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  1. Not in the slightest.To down tools would mean actually having picked them up at some point in the first place.The majority of these charlatans haven't even found the keys to go into the garage to open the toolbox this season!No conspiracy just spineless journeymen for the most part.
  2. Only following only following the players did today was in the Celtic players shadows too shitebaggy to actually put a fucking tackle in.Really really hate the majority of them right now!
  3. Don't blame him for first goal as was left rather exposed.2 defenders should have sorted the long ball and Halliday went missing on his tracking back again.He should have cleared the second and my one criticism is he doesn't command his box but that said he made some excellent saves again stopping an embarrassment becoming a rout!He is an excellent shot stopper and during the season has saved us from dropping many more points.
  4. Spot on mate.Considering the shit they had playing in front of them I thought they did ok.Must be daunting playing in a game like today at their age and experience.Bad enough having to worry about watching your own man without also trying to cope with the runners constantly being left by our so called midfield.The support they get is virtually non existent.Also see Bates getting pelters for his distribution.Problem is no one in front of him wants the ball or moves into space to give him or any other defender options.We squander so so much possession due to lack of movement from our players forcing hopeful punts up the park or poor passes under pressure.
  5. Exactly this mate.They could probably play another 90 minute game after that one we made it so easy for them.Never at any point pressed them as hard as they pressed us. Dont even think it was a case of them wanting it more rather us giving it to them on a plate.Sick fed up seeing so called professionals not able to control a ball or play a simple pass. As for the lack of fight and passion!Its a legacy of Warburton and one that needs to be kicked right to fuck as soon as possible and any player that thinks it's acceptable hounded out.Hate being embarrassed constantly by the majority of this squad. Sad thing is most won't even be hurting about that result.Wish they all had to spend time travelling back on a supporters bus after that.Only way that shower of shit may finally get the message about what is expected from them.
  6. Exactly.Bunch of fucking wage stealing surrender monkeys! Now go out in the second half and prove me wrong.
  7. Exactly mate.By far the best natural finisher with an excellent goals per playing time ratio.He certainly deserves a longer run to prove himself.Waghorn has had more than enough chances.
  8. There is a game tonight???!!!!!
  9. Totally agree.Lets be honest it doesn't matter if he announces a team a day,hour or 10 mins before kick off,any professional player worth their salt will try and exploit the potential weakness. What it does do is instill a bit of confidence in our young players knowing the manager has faith in your ability and backs it up by letting everyone know you will be playing so early. Personally I think PC should be trying new players and ideas because if not what's the point.We are left with the same old same old players going through the motions. We were screaming under MW for more players to get a chance and ruffle a few feathers.Well now a couple have and I for one wish them all the best.Go on lads do this famous club proud!
  10. Don't blame them tbh.The meeting was called because members have grave concerns about what's happening within the organisation.They also need to get to the bottom of all the goings on which ended in 3 very well respected directors resigning at the same time. Bare in mind this is an organisation that many see as totally pointless,self serving,has a total lack of transparency plus does not truly reflect their members wishes. Now with all this as a background what do they do?They organise a meeting that is held in a venue not capable of holding all the current membership!Really you just cannot comprehend the total ineptitude and disregard they are showing for the people they are meant to represent.
  11. Fixed that for you.One small word but highly important!
  12. If this action forces him to resign and the club are stupid enough to go against the vast majority of fans feelings and give him the job they deserve the shitstorm that will come their way! Time to get this cancer as far away from the club as possible.Money talks.Cut the finance and action will need to be taken.Personally I am for a truly independent body and if it has people with the desire,loyalty and dedication as the 3 honourable directors who resigned then we will have a group fit for purpose.
  13. Time for real unity.If everyone who has a direct debit cancels it ASAP until this individual is removed and changes are made then notice will have to be taken.Lets start taking back OUR club.
  14. Will await the full story but if D'Art has gone that really tells me all I need to know.He was the only one who seemed genuinely willing to engage with us.Anyone reading his posts of late couldn't but help to note his growing dissatisfaction with how it was heading and how far away from his ideas and visions that was. Shame really as hoped he would be able to work from within but sure he will continue to put the club and supports best interests first and foremost.Dont really believe that is the case for most involved.As stated though it's all hearsay at the moment.
  15. I sit in CD2 and plenty of times songs are started and belted out from that corner of the Club Deck but they never seem to carry anywhere else.Sure there must be people who can back this up and even have the same kind of experience in other sections.The problem does seem to be the lack of any coherent and prolonged response from the majority.The Will is there for many but the apathy is indeed deafening!