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  1. Pena

    11/10 for the header...that was simply superb. Going away from the goal and directing it perfectly. He did some good stuff, but he did some shit stuff too. I wanted him to do so well, but he gave the ball away too many times for my liking. He looks to have a lot in his locker (tries too hard) but has still to show it...lack of confidence? Hopefully he'll come on (and prove his price-tag) and prove he was a good buy. Good luck to him.
  2. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    That's an abomination. Who in their right mind gave the OK for that? It's dreadful. Compare that with our facade...I love our's. Absolute class,
  3. Candieas

    A crackin' player with a great attitude. Every team needs players like him. I really like the effort and options he offers.
  4. Wow. You may be right, but what a difference from last season. Rangers class? Of course not, but definitely an improvement. Some guys forget where we were with the obstacles we've faced and the obstacles we'll continue to face. We've more than enough negative contributors (file as arseholes with an agenda/bias). There's only one cunt here and that's not Pedro. Calm down to a riot big man. I'm getting tired of the the 10 or 1 guys on here.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Correct. A decent goalkeeper, but definitely a Premier League c nt. I so loved to see us putting a few past him.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    "Their players are humble when they win". Ffs. How cringy (wrong) and deluded is that? This bullshit drains me as it's not only a complete load of garbage, but the stupidity of it is there for all to see (for those who chose to open their eyes or report it). Some people really are easily led. We're a nation of sheep. Agreed Sparkle, no class whatsoever. Did you see the 'manly' handshake to the ref after the Ross County game? Or, the rebuff from the handshake of the Ross County manager from the assistant arsehole after a meaningless draw? I don't have the footage, but I'm sure someone could offer it. If we win 55, they will implode. That will be one of the best days of my life. I long to see it.
  7. Armed Forces Game

    Enjoy your day mate, you have indeed earned it. Days like tomorrow make me so proud to be a bear. Total respect.
  8. 17’s Cruise To Glasgow Cup Win

    Cheers Elf. Things do seem to be promising with the younger lads. Hopefully one or two will be good enough to break into the first team when ready and that this becomes more common practice in years to come.
  9. Scottish football nowadays is just a clusterfuck of hatred towards us in one shape or form, with most of it coming from the usual instigator. I'd love to see them getting what they've been due for years and seeing how that unfolds within the Scottish game/media. As for boycotting, it's purely down to personal choice even if other clubs do detest us that much.
  10. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Hopefully see DJ play at some stage to get a look at him. If he turned out to be half as good as our DJ of yesteryear then he'd be some feckin' player. Rangers by 2 or 3. Definitely no slip up here.
  11. Fight Fire With Fire

    You're right CB, there's no doubt about that. Reports would be everywhere. Having said that, we're not far off that just now with every Rangers hater queuing up daily to have a bash at us. Parasites. Good article by the VB's.
  12. Oh brilliant , TLB staying at hibs ,3 more years

    It just goes to show the 'standards' the hivs have if they want to keep him for another three years. That speaks volumes. He's did his best to wreck Scottish Football in his previous time as a manager, now he's on a mission to totally destroy it. That's dreadful news for us all. A cunt of the highest order.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    And later that night at The Blue Oyster 'Salad' Bar.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  15. The best squad in the country

    Sorry bud, but my tiny brain still hurts from that. No more please.