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  1. I get that you can buy anytime mate but was more trying to explain why these players are eligible to play for us right now haha
  2. Think our window is open mate
  3. Folk should remember linfield last season, pumped them 7-0 but didn't make us any better throughout the season
  4. Completely forgot about this! 😂
  5. I think the fact the match is taking place at the training ground may have some impact, the mentality of the players won't be the same as it would be if it was Ibrox or any other ground, this is where they go everyday to get fitness levels up and do tactical work etc. Still a poor result but not too much to worry about imo
  6. Think Wilson is out for a while unless you mean the young Wilson
  7. Sinkys in magaluf
  8. So so buzzing for this!
  9. if we beat Ross county next season we're already improving, think we drew all 3 against them, 2 away to killie, losing at Dundee Inverness - we stop dropping those points and win our home old firm games we at least give ourselves a chance
  10. Yeh I don't doubt his ability mate, as I said earlier I think for the games against the shiter teams in this league he'll stroll through it, bigger games might just be too much for him. Not a bad player to have to call upon tho!
  11. VAR

    Whole process takes too long, kills the game a bit
  12. How much?
  13. completely agree mate, has a fantastic footballing brain and won't need much pace against most, I'm just thinking games like aberdeen away and the taigs that the game will just be that too fast and maybe too physical for him to have any real impact, these games are more about winning battles and stamping your authority.
  14. Yeh I just edited my post mate, read back and got what you meant. Hopefully he'll be off and we can get some half decent money, and as many have suggested get a good sell on clause put in any deal