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  1. And all tacitly endorsed by the SNP. As Hitler proved in the 1930's, the best way to spur nationalist fervour is to unite the populace against a perceived enemy. In Scotland, we as Rangers supporting unionists (for the most part) are the perfect scapegoat. These cunts know what they are doing and we can't afford to be blind to it.
  2. StaunchLondonGer

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    Good post and agree with you. I think the bottom line is what I've underlined. Our dominance in the 90s came to an end when the taigs started getting their shit together financially. We could potentially win a league (or come close) here and there in the coming years spending less but to go into every season at least 50/50 we'd ultimately need to have a similar budget.
  3. StaunchLondonGer

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    They wont continue to drop the unexpected points. Unfortunately, when I look at our team with Tav as captain I cant help feeling we will repeat the lacklustre Dundee performance several times before the season is out. Hope I'm wrong but.
  4. StaunchLondonGer

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    nail on the head mate. We can all have our own views on what's gone on up till now but the next 2-3 months will show us exactly where we are up to and what more needs to be done. And decent money needs to be made available next two windows imo.
  5. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    It's not only the last few weeks that have shown dodgy performances domestically tbf. Obviously Europe has affected us domestically to some extent and maybe Gerrard is still settling on his best formation. All fair enough. The next couple of months of focus on the league will give a good idea of whether Gerrard is fashioning a team/squad that represents a clear step forward. At this point in time I think significant progress is not obvious (much as we all want it to be).
  6. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    Outside of the good European run I'm not sure I can see any evidence of the above. We are on similar points in league to last season. We just look better because the scum have faltered. We were every bit as outclassed in the last OF game as the drubbings of recent seasons. We have won by good margin in some league games and looked impotent in others (same inconsistency as Warburton basically) Gerrard is praising his players profusely after good results and bemoaning the lack of quality after poor results (same as Warburton basically) I fucking WANT to believe as much as anyone on here. I think any feeling that good steady progress is being made is based on Gerrard being here for the next couple of seasons and building a good squad. If he leaves prematurely due to poor league performance (coming 3rd or 4th and being embarrassed by the scum) then it will be virtually impossible to look at the aftermath and feel we've made any progress.
  7. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    I said as a shot stopper mate. Overall of course not, I doubt we'll ever see another Goram.
  8. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    Depends where you set the bar tbh. As an older Bear I appreciate the need for patience and realism but I also don't want to feel that the mentality of a winning, successful club is being lost on the new generation. McCoist was woeful, yes. Improving on his team's performance is not really a benchmark for success when you're talking about Rangers though, is it? Rather than build and strengthen a solid squad over the last four years (since we got rid of the charlatans and vultures) we have lurched from one abortive punt to another. Warbuton cleared the decks and brought in players that fitted his vision for Rangers; Pedro then did the same, and now Gerrard has done the same. All the time money is being spent on players that are then regarded as substandard. And you look at the current team struggling and failing to overcome an atrocious 10-man Dundee team and you think really? Is this it? Again? Yes, you can grab statistics to support the fact we have made progress but we need to be careful of wishful thinking. You could equally grab other statistics to show that the gulf with the scum is not much less of gulf than it was when McCoist left. The cricket score defeats to the mhanky mob (and the last one could easily have been 4-0 instead of 1-0) are all during this period of supposed progress. We may seem close to them in the table but it's more because they've dropped unexpected points than we've performed consistently well. In fact, you could argue we looked closer to the scum a couple of years back when Clint Hill gallantly swooped in and nicked a draw. We all want the same thing, a resurgent Rangers. I'm keeping faith with Gerrard as I did with Warburton and Pedro (probably for far too long tbh). But I've come to the conclusion that we have really been building fuck all. We are swapping one set of average players for another set of average players and its getting us nowhere meaningful in terms of regaining our rightful place. Serious money needs to be invested wisely on key targets of the calibre of Morelos and McGregor if we are to mount a serious challenge. And if the money isn't there (for whatever reason) then we wont be closing the gap anytime soon. I really hope Gerrard is given the time and financial support to take us forward but if league results remain inconsistent and we lose badly in the OF games then the pressure on him is going to be immense. If he leaves I honestly don't have a fucking clue where we go next.
  9. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    what depresses me is watching the Dundee game and thinking how little real progress we've made in the FOUR years since McCoist left
  10. StaunchLondonGer

    Deliver the League Title

    I think he's been absolutely outstanding for us this season and the main reason we've had the European run and haven't dropped more points in the league. He can be a bit inconsistent with distribution but his shot stopping is on par with Goram imo. fuck, I wish I was a youngster instead of an old fart 😜
  11. StaunchLondonGer

    Following on from.ten German bombers 🤣

    horrible rancid little cunt. I wish him every misfortune.
  12. StaunchLondonGer

    H&H Vienna Reaction

    Key phrase for me: "honest triers" as opposed to winners. Unfortunately that's where we are and where we'll stay until some real money gets spent.
  13. StaunchLondonGer

    No passion, no heart

    Agree regarding the effort tonight but I'm not sure that the inconsistent league form (dominating, not scoring) isn't also very much down to that final bit of quality that's often lacking.
  14. StaunchLondonGer

    January Transfer Window Dave?

    yeah that's fair enough mate. i'm just very frustrated that with all the changes made it's starting to look once again like progress is minimal. It's like swapping one set of average players for another set of average players with maybe just a couple of exceptions.
  15. StaunchLondonGer

    January Transfer Window Dave?

    Surely that's what we did in the summer??