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  1. OnwardsandUpwards

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    double post!
  2. OnwardsandUpwards

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    The lad made a serious mistake in his past.He faced up to the consequences and paid the penalty.He doesn’t pretend it never happened nor does he sweep the magnitude of it under the carpet.I would guess every one of us have either done something or know of someone close to us that have made grave errors of judgement in the past.He has a lot to prove and a reputation to restore.Will give him even more impetus to excel for us.As far as the Club selling its soul unfortunately it’s the era we live in where nothing seems sacrosanct anymore.Money rules and in this game that means results.To get them we need better standards of players for all positions and in his case, he fits that criteria at this point in time. Welcome to Rangers young man, now go and do all your talking on the park.Succeed there and keep a low profile off it and you will go a long long way to restoring some structure back in your life.
  3. OnwardsandUpwards

    A message from the manager

    Spent far, far, far too long hearing such things from various managers now.Doesnt get me excited yet. Proof is in the delivery. He has our backing now he has to show he deserves it.
  4. OnwardsandUpwards

    Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    Exactly this.Whole point of getting them moved was to allow our own loyal ST holders to keep THEIR own seats for this game.Can understand not being able to upgrade because to be frank our TO is a total shambles.Even the most trivial of matters takes forever to sort as it’s really not fit for purpose so upgrading junior tickets is like the fucking Crystal Maze as far as they are concerned! If Jinty is right and they don’t get first refusal then that’s not only a total disgrace but a complete betrayal of our future generation of fans.Does make you wonder where the tickets would end up though Keep fighting Jinty.Its indicative of how we are treated by our own that you have to!!
  5. OnwardsandUpwards

    Oh it’s magic ye know

    celtic and Paedos do go
  6. OnwardsandUpwards

    Players you didn't/don't rate but everybody else seemed to?

    Bastard, I was going to go for that!!! ok mine would be ‘Players you were excited to sign only to discover they went elsewhere but then finally did sign for us later in their career and you wish they hadn’t as they turned out shit and you wanted them to fuck off anywhere else ASAP’
  7. OnwardsandUpwards

    Harold Davis' wife thanks the fans

    Would agree but if we do there would be no one left to grow into the older people with so much more class! It’s a catch 22.
  8. OnwardsandUpwards

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Welcome back.Dont class him the same as Naismith or Whittaker.That pair are beyond the pale after the press conference.As football fans we obviously can’t understand anyone wishing to leave.That leads to very blue tinted glasses in certain circumstances.At that time no one was sure what the Hell was happening and I am sure players were being lied to by those running the Club just as we the fans were.At the end of the day it’s their job and it’s their decision made for whatever reasons be it family,career aspirations or financial security that has to be made.Yes we could have got a transfer fee for him but it would only have lined the pockets of those charlatans in charge at the time.All that matters is he is much better than what we have,seems delighted about being back and is not scared to command his area and kick arses if needed.He has a lot to prove and I believe he will do so from the off.
  9. OnwardsandUpwards

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Who needs to withdraw.Just put out a shite team in our first game,play most out of position and let the result take care of itself.Worked for Warburton,Pedro and Murty.
  10. OnwardsandUpwards

    Who will Gerrard keep?

    Alnwick-for back up.Proved he can come in and do a good job.Actually much better than Wes in a lot of ways. John-under a good coach and with a better defence about him he will improve even more.At times he has been our major threat going forward and defensively improving all the time. McCrorie-really see a big future for him.Someone like Gerrard to bring him on is a huge bonus. Jack-wins the ball and keeps things tidy and simple.In the right combination in midfield there will certainly be opportunities for him. Docherty-again a lad with potential.Feel for him since he joined as must seem he was the only one in midfield during most of his games.Deserves at least another season to prove his worth with hopefully better support around him. Dorrans-but only if he is an attacking midfielder.He can spot passes and release players helping to get in behind teams.Thrown to the lions a bit this season as being asked to play in a way he isn’t any good at.He was bought as an attacking midfielder let’s see how he gets on if we actually play to his strengths. Candelas-can’t fault his desire or heart.Not afraid to put himself about.Gets in some great positions but majorly let down by his final ball.Work on that and he could be a great asset. Whilst my supporter heart wishes to get every one of this squad to fuck my head thinks the above playesr are capable of doing a job.Not everyone in every game but horses for courses.Be interesting to see what a proper coach can bring out of them.
  11. OnwardsandUpwards

    Conspiracy anyone?

    Conspiracy?We had it within our own hands to finish 2nd and may have fucked it up.Thats not a conspiracy that’s a disgrace.Its our performances that have been shit and caused us to be where we are at present.
  12. OnwardsandUpwards


    He is far from pish.The lad has improved immensely over the last season and has been by far our best and most consistent defender.When you consider he is still maturing and learning it’s very short sighted to state he is nowhere near good enough for us.Considering the shite he has been partnered with just think how much better he would become with a decent CD beside him.The fact that he is the one player not needing to prove himself for next season but he still gave us his all says a lot about his character. His future is elsewhere but he leaves with his head held high and my good wishes.
  13. OnwardsandUpwards


    Spot on.Just what I want from a central defender.Just does his job and clears his lines.Not afraid to put a challenge in either.This lad will only get better.Shame to be losing him.
  14. OnwardsandUpwards


    So does he!
  15. OnwardsandUpwards

    no installments this year? zebra?

    Honestly to fuck the running of our Club is fucking disgraceful.From blazers through to ticket office, PR to website, we are so ineptly run.Union Bears were spot on.We do deserve better but not just on the field but off it as well.Cant be any other Club that treats such loyal support with such continual contempt.