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  1. The ibrox crowd

    Spot on mate.I usually start work at 5am on the Sat morning.Work like fuck to finish in time to get to the game.Drive for an hour plus before walking to ground or jogging depending on time!My mate travels back and forth from Oxfordshire and my son from Liverpool just to be able to support OUR club.In total 6 of us sit together having paid hundreds for season tickets,Travelled miles to get to games,catering and merchandise.As do every other Bear who go to watch our famous team.We start every game full of hope but what do we mostly get back?Fuck all.Mediocre,uninterested and unprofessional players not fit to wear our jersey let alone be worthy of the support we unfailingly give.The atmosphere is shit but that is driven by on the field action or lack of as is mostly the case.We always stay to the end but have given up playing the blame game for those who leave early.I am actually beginning to wonder if they are right and we should vote with our feet.Lets face it we have a shit team,no manager,a board that treats us with utter contempt and fan representation who wield major power share wise but bleat like sheep power wise.As a Rangers fan I expect 100% commitment from all within our Club ESPECIALLY the players but that is far from the case bar a few exceptions.When players can’t cross a ball,beat the first man with a corner,leave opposition constantly unmarked,can’t pass a simple ball to a teammate,put in a tackle or put their perfectly gelled hair in the way of a shot, or score absolute sitters then THEY and only THEY are responsible for our current displays.The board are to blame for lack of leadership but the players are for the shit we witness on the park and that is what gives us the current toxic atmosphere at home.Frankly they bring it on themselves!
  2. Anywhere to watch Hibs game in Moscow?

    Just quit Stalin and head over to Red,White and Blue Square.
  3. Who are our best ( outfield) 3 players at the moment

    Same for me.Can’t go for Tav as his defending is abysmal as is his positional sense.Cant be a main outfield player when you are a defender that’s pretty shit at defending!
  4. "The players weren’t all on the same page”

    Excellent point and unfortunately on the vast majority of occasions too many players have not done so.Pedro may have been out of his depth but the attitude and effort of the squad in general this season has taken us fans for mugs.Everyone from the top right down to the players should not escape criticism for the clusterfuck of a season we have endured so far.
  5. King here now

    Good spot👍and it’s not even an orange ewok
  6. Rangers Vs Partick Thistle - Video

    Actually found it hard to concentrate on the video as the song was so haunting.Excellent piece of editing with the perfect soundtrack.I doff my cap to you👍👏
  7. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    McCrorie and Alves would be my preference.Think Alves is the perfect partner to help McCrorie in reaching his undoubted potential.To pair him with anyone else is setting the lad up to fail by putting too much pressure on him.Alves can take care of his own responsibilities allowing McCrorie to focus on his as well as guiding and nurturing the youngster along.With his vast experience we couldn’t ask for anyone more suited to support McCrorie at this stage of his career and I am sure he will learn quickly from the big man.
  8. Morelos' overall play

    Yes mate I would.Its all about building relationships and getting to know each others strengths.That doesn’t happen over the course of a couple of games here and there.Actually would have liked to have seen him,tin hat on here,paired more with Pena.In midfield Pena offers diddlysquat but further forward there is no denying he is very adept at finding space,getting into the right positions in front of goal and can finish with both his head and feet.
  9. Morelos' overall play

    Disagree with you here.Thought he was excellent against Hearts and one of our best players against Thistle.Considering for the most part he is somewhat isolated think he contributes a great deal to our overall performance.
  10. Morelos' overall play

    Great asset to the team.His determination,attitude and all round ability is a joy to watch.How he manages to control some of the passes he gets and hold play up allowing teammates to get up in support is testament to his skill and technique.When you consider some of the dross we have watched over the last few years who couldn’t control a simple pass he is like a breath of fresh air.We really do need someone up beside him to benefit and play off one another.Doesnt help when the player who should have been doing this on Saturday was at one point further back than Wes!!!
  11. Rangers Statement on Compliance Officer

    Great statement.Decline the ban and at the actual kangaroo cou.........eh appeal,wire up video evidence of the game as well as the hibs game for everyone to see.In fact show footage of the assaults constantly aimed at our players by all these hammer throwers From various gamesand ask them to justify why these things continue to not only go unpunished but seem to be actively encouraged due to continually being allowed to happen.Fuck them all let’s go to war.
  12. Central Midfield

    Put yourself in Jack/Dorrans boots.You track back,win the ball,look up and have Pena/Windass to pass to.Thats if any of that pair are in a position to receive the ball!Thats the problem we have.A complete waste of 2 jerseys.Not only do we get fuck all from them the other midfielders constantly have to track back to cover their fuck ups.No point having 5 in midfield if only 3 are actually trying to make things happen!
  13. The beginning of the end!

    The DR constantly print shit,lies and stories to undermine us and yet some on here still allow themselves to be drawn in.Shame on them!!!
  14. SFA or SPFL

    Spot on mate.Said before the game they should be in the corner like everyone else.Fuck giving them the advantage of a whole stand.We are our own worst enemy.I don't expect statements on everything but I do expect our esteemed SLO and Club 1872 to be representing us on this.Think it's time to apply some pressure to the spineless blazers to enable change.
  15. Foderingham

    Exactly mate and we allow them a whole fucking stand to influence things.Fucking disgusting they get this advantage.Should be sorted right out but let's not upset the bastards or their board eh.Really think he needs to be rested.He made some decent saves but nothing I don't think Jak wouldn't have saved plus he is far more dominant in the area.He deserves a run as some of the errors Fod makes just shouldn't be happening.