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  1. The beginning of the end!

    The DR constantly print shit,lies and stories to undermine us and yet some on here still allow themselves to be drawn in.Shame on them!!!
  2. SFA or SPFL

    Spot on mate.Said before the game they should be in the corner like everyone else.Fuck giving them the advantage of a whole stand.We are our own worst enemy.I don't expect statements on everything but I do expect our esteemed SLO and Club 1872 to be representing us on this.Think it's time to apply some pressure to the spineless blazers to enable change.
  3. Foderingham

    Exactly mate and we allow them a whole fucking stand to influence things.Fucking disgusting they get this advantage.Should be sorted right out but let's not upset the bastards or their board eh.Really think he needs to be rested.He made some decent saves but nothing I don't think Jak wouldn't have saved plus he is far more dominant in the area.He deserves a run as some of the errors Fod makes just shouldn't be happening.
  4. ***Feedback Thread***

    scottyc06 bought my spares for Saturdays game.Great lad.Been stuffed royally for tickets and no help from Club.Glad to have been able to help out.
  5. Dorrans

    Is part of a solid partnership in midfield with Jack.Both players do their jobs brilliantly and rarely waste a ball.If the others round about them aren't doing their jobs it's not either of their faults.They harry and win possession and get forward where possible.The workrate they both put in is immense.The only thing that makes Dorrans invisible to people is their own blindness to not watching what he does as much off the ball as on it.
  6. Nope I am with you on this one.We really should have been out of sight with the chances we had.Not just good chances but real sitters at times.Thought we had a lot of positives and hopefully can carry this momentum into the weekend.
  7. Windass offered 1 match ban

    After the hibs game was really the only outcome that could be made.Precedent was set and good to see the DR are spot on with their story as always!!!!The only truth that paper prints seems to be the date!
  8. Wes and his 100th game for Rangers Yesterday

    Well done.Agree with everyone who has commented about him being better at commanding his box this season.Can see improvements in his game plus his distribution on Saturday was excellent.Set up quite a few attacks with his quick thinking.Think the best thing that's happened to him is getting rid of our clown of a manager from last season who obviously has no idea how to set up a defence!!!
  9. Tarriers Allocation

    Agree with this but herding them into the corner isn't going to change it only means we have more of our own adding to it.Why should the scum have a full stand backing them whilst attacking our goal or having corners into our box at their end?The atmosphere should be as intimidating for them to play against us as possible.This should entail their keeper and defence having our fans screaming at them at BOTH ends.Why give up this advantage to your nearest rivals.No other teams do it and they certainly don't allow us to do so.
  10. Tarriers Allocation

    Agree to a certain extent mate.Where I disagree is atmosphere is jumping against hibs and aberdeen and they only get the corner so if it's ok for everyone else it's ok for them as well.They deserve to be penned in like everyone else is when they have to visit their house of horrors!
  11. Ban them from ibrox

    Fair comment mate.Would love to do the poll but haven't a clue how to set it up!!!Hope someone more tech minded can help us out.
  12. Ban them from ibrox

    I come across many fellow Bears from all walks of life in my job and on this specific topic the vast majorityI speak to want their allocation cut and have them shunted into the corner.I can only post as I find.If this isn't the case then anyone who feels differently then feel free to join in the discussion and put their views forward.
  13. Ban them from ibrox

    Don't want them banned completely as love to see their pain when we beat the bastards but should only get the same allocation as other clubs.Vast majority of fans want this so SLO and Club 1872 should be pushing for it. As for the club it should be all out war.Gloves off and hit the cowardly,sleekit scum with all the dirt they have tried to cover up in the most public way possible.
  14. Miller And Kranjcar

    Don't think either should start next game.They certainly both have something to offer coming off the bench if things need changed but having them in our starting line up holds our play and tempo up on so many occasions.If only Miller could have Nikos vision and skill and Niko have Millers stamina and desire then by God what a pair they would be!
  15. Dorrans and Jack

    Think both add something to the team.Unfortunately they also have the problem of Miller not staying where he should be and Niko not being able to move much from where he is!!!This means they have little option for passes in front and a liability to cover beside them.They go forward when they can but retain possession when they can't but always try to keep the ball alive trying to create space.For me it was a different game when Windass and Penna came on.Windass will attack players opening up space for Jack and Dorrans to exploit and Penna was actually very good at taking up the positions in the box that Miller should be doing and getting his reward with a goal. For me they are both great players just tweak the people around them and we will see even more from them.