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  1. Garrrry?
  2. He should be pissing it against the pisher teams in the league but I'd prefer if he was no where near the bigger games, too physical for him I think
  3. geese banter is appropriate in all sections
  4. Still has a game on Sunday for third place so won't be back any sooner unfortunately ☹️
  5. Brilliant 😂😂😂
  6. As a good man once said on here, 'away an shove a goose up yer arse' 😂
  7. Personally don't think we should be spending the money that's been quoted, and also would rather see some of the others offloaded before any move for him as i think he'll just be in as a squad player. And aberdeen are cunts so won't be easy to deal with.
  8. what reason do you have to believe that he won't be a starter?
  9. Scored two free kicks against England he's the best player in the world now didn't you know?
  10. Whereabouts is the seat in club deck?
  11. Also up in club deck (cd2) so if you're near there and ever need a hand give me a shout 👍🏻
  12. This keeper is really trying to hurt him 😂
  13. Just an absolute prick of a guy who had a case of wee man syndrome
  14. Who the fuck ever thought black was the best player out with the old firm 😂 Anyway hope this dorrans deal gets done soon!
  15. I get that you can buy anytime mate but was more trying to explain why these players are eligible to play for us right now haha
  16. Think our window is open mate
  17. Folk should remember linfield last season, pumped them 7-0 but didn't make us any better throughout the season
  18. Completely forgot about this! 😂
  19. I think the fact the match is taking place at the training ground may have some impact, the mentality of the players won't be the same as it would be if it was Ibrox or any other ground, this is where they go everyday to get fitness levels up and do tactical work etc. Still a poor result but not too much to worry about imo
  20. Think Wilson is out for a while unless you mean the young Wilson
  21. Sinkys in magaluf
  22. So so buzzing for this!