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    Signings in January

    Sitting sober on a Saturday night reading posts from 2 grown men on a football forum arguing with each other, how pathetic do I feel
  2. Dunno if he’s travelled but according to sky he’s definitely out edit - bacca definitely out according to them, dunno about soriano
  3. Waggy1872


    His subs are terrible, always too late
  4. Waggy1872

    Has BlueTube...

    Wouldn't be a surprise mate
  5. Waggy1872

    Website Ticket Sales

    Any idea how to amend your cccs payment details online for the semi finals/finals? New bank card and it only allows me to amend the non league home games on the site, would prefer not to have to visit the infamous ticket office.
  6. Waggy1872

    Has BlueTube...

    Supposedly a Rangers fan aswell
  7. Waggy1872

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Coverage of the game better not be as shite as the start of this programme!
  8. Waggy1872

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Is coulibaly definitely out?
  9. Waggy1872

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    Wait for all the folk to cheer him on the pitch at Ibrox when he next gets on
  10. Find a nice wee place to stay in govanhill for them
  11. Waggy1872

    Motherwell and Ufa money

    Attendances so far have been phenomenal, be a nice touch to make the games more affordable for all considering what we've put in so far
  12. Waggy1872

    Our last title win

    Cannot argue with this
  13. Waggy1872

    Strongest team for big games

  14. Waggy1872

    Strongest team for big games

  15. Waggy1872


    Happened to me mate, no email then get 27 quid taken out my bank, it's in my order history so defo for this game
  16. Waggy1872

    Pack It Up Everybody Go Home

    He's got a point though, Morelos should never be reacting to that in the manner he did, don't think it's a red but he gave them a decision to make
  17. Waggy1872

    Maribor money

    Hopefully be ok mate
  18. Waggy1872

    Maribor money

    If you've signed up for non league games you should be ok, on my online bankng it's under pending transactions
  19. Waggy1872

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    The goal was windass' fault imo, candeias did a great job the full game keeping their left back quiet then he goes off and they score. Not really watched it back right enough but I'm sure windass is more at fault
  20. Waggy1872

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Not really seen too much of him to be fair mate due to his injury so maybe a bit early to judge
  21. Waggy1872

    Now tv sky sports for the season 179 quid

    Sky don't even get the Spanish games anymore mate, and bt lost the rights to the Italian football aswell, can't mind who it is that's bought all these rights but even more reasons not to have sky sports or bt
  22. Waggy1872

    Buying Tickets Online

    Sure I read somewhere earlier that there was tickets on public sale and someone who had bought one contacted the ticket office to see if it was an error that they had been allowed to buy it but they said it wasn't. who knows with that fucking place man
  23. Waggy1872

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Cheers to @djwyc14 who sorted my mate with a ticket for tonight's game
  24. Waggy1872

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Yeh heard about that, not with them though ? Got the channel anyway for last weeks game so sorted ??
  25. Waggy1872

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Thanks mate, wasn't sure as seen someone had checked and they couldn't find it on the tv listings but happy days