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  1. All I can think of when you say this is waghorn ☹️
  2. Can you hear the guy that sits in CD1/ CD2 and gives the linesman pelters every game? 😂
  3. One paper saying we're trying to get rid of McKay and another saying he's yet to commit to a new deal, useless lazy cunty journalists
  4. Think it's mind games more than anything, think mentally you feel like you've got the upper hand if you're shaking hands and the other person can barely look at you. Anyway if this is the end for Halliday then good luck to the boy, just wasn't good enough
  5. Can see your point to be fair, I like many others also feel that Barton almost seemed afraid to look him dead in the eye but I've probably only watched the whole thing once so like you say can't really judge the situation on this one photo (not that it really matters anymore 😂)
  6. Looks like tav has already shook the keepers hand in that photo so why would he be looking at him...?
  7. Looks like Ashley young has a bionic leg 😂
  8. I wouldn't not go as a result of that mate, that's what these clowns want. They're out to cause as much disruption (and of course destruction) but we can't stop living and doing things we want to because of it
  9. Surely these days that answer has changed to '7 to 10 days'
  10. If his wages are anywhere near what's been suggested on here I'd take it, if his wages aren't too bad I'd be hoping we could hold out for a bit more cash for him and if they don't play ball and give us what we want it's no big deal.
  11. 😂😂😂 yeh I saw that aswell mate, contact must not be as good as he thought or he'd surely know 🤔
  12. Tbf as likely as it is he's talking shit he didn't start the thread, people seem to be buying more into the tweets from Weiss himself
  13. The cunt on soccer Saturday with the most horrendous patter
  14. Cheers mate
  15. Sorry?