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  1. yup that's a slightly more concise version. But I had a half hour to kill on Saturday waiting for the mrs and your version would have only taken 30 seconds. 😉
  2. Don't disagree with you. We visibly struggle to adapt when we get an injury and lack a natural replacement. I suppose what I'm saying is there is quality in this team and with strengthening in the summer we should believe in 3rd time lucky with SG. I'll follow whatever but it helps me to have belief. 😁
  3. In the last few weeks I’ve gone through several emotions about the team I love: frustrated, disbelieving, raging, embarrassed….and by yesterday I’d pretty much settled on disillusioned (mixed with the usual biting animosity I tend to feel towards all things scum-related when the fuckers start to gloat). I woke up this morning determined to adopt a positive attitude because, frankly, that’s what I expect of our players and that’s what is necessary if they are going to achieve anything this season or next. If I write them all off as bottle-merchants (exactly what I’d done) then I’m effectively telling myself we’re back to ground zero, no better off than when Ally went off to tend bushes and Pedro planted himself in the middle of one to argue with fans. And how could that be? How could we be on par with the scum - outclassing them in two games in succession including a comfortable victory at the piggery – and then a mere six weeks later be miles behind them in every department with no prospect of stopping 15 in a row, let alone 10? You’re right, it makes no fucking sense at all. And it’s exactly what the unwashed WANT us to believe. The present celtic team is ordinary with a couple of special players. Nothing we can’t handle as we have emphatically proven. And their manager is a bitter, mentally unstable, man-child. What I fully expected to happen after the piggery was for us to kick on and for them: 1. to drop a few points 2. scum fans start moaning 3. Lemon gets rattled, rants, implodes, leaves 4. We get 55 So, dubious refereeing aside, I honestly have NO FUCKING IDEA why a group of players who fought like lions both in Europe and against our bitterest rivals have suddenly come back from their holidays a shadow of their former selves. I mean, seriously – wtf? But we do by and large have the necessary quality in this current team. Only a few weeks ago we were revelling in the skills of Ryan Jack, Davis, Kent, Morelos and the ever reliable McGregor. And we still have them. We know the frailties of Tav, Goldson, Katic etc but they also bring positives. And as I said already, that celtic team is simply ordinary. For me, our overall skill-level is good enough. But we are lacking two things: 1. A winning mentality (which I honestly thought we were getting!) 2. A formula for winning ugly against inferior opposition Gerrard simply HAS to rediscover what made our team gel and fire on all cylinders before the last break. What did we have in the team that enabled them to walk out to a 99% hostile crowd at the scum-dome and cruise to victory? And he has to wise up and understand that in Scotland football isn’t rocket science. All the teams outside the old firm play a very calculated brand of negative football that involves building a wall that Roger fucking Waters would be proud of. Week-in, week-out that fucking wall needs to get smashed. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to get done and 3pts taken. Gerrard has to start mixing it up, bringing on subs much earlier, confusing the hammer throwers with his tactics. So today I feel a bit more positive. We’ve fucked this league but we still have a chance at the cup and, if we can just strengthen mentally and tactically, we can get 55 next season. I honestly believe that.
  4. Nah, not having that. We've been fed that shite for too long. I think at this stage (i.e. Gerrard's tenure) with serious money spent and the scum defeated home and away, you can't look at the way this team of softies has fucked up so badly (from a great position) and say "it's a long term project". This isn't an argument about long term investment - we have OUT PLAYED the champions but can't do the business against teams paid a fucking fraction of what our lot are. Bottle merchants imo.
  5. Don't disagree with you but scraping 3pts when the scum are scoring for fun tells its own story tbh. Gerrard's got a team that can match decent quality opposition but is often ridiculously ineffective against low-skilled physical teams that sit deep and counter. Feels like deja vu yet again - a recurring fucking nightmare in fact
  6. Would almost rather we'd never been close as opposed to getting in pole position, smashing them at the paedo palace and then... immediately fucking choking just like last season. Ultimately a pathetic shambles of a campaign tbh and it's down to ATTITUDE and MENTALITY. The soft cunts have proven they are a match for the scum but play like feeble fannies against the diddy teams.
  7. fucking called it out. "Once again Rangers undone by a SHOCKING referee decision." "They're quick enough to award the penalty."
  8. Good example of an English sports presenter who sees straight through the well practised victim mentality of the bitter unwashed. Used to give the dhim callers a proper hard time when they bleated out their "sevco" crap a few years back. Fair play to him.
  9. He wasn't anonymous. If you look at the wider game as it unfolded you'd see that the attention given to Kent by the scum actually helped us control and dictate the pace. He ran his heart out as did Jack and many others. Ultimately, he didn't have a moment of individual brilliance yesterday whereas Jack did, but he was decent enough and, unlike Morelos, he's proved himself against the unwashed previously. For me, there's something authentic about Kent. He has proper class, he plays with heart, and he gets what we're about.
  10. Honestly think to single out Kent in a game where as a team we created enough gilt-edged chances to win 3 fucking matches is a bit silly. Strikers need to be clinical especially from the penalty spot and big tall defenders with free headers in front of goal need to at least hit the fucking target tbh.
  11. Moral high ground from Sutton - the cunt who went bankrupt so he wouldn't have to pay all the money he owed to ordinary folk...
  12. mate we did it last time they went down to 10 men against us. I was hoping things had changed...
  13. I love Alfie and he has been immense. But legends deliver on the biggest stage. He's let us down today tbh
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