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  1. Waggy1872

    Matt Polster Signs For Rangers

    The other boy didn’t sign for them, he’s gone awol
  2. Waggy1872

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    I know they pick random times of day to take it out but it’s left a bit late
  3. Waggy1872

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    Has anyone else that got sheep away not had the money taken yet?
  4. Pathetic for a cup game! We had more in the friendly
  5. Waggy1872

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    It’s a joke anyway mate, they’ve got all the bt presenters on it for whatever reason, should just be on sky like it normally is
  6. Waggy1872

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    On sky the freesports Channel has a Portuguese game scheduled at that time, our game still on premier 1
  7. Waggy1872

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Bom scare
  8. Waggy1872

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

  9. Waggy1872


    Apparently the Albania manager said it mate? Fuck knows but think that’s what Sutton was questioning haha
  10. Waggy1872


    Did he not say that about grezda? I think Sutton actually likes Morelos
  11. Waggy1872

    ***The Official St Johnstone v Rangers Match Thread***

    Mind he went off late the other night so probably picked up something
  12. Waggy1872

    Ryan Hardie?

    Just done what we couldn’t the other night and scored against hibs
  13. McCrorie is there instead of foderingham
  14. Least we’ve settled on the same back 4 again
  15. Waggy1872

    Lassana Coulibaly

    This should be fun...
  16. Waggy1872

    Signings in January

    Sitting sober on a Saturday night reading posts from 2 grown men on a football forum arguing with each other, how pathetic do I feel
  17. Dunno if he’s travelled but according to sky he’s definitely out edit - bacca definitely out according to them, dunno about soriano
  18. Waggy1872


    His subs are terrible, always too late
  19. Waggy1872

    Has BlueTube...

    Wouldn't be a surprise mate
  20. Waggy1872

    Website Ticket Sales

    Any idea how to amend your cccs payment details online for the semi finals/finals? New bank card and it only allows me to amend the non league home games on the site, would prefer not to have to visit the infamous ticket office.
  21. Waggy1872

    Has BlueTube...

    Supposedly a Rangers fan aswell
  22. Waggy1872

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Coverage of the game better not be as shite as the start of this programme!
  23. Waggy1872

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Is coulibaly definitely out?
  24. Waggy1872

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    Wait for all the folk to cheer him on the pitch at Ibrox when he next gets on