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  1. Surely these days that answer has changed to '7 to 10 days'
  2. If his wages are anywhere near what's been suggested on here I'd take it, if his wages aren't too bad I'd be hoping we could hold out for a bit more cash for him and if they don't play ball and give us what we want it's no big deal.
  3. 😂😂😂 yeh I saw that aswell mate, contact must not be as good as he thought or he'd surely know 🤔
  4. Tbf as likely as it is he's talking shit he didn't start the thread, people seem to be buying more into the tweets from Weiss himself
  5. The cunt on soccer Saturday with the most horrendous patter
  6. Sorry?
  7. Surely they wouldn't have needed much convincing... 😂
  8. Yeh doesn't look as if he has it in him to really go anywhere in the game, didn't look anything special up here and he's apparently has this rib injury since January? How did he manage to play so many games yet not in any of the old firms?
  9. Toral has apparently left aswell, still has his mysterious rib injury, did he not say a few days ago we'd see him play for us again? Haha
  10. BIt of a shaky start but became one of our most reliable performers, all the best big man
  11. Not really much else he can do except play youngsters? Can't blame him for bringing these duds to the club
  12. If you watch that Prematch Man Utd footage from 2003 you can hear how much the club means to him, spoke with such pride about us
  13. Says he's a free agent and also says he's still on loan at that team Pedro was at, useless journo cunts
  14. That's them took it down, was some stick they were getting, and rightfully so as you said
  15. 12 points demanded 4 points expected more like it
  16. No quotes or fuck all from these cunts to back anything up so probably not even anything in it. He can still, however, fuck off.
  17. You are a fucking clown
  18. Wins appeal but that yellow card takes him over the yellow card threshold so after this game he's banned for 2?! Could only happen up here 😂 Ridiculous
  19. Maybe this will help push some of the duds that shouldn't be here out the door, with europa qualifiers starting so early how much time can they really expect off?
  20. Sunday 21st may I think mate
  21. Happy to have him for one more year but should be a squad player rather than the first team player he's been this season, see how he gets on in his involvement with the u20s and if he has enough of an impact with them then maybe consider offering some sort of role with them after next season (only if he has an impact though and not just as a result of being an ex player)
  22. When it works it's fine but I think it's liable to cut out sometimes, had it happen during big games down south and you miss about half the game, I wouldn't be solely relying on it for a game like this