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  1. OnwardsandUpwards

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    What makes me laugh is your defence of this. First they denied any info was held in this matter, then lied about their involvement. When challenged they tried to turn things into some kind of sectarian plot against them, blackening the character of anyone questioning their motives, whilst still denying any intervention took place. Finally we have proof not only that they did indeed ride roughshod over due process but tried to cover this up. Sometimes your use of paranoid to try and deflect from the issue just makes you look foolish. There is most certainly a grand plan here to stop the Fanzone and an even more elaborate plan to try and hide their tracks. It hasn’t worked and they are now being challenged about their involvement. Except of course by people like yourself that is who, would rather blame fellow Bears for being “paranoid” than actually come out and blame the parties involved for having an agenda against the Club.
  2. OnwardsandUpwards

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    This for me. If I were an opposition manager I would be telling everyone to have a go at him. More often than not he will retaliate at some point. Until he learns not to do so he will always be targeted. Lets not mix up aggression and fighting spirt with petulance and naivety. If he sticks to the first two and cuts out the last 2 he will be a much better and reliable player.
  3. OnwardsandUpwards

    Strange people within our support

    You state why have a mind if you can’t change it then go on to say choices were taken away from you. Makes no difference if it’s politics, football or just what you have for breakfast you are free to change your mind on anything according to your post or why have a mind at all?
  4. OnwardsandUpwards

    Strange people within our support

    That doesn’t make sense according to your reply to myself. Why have a mind if you can’t change it so surely that means no choice was taken away from you and you are free to change your mind about supporting the Club at anytime you wish?
  5. OnwardsandUpwards

    Strange people within our support

    Spot on mate. They come knowing our history and traditions then bleat about these traditions and want them to change. Got to wonder the real reasons behind their “support”. If you can’t accept the Club for what it is then why on Earth would you want to come and support it in the first place??
  6. OnwardsandUpwards

    Strange people within our support

    Because mate it gives us the opportunity to fight back against these cretins. For far too long we have let them have thing their own way leading us to the Scotland we live in today. It’s time we all got more active in calling these people to account and getting our views across. If we don’t then we deserve whatever we get for not taking the fight to them.
  7. OnwardsandUpwards

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Not going to criticise a player who gave his all whenever he played for us. May have came up short on occasions but it wasn’t for the want of trying. Many a game he took by the scruff of the neck and managed to get us the win. Leave my criticism for the no mark money grabbing wasters he spent most of the last few years playing with.
  8. OnwardsandUpwards

    Buckle up troops

    Excellent mate glad to see you joined Twitter like you said you would👍 Its great to see so much of the crap their MPs, MSPs and councillors spout being challenged on there.I would never have dreamt of being on it even 6 months ago but really glad I took the plunge. It great to witness so many articulate people put our case forward and basically rip them apart. I am sure , like myself, you will notice they only respond to any post they deem offensive in order to play the victim but cannot actually respond to serious challenging questions about their views or policies To this end I would urge people to stay on point and put their case in a respectful manner..The more people challenge them and the more they refuse to answer then the more they are shown up for the biased, agenda driven bigots they really are. I would recommend anyone who isn’t on Twitter to do as Bears r Us has done and join to get our voices out there.Doesnt need to be Twitter, whatever you social media platform of choice is. We can all express our opinions on here so let’s get them out to a wider audience. One little tweet here and there may be ignored but hundreds and thousands can really make a massive difference to people’s perceptions.
  9. OnwardsandUpwards

    Buckle up troops

    You are right there is no conspiracy. There is however an open, hostile agenda against anything pro British or Unionist. I voted in that once in a lifetime referendum and since its result they have done nothing but aim to drive this country apart. Seems some people just can’t handle the result of a democratic vote.This means no matter how badly they govern or how woefully inept their policies are, they are just accepted by their voters as all most care about is Independence at any cost. As you very succinctly put it after Independence you feel they won’t last as an entity. It’s great that you can support them solely to get this result at the expense of all the harm they cause. To get Independence they have to continue to demonise anything pro British or Unionist to fit their end game. Thing is it’s not working anymore as the longer they make a mess of their handling of issues the more their bleatings about being everyone fault but theirs become more comical.
  10. OnwardsandUpwards

    Buckle up troops

    Very true but it can be done. Challenge everything and they don’t know how to respond. What I find more sickening is the amount of people within our fan base who actually back them up. They have a terrible record in running the country yet many still fall for their hype and propaganda. Must be akin to being part of a Cult! Believe everything, question nothing and deny all then play race/gender/bigotry( insert when appropriate) card when caught out.
  11. OnwardsandUpwards

    1872 Ramp Up The Pressure

    Excellent work. Up to us all to keep the pressure on. Social media can be fantastic for spreading things like this. Get it shared far and wide.
  12. OnwardsandUpwards

    Calm the fuck doon.

    If we are not embarrassed by a performance like that especially in this game then we might as well just except mediocrity from now on. People can come up with as many excuses as possible but at the end of the day we were played off the park. Anyone in denial of this are just being delusional. We got what we deserved from today. In fact we probably got off lightly and that’s the most galling thing of all. Was expecting so much better but once again we have been let down massively. Losing is shit but will happen, losing without any fight whatsoever from most of the team is totally unacceptable. The reception they got coming back into Glasgow airport would have left them in no doubt what this team means to us fans. Today frankly, that was just flung right back in our faces.
  13. OnwardsandUpwards

    Does tonight change our plans for tomorrow?

    Hope so mate. Could be a potential deal just waiting for confirmation of qualification. For as much as some sneer at the Europa League there will be plenty of players eager for the chance to play and gain experience against better European teams.It would be a massive shop window for them to better their playing careers.
  14. Doesn’t matter mate. Long may we continue to progress past teams we can’t spell and even more renowned teams we can👍
  15. OnwardsandUpwards

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Brilliant result. Great backs to the wall stuff. This team have metal!