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  1. Supporter Delusion

    Everyone is entitled to their views.Seems to me you though,don’t like the post as opposed to putting up an argument as to what exactly you disagree with.I have read it in full and it’s pretty much spot on.We are better than we were but that’s not saying much when performances like today are still very much commonplace.If you follow your advice to the letter then the vast majority of fans after today will be extremely “fed up” leaving people like yourself who seem to consider themselves more staunch than the rest of us because we have the audacity to point out the current failings.Personally I would rather as a support we are hurting and being honest rather than burying our heads in the sand like some.Displays like today are totally unacceptable and if people think they don’t merit criticism then you have to wonder how low they have set the bar for our great Club.
  2. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    It’s bound to over the years.Should never let this be a reason not to bring this project to fruition though.Its a fantastic idea and will be a place for many generations of fans to visit and remember loved ones.We bought bricks to remember members of our family which are situated just outside the megastore.Hardly the ideal place to visit and reminisce A dedicated memorial area will be a much better place for this to happen.
  3. New Vanguard Bear Article.

  4. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Best ignored mate.Think he is the offspring from sperm donated by Comical Ali before he got his just reward.Would explain the shite he spouts.
  5. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    It is if you are a rocket to start with😂
  6. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Ok by me.Will concentrate on debating with the adults that can string sentences together and argue their case.You go back to your child like responses.For a guy that supposedly is here to present facts to show up other people’s failings you do a damn fine job of showing yourself up.I don’t agree with a lot of things BP9 believes but at least I have always been able to debate points with him.You on the other hand just seem Hell bent on winding others up no matter what by acting like you are superior in some way with your condescending replies.Will therefore treat your posts from now on with the contempt they deserve.
  7. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Awesome,thought provoking,response.Will really take it on board and ponder the significance of such a cutting reply.Thanks for your input👍
  8. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Luckily for myself I lived in England during the vote.The view from people down there was very different.Most certainly did not want to keep us.Not because they didn’t want the Union to continue but because of the attitude and rhetoric coming out of the Independence campaign.If they could have had a vote to kick us out then I am pretty sure you would have got your wish. Maybe that should have been the way to go! I also don’t get people that wish to be Independent yet voted remain.Why swap one body that sets legislation for you for another one?Really is bizarre.Vote for us and Scotland can be free to make its polices(well unless the EU tells us otherwise).The fact also remains(sic) that there is no guarantee Scotland would be granted membership anyway even after all the pre vote grovelling. Apparently we are not defined by oil alone for sustainability.You do mention this frequently but never really expand on what else will generate this income?We have free prescriptions,free tuition,don’t pay for hospital parking which are all excellent whilst in the union but where does the money come from to sustain these benefits. Every report that comes out states our education system is getting worse and failing more and more children.Ask anyone within the NHS frontline and they will tell you how poor that is becoming due to lack of staff and cut backs.Local councils are being forced to cut back on services year on year because the money just isn’t there.Drive down practically any road in Scotland and the state of it is abysmal.Emergency service are being cut back or should that be “reorganised” leaving less people to cover more work and area. Practically everything is being cut back but that’s ok because oil is the answer.Well not just oil.Other undisclosed things will appear from some magic Mary Poppins bag. Now with all this going on you would expect SNP politicians to be concentrating on improving matters,discussing why motorway came to a halt recently despite promises it would never happen again or maybe just checking they renewed their insurance policies just in case it’s slipped their minds again! No for some,it’s still very important to go on social media to demonise our support.Its what they thrive on.Cant wait for any opportunity to do so in fact.Despite always being caught out from things in their past pointing to backing terrorists or sectarian slander towards our fans or club hypocrisy is alive and thriving within that Party.Most have no love for our Club,no love for our values and as a party no clue how to run this country.
  9. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Agree to a certain extent K.A.I but these days it’s so easy to get these articles to a wider audience.Social media is a fantastic tool if used wisely.After all most of these disgusting lowlifes have only been caught out by their social media presence eagily identified by observant sources with our best interests at heart.Use whatever tools available to us to copy and forward both their views and excellent articles like the VBs,on whatever platforms you use,to everyone you know and they should then do likewise.That way the message spreads far and wide and hopefully the penny begins to drop for the many Bears which do not frequent any forums or RSCs.These are the ones that need to be reached.
  10. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    He hasn’t done anything to have earned his current contract yet!
  11. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    It’s all paranoia and conspiracy theories mate.We read things into it that aren’t there.The media and these politicians are all neutral and evenhanded.There is absolutely no difference in the way our club is portrayed to that of any other club in this country.In fact it’s really all our fault because if we stop being so pigheaded and vote for the SNP and Independence it will be a Land of milk and honey for us all!!!! Sickening really!We have so many supporters that basically shit all over fellow Bears who are trying to stand up for our club and show certain institutions or individuals up for what they are.What is also apparent is they don’t generally comment on why they feel these people should be listened to or voted for!Its either “Iwill do what’s best for me or my family”or that other parties are the same.The first argument is fine because that’s personal but don’t come on a football forum and slag of supporters for supporting our club,it’s fans and our values against others that blatantly detest us.The second is just deflection.They don’t openly criticise these people but instead insists this kind of sustained attitude is previlant across all other parties which it blatantly is not! We as a Club have many supporters across all walks of life.There are values and history that have been ingrained in the very soul of the Club from its very conception .Unfortunately we have some within our fan base that seem quite happy to see these eradicated and our support labled bigots,fascists and troublemakers.I wouldn’t tell anyone to leave and support another team but if any fans did I know which ones I would prefer to go elsewhere.
  12. An Ill-Judged Use of Slang or a Bigot?

    Never really one for criticising fellow Bears for what they do at the ballot box but there has been such a shift in rhetoric from these parties that voting SNP or Green to me now is tantamount to betraying all we as a support stand for.They never liked us before but now publicly condemn us at every opportunity with their faux outrage and slander.Numerous examples of their leanings and previous posts/photos praising and condoning terrorist/republican behaviour are available for all to see but still elements of our support put a cross against their names.Its not even like they actually have a clue how to run the country except into the ground.With such a concerted effort from all sides to make our support seem toxic it’s time to rally round and start to regain control.By boycotting main stream media we are making a start and by voting against these parties that will be another step in the right direction.In Scotland at this time no self respecting Bear should even consider placing their votes in a Green or SNP box.If they do then shame on every fucking one of them.
  13. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    All fair points mate.Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we are all experts after the event.Whilst results have been much better since the break some have been against the likes of Ayr,Fraserburgh and Falkirk.Prrformances against the so called lesser teams in the league have improved but all still cause us far far more problems than they should.Our core weaknesses are still there and haven’t been addressed.This is even more relevant when we come up against teams we have to try to adapt our game against as the match progresses.Murty unfortunately seems to be great if things go to plan throughout the game but wanting if he has to alter things to regain control.Its not about substitutions for the sake of them if we are doing well but being able to adjust your team to build on any advantage you already hold.His Achilles heel seems to be blind faith that his team can see out a game when some have either gone AWOL or legs are obviously going.Doesnt mean he won’t be a good manager in the future just he doesn’t seem to have the faith in himself yet to be able to act decisively when the occasion blatantly needs it.We as a club should not be the training ground for someone like him to learn their trade and make these mistakes.
  14. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    In the course of the game there are lots of little things that may have gone differently to change that result.Over the course of many games Murty has been shown incapable of changing things when they are obviously not working.He has allowed our midfield to be over run again and managed to oversee a defeat delivered from the jaws of what should have been a victory.He may have steadied the ship but is nowhere near the calibre neede to steer us where we want to be.
  15. Why no press?

    Very valid point mate.Every team that has successfully pressed them this season have packed the midfield.They also had players willing to support one another and cover each other’s backs.Not only did these teams press but also actually tackled their players once they closed them down.Unfortunately we had Windass and Goss.Both with a track record of going AWOL in this kind of game.We all know this but somehow this seems to have bypassed our managers attention.You cannot successfully press when 2 of you team aren’t on the same page and leave runners and gaping holes all over the pitch.