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  1. The sellick-minded are rooted so deep within the fabric of Scottish governance that there simply isn't the appetite to bring justice to the countless victims of the systematic abuse carried out at Parkhead over many, many, many years. So sad. And so indicative of modern Scotland.
  2. So... perfect for a Rangers team featuring the likes of Gascoigne, Laudrup, Hateley, Gough etc....? Praise indeed.
  3. If a significant minority of Bears can support the SNP then hardly surprising some support the Scottish national side in spite of the SFA being rank rotten from top to bottom. Personally, over time, I'd like to see us reclaim both our country and the national team from the republican rheptiles.
  4. Not sure I follow.... Once we leave the Union that's that. There's no guarantees we'll be getting back in once we (as a country) realise that independence was the wrong move...
  5. Fair enough mate. I will remain dismayed by yes voters within our support but ultimately everyone's entitled to their views.
  6. You possibly have a point, though taking it in isolation like that is a bit silly tbh. The Labour and Tory policies that may have had a detrimental effect on our support are far less direct, nefarious or dangerous than the situation with the SNP. Specifically, no Labour or Tory government has had a specific anti-Rangers or anti-Protestant agenda -unlike that which is ingrained in the fabric of the SNP. Rather, they have (arguably) passed legislation that sidelines people in the provinces (be it central Scotland, the Midlands, the North East, Wales, Nth Ireland etc etc). Plenty of non-Scots moan just as much about those parties. Also, crucially, you are talking about nationwide UK governments who come and go, getting voted in or out (as per a democratic structure) and allowing a fresh shower of career politicians to come in and fuck about for four years. This is an entirely different matter. The stakes are MASSIVE here. If the SNP achieve independence there is no way back and the house of cards will crumble, leaving Scotland isolated and financially poorer. And running to Westminster for a multi-billion handout just like the Irish were forced to do. And that's aside from the freedom the SNP will have domestically to step up its petty minded snipes at those still identifying with the Union.
  7. Again, I appreciate your logic. However, I don't think it's a question of "their problem" or "our problem". If the SNP eventually get their way it will be everyone's problem. Isn't it simply a matter (for many of us) of feeling passionately about something that's a part of you (i.e. Rangers FC, The Rangers Family, a strong sense of identity and heritage) and being disappointed that part of your club's support actively promote (and help give oxygen to) an entity that you can see is damaging (and could potentially be disastrous) to your club, community, country. If you can see a nefarious, small-minded political party pushing a harmful agenda then surely it's important to try to enlighten those who might be misguided enough to believe its hollow rhetoric, twisted patriotism and empty promises. Before it's too late.
  8. In theory I get that obviously. But they must feel at odds with the prevalent viewpoint among our support, especially in a social setting. And - whilst folk can hold whatever opinion they want - its hard for many Bears not to feel disappointed/let down by fans who support a party/movement/agenda that is so clearly antagonistic towards our club and traditional values. Or maybe thy are just blind to the obvious?
  9. Are there a far greater number of SNP/independence supporters in our support than anyone realises?? Do they sit there with gritted teeth through the vast majority of our songbook and avoid any merchandise with a union flag? Or are they just a noisy minority who crawl out anonymously from beneath their rocks on the internet?
  10. Having put together a few autograph displays with my son in recent years we have a handful of signed photos/cards left over. Rather than have them sitting doing nothing we’d prefer they went to someone who would appreciate them. My son was thinking a young Bear/Bearette who maybe doesn’t have much (or has had a tough time) and would like something to connect to our past. Happy to pass these items on to an established RM poster in good faith if anyone has a young person in mind. The signatures are: John Greig, Ralph Brand, Colin Stein, The Goalie, Gazza, Davy Wilson, Mark Hateley, Eric Caldow, Brian Laudrup, Ian Durrant, Ally McCoist, Colin Jackson, Mikel Arteta, Derek Parlane, Chris Woods, Gordon Durie, Terry Butcher. Also included is an interesting press photo of the King and Queen visiting Ibrox on a tour of the bombed Clyde docks during WW2 that I was going to mount but I know I won’t get around to it. Please drop me a PM if you can help and I’ll post here to say it’s sorted. Many thanks.
  11. Agree. A cup this season would have been a big step psychologically towards the title next season imo Not getting past the sheep to at least have a proper go at the scum in the final in December was the most disappointing thing for me.
  12. I think its probably the passage of time. Nearly a decade has passed since we had a recognisable Rangers squad achieving the appropriate level of success. Some folk have lowered the bar when it comes to expectations and others are guilty of wishful thinking.
  13. Obviously can't say for sure what he really feels, but that's my interpretation of him now sadly. Reckon he thinks we're lucky to have him and we are just a stepping stone to bigger things in bigger leagues. I suspect he will look very ordinary if/when he goes to EPL.
  14. Unfortunately I agree with you mate. Take away McGregor and Morelos and we are no further forward.
  15. Not shite at all. Sure, there are few notable exceptions but the vast majority of top players who attempt management fail to replicate their success. It's a different skill set/discipline. Most of the truly great managers (Clough included) either had unremarkable playing careers or were frustrated by injury/circumstance.
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