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  1. Jack Rodwell

    Must play more regularly than we all think then
  2. Steven Gerrard

    this whole being obsessed with who the bookies have as favourite is ridiculous 😂
  3. Renewals Open

    Just pick them up mate
  4. Ticket office for scum tickets.

    Think it goes a-z then aaa to something like fff, not too sure tho mate
  5. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Yeh will leave it there till we get some sort of official confirmation on his condition
  6. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Had a look online and can't see anything, so hopefully not true and he's still fighting
  7. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Seen a few posts going around on social media that he has passed away? Unsure if confirmed but does anyone have any info?
  8. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Horrible news
  9. Semi final ballot

    Yeh shocking that you've been made to feel the need to buy for friendlies etc, bigger disgrace that this is all meant to be done with fairness yet you've missed out several times
  10. Semi final ballot

    Did you say you missed out on ballots last season too? Idiots have probably seen that you weren't at those games and decided you don't make the criteria
  11. Scottish cup semi

    You'll be right mate, coz the email was ages ago completely forgot, cheers!
  12. Scottish cup semi

    Anyone else had money taken out there account by Rangers but had no emails or anything? I've had 34 quid taken out by them and can only assume it's for the semi, or they've just made some massive fuck up
  13. Sunday

  14. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Boyd didn't exactly have a great record in this fixture tho did he? And McCoist played in some ridiculously good teams so all he had to do was score. Morelos is the top scorer in the top league in this country whilst having so much more to offer so it's a no brainer, Cummings is definitely a decent option off the bench tho!
  15. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Bang on mate, so much more to his game than just scoring goals (leagues top scorer and he still gets slated) His all round play will be vital for us on Sunday, haven't seen enough from Cummings so far to suggest he'll even get close to the same level of performance