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  1. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    http://myp2p.biz/soccer/bz1fea5c-hibernian-Rangers?l=1342568130 Been okay.
  3. Pedro out

    For today? Absolutely not. The Progres game, etc, then that's a different argument.
  4. Pedro out

    I take your points lads, but we did have chances to win the game today...Windass had a couple himself (I think his dad disowned him at one). Pedro never missed any. He's not the best manager we've ever had and I tend to defend him more so when you hear of all of the Rangers haters (Sutton today and other so-called 'jornalists...laughable'). The ref today was a fucking disgrace and we see it on a regular basis. Not the ENTIRE fault of course, but a huge contributor. The hibs game was the worst I've ever seen with Beaton. We will see it again this season. We get shafted on the park and in the media and it's going to continue because we accept it.
  5. Pedro out

    No, it obviously isn't acceptable, but some people are drama queens who like to have a little 'girly' moan about things on a game by game basis. Toys out the pram etc. Today was a case of missed chances (some shocking) as I stated earlier and abysmal refereeing. Pedro could have scored one or two of them himself. We could have had £20M players out there today and they would still have had the same decisions go against them. I'm sick of this shite.
  6. Sack the board

    Yet another embarrassing thread. The problem today was the shocking finishing and the abysmal refereeing that we've already seen this season (and beyond). Don't let that stop you from doing the media's hate for all things Rangers though.
  7. Pedro out

    Why don't you fuck off ya prick! Away and suck Sutton's boabie. The best player for Motherwell was the ref and the chances we missed were criminal. I never seen Pedro miss any. There's a position for you in the gossip column in the record.
  8. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    I never knew he scored so many, but I did know that he scored a few belters in his career. The number is surprising, especially when his ratio wasn't great of hitting an empty net as he ran out at the start of every game, kicking the ball towards the goal What a terrific captain he was though. It was a shame that his managerial stint wasn't as good. I remember standing in the terracing in crowds of well under 10,000 at the time. I think it even hit as low as 6,000 at one point. It did make a change from being in the ground ages before kick-off, loving the view, desperate for the game to kick-off and then some guy about 8 feet tall (maybe an inch or so less) stands in front of you in the last couple of minutes
  9. Scottish cup draw F*** up (again)

    It just sums up Scottish football over the last few years. One fuck up after another.
  10. One of the best days of my life

    Good for you and your granddaughter BB. I hope she enjoys it and wants more. My granddaughter isn't too interested in football and my grandson who's 3 next month, has leaning towards Man Utd (I know, I feckin' know...it does my head in). My daughters ex-partner is a truly avid Man Utd fan, hence the link and now he's recently 'out of the picture', the wee man will be taken to Ibrox just as soon as I think he's ready. He's 3 next month, so I may need to wait a wee bit longer to take him. Having said that, I'll probably end up taking him to a game in the next few months, just to see how he handles it, as I can't wait to do so.
  11. One of the best days of my life

    Bubble well and truly burst...probably true though!
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    "don't smoke". The majority of their 'support' are crackpots mate. They are funny though. If only he'd kept his banjo, he wouldn't need to ask for change.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Quite incredible, they're a different breed altogether. He probably slept in it too...save a wee bit of time in the morning. Maybe that's why the rabids are getting all the positions going as they know that's advantageous to them. Wouldn't it be interesting to know how he got on? I've seen more than enough of the tramps already this week, wearing their rags. Seen a belter in Hamilton this morning who looked more at home in the Deliverance film. Nae banjo, but just a hint of scum top poking above his top. What an ugly bar steward he was too.
  14. Future of our support

    I knew if I waited long enough there would be a positive Rangers related story somewhere (it was a long wait though). All the best to the wee man and his proud Rangers family too. He seems to like Pedro anyway.
  15. Pena

    11/10 for the header...that was simply superb. Going away from the goal and directing it perfectly. He did some good stuff, but he did some shit stuff too. I wanted him to do so well, but he gave the ball away too many times for my liking. He looks to have a lot in his locker (tries too hard) but has still to show it...lack of confidence? Hopefully he'll come on (and prove his price-tag) and prove he was a good buy. Good luck to him.