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  1. Why would they when they have avenues like Club 1872 and Rangers Observer to get their points across?If they make a statement it's too little too late or not strongly worded enough and if they don't then they obviously don't give a fuck!No matter what they do it would never be enough for some!
  2. Was clear from tv replays afterwards it never went near his hand and was cleared off his thigh.Made my rage even stronger at the time!!!Never could celebrate a Valentimes day from that day onwards.Well that's my excuse and sticking to it
  3. That's what gave me a degree of hope as well mate.Last season MW was constantly being criticised for replacing like for like and not changing things.We actually have a manager willing to change things and now that's deemed total crap and he doesn't know what he is doing!!Fact is he won't get it right every time and based on the refereeing performance last weekend I don't see how the fuck he could have!Like you say Rossiter would have been right in the book first tackle.If Tav and Morelos got booked for being practically assaulted what chance would a combative midfielder like Rossiter have had?I have seen a Hell of a lot of improvement on last season and remain optimistic for the season ahead.Honestly believe we are heading in the right direction on and off the field.Havent been able to feel like that for what seems like an eternity.
  4. Valentine giving THAT penalty in the 77 Scottish Cup Final.Was raging as a kid and hasn't diminished all these years later.One for us older Bears!!
  5. Spot on.We sit in the ClubDeck as well and could clearly see what happened.When he had the cheek to book both players then we knew then we were getting fuck all out the game.Werent allowed to play and weren't allowed to tackle back.Cant win games like that no matter what the team try and do.If it was in the English PL then Beaton would be crucified and banished down to non league.TBH it's still a higher standard than he deserves.
  6. Yes but an old fart who doesn't know how to put them onto here😳😂 Plenty on twitter and the like I am sure or a more tech savvy person may help me out here! The Union Bears one was fantastic.Big banner along front stating "play for the badge on the front and we will remember the names on the back" with a red white and blue display across the stand and individual tops draped over BR with the names of some of our legends on the back.Very well thought out.
  7. That and the Union Bears one was class.Well done to all concerned👍👏👏👏
  8. Just got in and watched the video of the red card incident.What a fucking joke.Should have been at least 2 hibs players off and Jack doesn't really do much at all tbf.In fact he is the one that gets a head shoved into him.These things are outside the managers control and his changes and tactics almost got us something from the game.Thought his match analysis was pretty spot on tbh.
  9. I honestly think some people are glad about results like this to suit their agenda.We have come a long long way since last season.Under Warburton we would have crumbled.People moan about the manager when he doesn't try to change things then moan like fuck about him getting it wrong when he does.The sending off killed our game.We weren't allowed to tackle without getting a foul given and players booked.We played most of the match with 10 men went 3-1 down but still showed character to stay in the game and almost get a draw at the end.All things taken into account I will still remain positive for the season because anyone who doesn't see progress must have the same selective vision as that imposter of a ref!!!!
  10. Patience Jinty took him 4 weeks to get around to answering mine😄
  11. I have followed with pride for 40+ years and don't need a paper display,screen message or put in place SLO to tell me how to follow my club.Hopefully this message will be more meaningful and representative of our great fan base.Been quite impressed with Club 1872 since he who must not be named finally got forced out.Willing to give them benefit of doubt here it's a chance to encourage those of us who have stopped contributing to reconsider our position and perhaps win over some new members.
  12. This sums it up for me also.I certainly don't come into the sensitive category and enjoy our full songbook and traditions.For me,if you have a song about a specific player surely the aim is to make it relevant to that player and him to be able to understand the words and the sentiment.This kind of song about any lifelong Rangers fan brought up on our history lucky enough to live the dream and play for us then yesbut someone like Cardoso,it's just plain fucking silly.If you want the guy to have a song make it one solely about how fucking good he is as a defender.Thats more likely to endear him to our club and fans in my opinion.
  13. Nowhere outside their own back yard are these scum welcomed and they can't even control themselves from shitting and pissing all over that.Truly a club like no other and thank fuck for that!!
  14. Cheers mate saved me trouble of having to post my thoughts as couldn't have put it any better.Agree 100%
  15. This 100%.All we ask is a player gives his all for the team.As long as they do that then they cannot be blamed for the fact they are picked to play.Waghorn always tried no matter what so can't fault him on that regard and I just don't get fans who can't see that and can't wish him well.He played his part in getting us back to the top league and we are making a nice little profit out of it.Exactly the kind of deals and business we should be aiming for.