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  1. Think he did the other day, 1 year rolling contract? Not 100% sure
  2. This is new information
  3. Our refs struggle with the rules as it is, how they gona remember all that 😂
  4. Need him to step up in games like today when others are missing but just doesn’t appear to offer much going forward, happy passing sideways constantly
  5. Doubt barisic will play on that pitch considering how injury prone he seems to be
  6. Same with you mate, zero hassle
  7. Waggy1872

    Ryan Kent

    Solanke was in all the English unders teams and doing well, and had a much higher reputation anyway. Kent’s value will definitely have increased though due to how well he has done here
  8. Who knows but they’ll see now how useless he is
  9. Hope we’ve not fucked it after that mate 😐
  10. Yeh I get what you were both saying but just raging 😂
  11. Who gives a fuck about having them rattled, turning upto a rivals pub and bringing weapons is fucking pathetic, not even just a rival but life in general there’s no need , Wee cunts
  12. Heard that as well mate from people there
  13. was In there with 2 mates and I’ve gone away early feeling ill and now one has apparently gone missing, fucking scumbags man he better be ok, as well as all bears of course 😡😡 pricks
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