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  1. StaunchLondonGer

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Totally self-assured and takes no shit. Always knew he was a natural leader but these recent interviews show how fucking sussed he is. He gets us, he gets the Scottish media and I'm just praying he gets what's needed on the pitch. top stuff.
  2. StaunchLondonGer

    McCoist as a pundit...

    He stood by us. He's Rangers through and through man and boy. He's our top scorer. He likes a pound note. It's that simple.
  3. StaunchLondonGer

    Training pictures

    Fod lets one rip in McGregor's direction. might be a bit of tension there...
  4. StaunchLondonGer

    David Mellor

    lived in England since 89 and before the rise of the SNP you'd find majority of English fans would look pretty positively on Scotland doing well (prob more so than with Wales or NI). All the rhepublic of Scotland shite and Salmond/Sturgeon throwing their toys our the pram every five minutes has turned general opinion against us. I'd say the more common English view now is "well, we were happy standing side-by side in the union but if you guys hate us so much then by all means fuck off". Personally I completely understand how they would feel this and its just another example of the SNP's anti-English obsession damaging centuries of proud union history. That said, although there's not as much interest in the Old Firm as there used to be I've had almost 100% positive feedback from English mates/colleagues since we went into admin, telling me they'd like to see us back smashing celtic. I also do my best to educate them to the fact that a great many Scots despise the SNP and everything they stand for.
  5. StaunchLondonGer

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    To be fair, Derek Johnstone is gradually getting there.
  6. StaunchLondonGer

    Gerrard interview RTV sub required

    "They're not just coming here to play, they need to defend the shirt with their life" Fucking love it!
  7. StaunchLondonGer

    Kenny Miller Sky Sports

    Mate, can't put those two in the same bracket. Can just about tolerate McGregor's return if he works like a bastard to make amends. But Naismith is NEVER undoing that interview.
  8. StaunchLondonGer

    David Mellor

    I'm assuming you don't feel this way if the Rangers fans have English connections (as many do). Also, worth considering, but in 2018 its hardly surprising that many Scottish Rangers fans feel less hostile towards the England football team than in decades gone by. This is obviously due to the formidable enemies we now have within our own country, where the SNP, the mhedia and the wooly liberals are constantly trying to project a negative image onto us. Rangers as a club (and we as Bears) are viewed and treated much more fairly by the English media and footballing community than by the Scottish. Scotland used to belong to us. Now we hardly feel like we belong at all.
  9. StaunchLondonGer

    David Mellor

    Obviously live and let live is the way to be in every day life. BUT... fuck supporting the country that bombed our cities and took many a young Bear's life before it had even been lived. And if you're talking arrogance in football... the Germans make the English look shy and retiring. Oh - and let's not forget one of the main England pundits is of course Ian Wright - who has just made another decent fist of standing up to cunty collymore.
  10. StaunchLondonGer

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    Welcome young man! Best of luck and hope you can make your mark for us. Seeing this as a squad filler tbh. The key signings to get excited about will be the ones to come (or at least they'd better be)
  11. StaunchLondonGer

    Rangers fans poke fun at Mark Warburton over Rangers anniversary

    Total pretender the Magic Twat. Tried to blag it with slick phraseology and buzz words but was exposed as a clueless cunt as soon as teams figured out how to unpick his one and only strategy. Still, there's no doubt his bank balance is "in good shape" as opposed to "below the level he'd expect" after his little foray into football management.
  12. StaunchLondonGer


    lol for the most part I always thought Souness was wonderfully tactical in his "heavy challenges". If we had him in the team now going up against the scum he'd put Brown flat on his arse inside the first 10 mins and boss the midfield thereafter. Legend.
  13. StaunchLondonGer

    Rangers Legend Walter Smith sues businessman

    Harpenden is a well expensive town to live in. Must've made a pretty penny ripping folk off then folding their business to avoid repercussions. Walter should seriously consider having the cunts knee-capped imho
  14. StaunchLondonGer

    Player Mentality Has Changed

    Encouraging but I have to say I only get interested when a youth player becomes a genuine contender for the first team. What I DO particularly like about this scenario is the fact we said "fuck the wee diddy teams, we'll do our own thing in Europe to bring the lads on" An excellent attitude without question!
  15. StaunchLondonGer

    Rangers seek clarity regarding unwashed Hughes role

    Not yet mate. It looks like they've got something to be embarrassed about with this Hughes beggar and it needs exposing!