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  1. If you're a billionaire how much do you really give a fuck about money, surely the challenge of taking a club right back to the top level is enough in itself to get these guys in (which in fairness this guy looks to be doing this with Portsmouth) for anyone with the right funds we'd be a fanstastuc project as long as it was something that we could sustain and not end up back where we were once again
  2. Got 2 cheers lads
  3. Cheers mate, if I don't get one before I'll do that, it's just to save hassle coz I'll finish work fairly close to kick off I think
  4. Looking for 2 adult tickets if anyone can help out, cheers!
  5. I think as a player Ferguson certainly caused disruption and undermined managers but I think maybe now as a coach or no. 3 he'll possibly take a step back from all that and do what's asked of him, hoping that's the case anyway but time will tell. (If he's selected for the role of course)
  6. Just like to add I didn't make this up and apologise for posting it on here and destroying everyone's minds 😂 Think it's a load of shit, so many near possibilities only being fucked by one thing
  7. I feel like you're saying this again in a much calmer tone but I don't think it's him
  8. Probably played with Ramos, just give up mate I think whoever thought it up is playing games 😂
  9. Yeh there's a lot of nearlys but just one thing that goes against them, kinda gave up last night after going through so many names
  10. There's a lot that are close but then you find the one thing that fucks it, trying to think of different ways to work it out but can't get it. Really just looks like it's all bullshit
  11. Only thing with that is it makes it less likely he's played with Robinho and kaka, if he's played at Madrid you have to imagine he's played with Ramos
  12. I checked that but couldn't see anyone that had won a World Cup, I thought the most likely would've been a Brazilian at inter but fuck knows
  13. 😂cracking guess mate, I'm out coz I have no fucking clue, be raging if the guy comes out and says it's all bullshit
  14. He must've played with messi mate 😭 I give up I think it's a load of pish, somebody's at it!
  15. Played in Germany mate, starting to think it's a load of shit!