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  1. OnwardsandUpwards

    Make no mistake

    To be fair to AEK they haven’t even started their season yet. Makes it even more of a fantastic result.
  2. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Think it may have been as the tickets I got offered were in CD as well. Spoke to my mate who had the seat next to mine and he seems to think it was a perk as he was offered seats a few times but always in the CD.
  3. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Didn’t know it wasn’t a sell out but if it wasn’t don’t know why that was.I was living in England at the time and travelled on the Wirral RSC.There were quite a few people looking for extra tickets but couldn’t get any so don’t know where the unsold ones came from.Still I often have wondered where some tickets go for certain games!!
  4. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    It’s an Old Firm game which we would have sold out anyway but extra tickets were offered to Bond holders and season ticket holders first. Pretty much the same thing at the end of the day really.
  5. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Taken from the Rangers Website. SCOTTISH CUP 5TH ROUND Rangers v celtic. Sun 6 Feb Ibrox Stadium, kick-off 12.15pm IMPORTANT INFORMATION Rangers supporters who purchased a Scottish Cup Kilmarnock ticket - please note you have priority to purchase the same number of tickets for the Old Firm Scottish Cup clash. You can purchase tickets on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 January only from the ticket hotline 0871 702 1972 or purchase your ticket in person at the ticket centre. Season ticket holders and Bond holders can purchase an additional 2 tickets per Rangers Number, subject to availability. Think this was the game mate👍
  6. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Many seasons ago.Before admin when I still had my bond seat up in the Club Deck.
  7. OnwardsandUpwards

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    This. I remember we did something similar many season ago and I was offered another 2 tickets against them. We would have sold out easily that game. Another non story but one which when I opened the page I had to look at that Neanderthal at the top. Fucking shocking that needed posted.
  8. OnwardsandUpwards


    SG said it was a clean slate for everyone and is proving this to br true.Has done all he has been asked to do in his brief appearances so no issue with him at all. Fits nicely into the squad system in general and SG obviously thinks he can do a job if asked.
  9. OnwardsandUpwards

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    Great display. Detail was superb and message crystal clear. It is and always will be our our city. Well done everyone involved you have once again shown what an asset you are to our support.
  10. OnwardsandUpwards

    From 2-0 to 1-1 because of poor decision making

    This. Been the instigators of our own problems time and time again. Also got to say our final ball into the box has been woeful most of the time. Can’t understand not being able to cross it past the first man nor hitting it so hard it ends up out for a throw in. That said the future looks so much brighter.Every game marks an improvement and it really is exciting times to be a Bear.
  11. OnwardsandUpwards

    Whats the story with Ross McCrorie

    Will be used as and when SG feels he can do a job. Much the same way as any other member of the squad will be wether that’s as a starter or off the bench. Actually glad he has the chance to learn and improve away from the weighty expectations being placed on him last season. Believe he will develop into a much better player because of this. Just exceptionally pleasing to see the time coming where we look at our first eleven and then the full bench and feel positive we have players capable of changing the game if called upon to come on. Been a real weakness over God knows how many seasons now.
  12. OnwardsandUpwards

    Morelos red rescinded

    This is my major concern with him as well tbh. Just so easily wound up and will have even more players trying to get a reaction now. Should never have been a red but if he doesn’t kick out then no action would have been taken. It’s his inability to control his reactions that could cost us over the season. He has to learn to control his temper and do so very quickly.
  13. OnwardsandUpwards

    As if it wasn’t going to be sweet enough

    Lets get things into perspective here. They are out to make as much money as possible for shareholders. To do so they will do anything possible to generate publicity. I would say by paying out practically fuck all considering the odds they have achieved their aim here of getting much more back in free publicity. Even to the point they make their presence felt on Rangers forums. Basically they have played a blinder here and by people like the OP highlighting it to even more people it snowballs even more. Job done as far as they are concerned and all from one little tweet. Perfect marketing really and if it backfire, well even more publicity will roll their way. Pretty clever if you stop to think about it.
  14. OnwardsandUpwards

    Gerrard “I was jealous of Ryan Jacks Performance”

    He did have an excellent game and showed what he can do in the right system.Excellent team performance all round.Honestly couldn’t see them scoring and even when they did was confident of seeing the game out.Not had that kind of feeling for a long time.Once again came away feeling we are heading in the right direction and played better for longer patches than our last game.Certainly building momentum and team spirit.Nice to see that being acknowledged by the rise in atmosphere and far more bums on seats until the very end.
  15. OnwardsandUpwards

    Fanzone cancelled.

    It’s Trump style politics. What they do is support their own cause and disregard any objections or viewpoints that don’t follow this agenda. Fanzone for Scotland game fine, fanzone for Rangers game no chance. Save pitch for youngsters to play as an excuse when they go about selling off any free space they can as well as closing community services due to lack of finance. Locally objecting to businesses being unfairly effected whilst failing to appreciate the fact that the Club itself is the biggest income generator in the area. The catch word on here for their supporters is paranoid.Every issue that anyone else raises against their policies or agendas is paranoid.In fact to express any kind of protest against these councillors or indeed the party itself is paranoia.This in itself is strange as isn’t politics about differing viewpoints and ideas in the first place? Now it may well be the case that these subjects are debated on other threads and people like Bluepeter9 express their viewpoints in a far more meaningful and articulate way but all I ever see being tossed about is the paranoia card. If that’s the best they can come up with then they have no measured response and that tells it’s own story.