so far
  7. How do you know it definitely wasn't dropped? You've obviously not known at the time that either someone has taken it or it's fallen out your pocket coz you would've turned back
  8. Check his recent profile visitors 😂 Everyone checking to see if he's been back on again, or maybe it's the phone thief whose been on, who knows
  9. Couldn't write it mate 😂
  10. Is this some sort of double bluff? The phone has now actually been stolen and the person is apologising for Cumnockbears behaviour? He'll be raging when he sees this
  11. Paul lambert is currently losing...
  12. Who gives a fuck what he spends, we fucked ourselves in the league this year by not beating all the pish in the league like Ross county etc and having no clue how to play against the so called bigger teams under warburton. Look at all the stupid draws we've had this year along with a few defeats against teams fighting for mid table and relegation battles. Granted we wouldn't have won the league anyway due to this freak run they're on but this gap just makes them look like some insanely good team, fact is we've shown if we change our game plan and show some passion we can match them
  13. Fuck Patrick he's a wank
  14. I think Wallace is pretty shocking so especially the last remaining games of the season play beerman and get him a bit more experience
  15. He picked the ball out the net 3 times though