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  1. Did you see the whole game?
  2. Eventually retains possession then the other guy goes in with a stupid challenge considering it's basically just a training match, and people are having a go at niko?
  3. It's against the scum and he's showing them 9 fingers so I think that's the relevance...
  4. Whether these titles were stripped or not, nothing will ever change how low the scum must've felt on helicopter Sunday and in 2003 aswell, get it up yous ya cunts!!
  5. Hahaha couldn't happen to a nicer guy
  6. A lot of thought has gone into those nicknames
  7. They also try use the 'yous had one at your club aswell' missing the whole point that they covered it up whilst we sacked the guy and informed authorities. Absolute beasts
  8. Completely agree mate, the point I'm really trying to make is that we can't judge the guy coz he's flopped in la liga or not made it at Chelsea, might come up here and be absolute bollocks or he could come up here and cause us serious problems. Big Clint hill showed us that the 40 million pound superstar is no big deal in that 1-1 draw
  9. How shite was Sinclair down in England and he's come up and done a job for them, players can be pish in la liga and England yet come up here and be fairly decent.
  10. How has Roberto Carlos not made that list?!
  11. It's balls of paper so really a nothing situation but if it's caused the ref to stop the game then don't keep fucking throwing them on? Not as if we were in a position to be timewasting
  12. There's a Rangers collectors page on Facebook if you're on it mate? They might have stuff like this
  13. Garrrry?
  14. He should be pissing it against the pisher teams in the league but I'd prefer if he was no where near the bigger games, too physical for him I think
  15. geese banter is appropriate in all sections