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  1. Given the baffling and infuriating drop in form at the turn of the year it actually feels like the whole surreal experience of the lockdown scenario has done us a big favour. It's dampened the title win for the scum and helped draw a more emphatic line under our own shortcomings last season. It feels like we're embarking on this new campaign with a fresh resolve we simply wouldn't have had if things had played out normally. Gerrard clearly still has the full backing of the board and the goodwill of the support and (a currently out of sorts) Morelos leaving won't necessarily be a blow if t
  2. Hmm... 'A large majority' is my impression from a pretty wide cross section, hence you will notice that I typed 'I would say' as opposed to stating it as fact. Your second point (trying to dissect the phrase 'decent non-racist folk') is deliberately argumentative, needlessly petty and undermines your credibility to debate tbh. My intention with that phrase is clear to anyone: that in my opinion most decent people have been alienated by the underlying aggressive and recklessly extreme narrative pursued by BLM as a political entity. Rather than doing good and helping to further the ant
  3. Also live down south and would say a large majority of decent non-racist white folk (football fans or not) now feel intimidated and alienated by the BLM movement. It's bitter, militant, sinister and - in itself - borderline racist. Of course, this view, although prevalent, is largely unspoken (especially in public) due to the fact we now live in a democracy where freedom of speech works one way only. If you don't happen to subscribe to a left-wing, appeasing and apologist viewpoint and acknowledge your inherent white privilege then you'd be best keeping your gob shut tbh.
  4. If you're Rangers FC and you're going to release a statement on ANYTHING of this nature you fucking KNOW that the rheptile media will be salivating at the prospect of twisting and spinning it to try to demonise you. Stewart Robertson, the dozy prick, teed them up nicely. End of.
  5. 100% this. He's managed to create a negative spin out of what should be a positive message from the club.
  6. Wished he'd stayed with us after admin and made himself a legend. Wished he'd had better advisors around him at the time. Sorry, but you were an adult and you knew the fucking score in terms of what the club and support were going through. You made your decision based on money and thinking you were a better footballer than you actually are. Don't try blaming your advisors. Lee Wallace had advisors too.
  7. "Andy’s trying to galvanise the troops..." What I find most believable from this is that Halliday was trying to rally troops ahead of that scum game despite having been dropped last minute by a clueless, intimidated manager. Barton wouldn't have given Halliday credit for that if it wasn't true (especially as it was a head-to-head with Andy that lead to his fracas with Warburton) I rate Andy's skills higher than most on here, but playing ability aside you can't underestimate the value of a hard boiled blue-nose in the dressing room imo (as opposed to token ''Rangers men" who p
  8. totally mate, it's all just conjecture and I have no particular insight. I just think that in the modern game player management is multi-faceted due to the different cultures of the players and the money at stake for their agents etc. A club has to try to keep everyone happy (within reason) so that the focus of the players is on the football and not elsewhere.
  9. He's actually better than most on here give him credit for and will put in a solid performance whenever called upon, even if played out of position. And by your facetious rationale of winning nothing with poor players, how do you explain the presumably poor players of the Scottish diddy teams winning their matches against us? I wouldn't argue Andy is a first team pick but I'd be happy with him staying on and setting an example to everyone of attitude and work rate.
  10. Tav has to go now imo. I think the theory is that he's a 'modern right-back' and we are supposed to excuse his glaring defensive frailties on account of his attacking runs and creative, incisive deliveries. Teams in Scotland realised long ago that by stifling Tavernier they can get at us and do damage. We'll win nothing with him.
  11. Really? He's a proper Rangers fan living the dream of playing at the club he loves and that his family has always supported. He always gives 100% and if he's told he's valued as a squad player then why the fuck shouldn't he stay? At least he's a guy who understands the club and he may well have had a positive influence on younger guys like Hagi coming in. Halliday is the last player I'd be complaining about right now.
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