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  1. Would happily use all my likes for a month on just this one post.Bravo and take a well earned bow👋👋👋😂😂😂
  2. Would love to have him as an addition to our squad as do rate him but 1.5 million is 1 million too much at this stage of his contract. Bide our time,wait until Jan and if still interested get him on a pre contract and give that shitty no mark club fuck all.
  3. Not at all ,every player deserves a welcome and our support Welcome young man and may your career with us be very successful.
  4. I am just happy to be finally putting all this behind us.Its a win win here.Coin in the money from this years strip as the majority of Bears haven't bought one then do likewise next season when we are free to negotiate wherever we please.Just think the bargaining power all these sales will provide for the club going forward!! As an aside the Megastore will be my choice for Rangers strips for family but any sports related purchases will be and have been since the boycot with Greaves Sports who supported the clubs stance and refused to sell the strip.Always feel it's good to support those that supported us at the time.God knows we haven't had many!!!
  5. Any age whilst actually out supporting the club wherever that may be.Saw various threads mention the lack of merchandise aimed at older Bears like myself.Would love to be able to spend more on Rangers related polo shirts or t shirts and the like but unfortunately find they are aimed at younger fans.Shame really as this is a growing area within our fanbase with people living longer and we generally have more disposable money to spend.Could be a little goldmine if they can find a way to tap into this.
  6. 6 of us have season tickets together.Between us there have been 18 tops ordered for various people.Amazing to think just how many they must be shifting tonight alone.Happy days!!
  7. Agree with this 100% and would even go as far as to say we should NEVER fully trust those in charge and always be asking questions about issues around the club.Judge them on individual actions and praise when deserved. So far this preseason I can't praise them highly enough.Long may it continue.
  8. Fair enough price.Should insure a sizeable crowd,hopefully a sell out.Been a long time coming but all the sweeter for it.Never thought I would be getting so excited about a game against some totally unknown team from Luxembourg but it's the occasion and what it symbolise.Bring it on!!!
  9. Have helped the club financially for well over 40 years.Sometimes it's actually nice to get something back especially after the shit we have had to put up with over the last few seasons!Anymore than a tenner for season ticket holders,fiver for kids and 15 general sale just isn't justified for this level of game.After all the bigger the crowd,the better the atmosphere and they will more than make the money up on matchday programmes and catering.
  10. Thank fuck for that was a right nutter in it last season!!!!
  11. Agree mate.Anyone has the right to try and get the best possible deal for themselves as well as see out any contract they do have.We would all do the same in whatever walk of life we earn our money.Its just as football fans we somehow expect players and managers just to rip these contracts up if things go pearshape!!As mentioned it's the people who offered these contracts that should be castigated and vilified.
  12. Can't be 100% certain as that big fucker in the Rangers strips hand is covering his head but think it may be Big Davie from Baillieston???Hope that helps.
  13. Optimism levels rising every day.Sure he will fulfill his potential and become a fan favourite.Just the kind of player we are crying out for.
  14. Tend to comment as I find.I don't. read any of the papers but will read any relevant articles or blogs on here.Whatever the politics of being employed by the Record that's for your conscience and doesn't impact on anything others choose to say or do. That said this is a fine article.Well written and a great read.As a support we need as many people writing as many pro Rangers articles as possible.To that end well done and publish away👍
  15. Now that's gonna light a beacon of hope for the coming season.Lets hope our further additions turn it into a raging wildfire!Class signing and will no doubt lead to other players of a similar ability taking note.Players like Alves with his reputation and pedigree will attract the kind of players we need to be back where we belong.As well as providing role models for our younger players coming into the squad.Sure the kind of mentality and professionalism they will bring will be invaluable to the squad as a whole. Onwards and Upwards!