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  1. Fixed that for you.One small word but highly important!
  2. If this action forces him to resign and the club are stupid enough to go against the vast majority of fans feelings and give him the job they deserve the shitstorm that will come their way! Time to get this cancer as far away from the club as possible.Money talks.Cut the finance and action will need to be taken.Personally I am for a truly independent body and if it has people with the desire,loyalty and dedication as the 3 honourable directors who resigned then we will have a group fit for purpose.
  3. Time for real unity.If everyone who has a direct debit cancels it ASAP until this individual is removed and changes are made then notice will have to be taken.Lets start taking back OUR club.
  4. Will await the full story but if D'Art has gone that really tells me all I need to know.He was the only one who seemed genuinely willing to engage with us.Anyone reading his posts of late couldn't but help to note his growing dissatisfaction with how it was heading and how far away from his ideas and visions that was. Shame really as hoped he would be able to work from within but sure he will continue to put the club and supports best interests first and foremost.Dont really believe that is the case for most involved.As stated though it's all hearsay at the moment.
  5. I sit in CD2 and plenty of times songs are started and belted out from that corner of the Club Deck but they never seem to carry anywhere else.Sure there must be people who can back this up and even have the same kind of experience in other sections.The problem does seem to be the lack of any coherent and prolonged response from the majority.The Will is there for many but the apathy is indeed deafening!
  6. It's a non story.King has to offer me and everyone else 20p for our shares.He himself has stated this is basically bloody stupid as none of us need to nor will we accept it.He has been however,forced to do so by this ruling. He isn't trying to shaft anyone and as no one is forced to sell it's totally pointless..Its just another fucked up piece of company regulations that need to be adhered to.Not always a great fan of the board but in this instance he is only doing what he has been told he must do and making everyone aware of his feelings on it.Fair enough in my book tbf.
  7. Plus well done to GM for actually being able to nulllify their main threats.Thats what happens when you study the opposition and play players that can defend.Plus cancelling the day off and getting them in after the Hamilton game.Actually seemed fitter and better prepared.You never asked for the job but when needed you stepped up to the mark.Thank you and you can now bow out with your head held high.
  8. Fucking brilliant.Fucked their winning streak now to fuck their treble and undefeated season.Thank you Murty for the first Now come on Pedro make the others happen.No pressure😂
  9. If any good at all sitting wondering why the fuck changes aren't being made and certain players taken off!
  10. Changes needed.Nothing ventured nothing gained.Honestly think they are happy just to be 1-0 down.Lets have some fight for God sake!
  11. Even a half decent striker puts them away.Our defence may be woeful at times but our strikers are a fucking disgrace.
  12. Not true.He can kiss the badge when he scores a penalty!!!
  13. True mate after all most of them have been virtually off all season up until now!!!
  14. Appreciate that mate but really don't think they would get anymore out of him.These people don't get into these kind of positions without being well versed in doublespeak and distraction. Be interesting to see what kind of procedures are put in place for the meetings face to face with fans.Will it be an open forum or hand picked.I honestly don't hold out hope of transparency from this board.Its track record on issues up to now speaks for itself and there is no pressure being applied to change this.
  15. Fair play questions we wanted asked.Not their fault the answers aren't up to much or avoided to give the answers he wants.What you get from every board in every company these days.Its all covered by sensitive market info or fast paced environment!! Taking questions from fans face to face though will be more interesting.Dont think he will be allowed any wriggle room there because if he tries to fob questions off I am sure he will be made aware of our feelings. Can but hope ,but well done Club 1872 credit where it's due for both the questions and prompt feedback.