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  1. Tavs a weak captain and Morelos is playing for the move and to enhance his career yeah they have quality but we have had s**t for so long that we except their short comings in playing at high level.
  2. He’s good. Gets to much stick on here
  3. 2 wins out off the next 3 will see us through. porto have a terrible away record in Europe read somewhere they haven’t won in their last 7. Feeling confident although it’ll be tough
  4. We are the only side in the group to pick anything up on the road so far. With young boys playing their two easiest games (assuming Porto on paper are the best side) should struggle to pick up another win and will probably fall outside off the 9 points needed. We are in excellent position. I’m confident that with fully fit squad we can win 2 out off last 3 and will definitely put us through
  5. I like tav. He’s done a lot for us. But I think if 55 is to come he has to take a place on the bench or atleast get someone who can rotate. He plays far to much football for someone who’s up and down the pitch. Bad management imo.
  6. If we can get any sort off fee take it move on.
  7. That Jones tackle was the most passion showed by any Rangers player on the pitch. None off the others looked bothered. He’s been good since he’s come in and straight back in to the team on the other wing from Kent ojo can go back to Liverpool.
  8. They drew 6 and lost 5 last year with a better squad. Although Sunday was a major disappointment if we follow it with great league form going into the next of we still stand a good chance off the league. Up until that game we’ve looked absolutely solid and I think that’s where the disappointment comes from more than anything. The goals came from two mistakes and our tactics were all wrong. They didn’t come and outplay us at all. It’s make or break time now for Gerrard. Although he’s a rookie manager still he did decide to take the job on, and the tactics in some big game haven’t hit the mark. But there isn’t a man I feel more confident in taking us forward and the feel good factor brought back by him is notable. Time to turn into silverware.
  9. Their defense is there to be got at the lineup is weird. But Gerrards got us this far i'm behind it
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