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  1. StaunchLondonGer

    An anthem for Stevie G?

    I'm on a train several sheets to the wind & I just hummed it to myself. The old bloke across the way is now looking at me nervously. Cheers for that.
  2. StaunchLondonGer

    Stevie G

    yeh probably. But I think he just seemed generally a bit more subdued in that interview than usual. He's obviously working his nuts off for us. 100% committed to getting us back on top!
  3. StaunchLondonGer

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    Just the typical biased shite you'd expect really.
  4. StaunchLondonGer

    Tav to get offered new contract

    I've had major doubts about Tav in the past if I'm honest and I wasn't happy when I heard he'd be captain. But to be fair he looks completely rejuvenated under SG and his defensive deficiencies seem far less of a worry now we've got Shagger and a solid line of big fuck-off defenders.
  5. StaunchLondonGer

    Union Bears Display Info for Tommorow

    Hats off to the union bears once again. Today's first game I've been able to get up to since April. Can't wait to see the display and soak up the positivity of the new Stevie G era!
  6. StaunchLondonGer

    PRESS CONFERENCE | Gerrard and Barisic | 10 Aug 2018

    "We're in a good place." Amazing how those few words can sound so completely different coming from Gerrard compared to the magic twat.
  7. StaunchLondonGer

    Our shooting.

    Agree with OP. I'm liking the way our defence has taken shape and the midfield shows encouraging signs. However there is still fuck all guile and quality in our final execution. The success of our season will depend on discovering that instinctive & ruthless edge in the final third otherwise we're back to dominating possession but struggling to get over the line in games.
  8. StaunchLondonGer

    Croats Kicking Off

    to be fair mate, attack is the best form of defence and it seems they were asking for it.
  9. StaunchLondonGer

    The Gerrard reign so far - some promising early signs

    Agree with you 100% mate. McCall didn't have the opportunity to bring in any players and was basically caretaker with the team he inherited. If he had been given the chance he'd have fashioned a hard working squad that would have been clear 2nd and closed the gap and none of these fucking 4-0 and 5-0 drubbings we've endured against the scum. Probably wouldn't ultimately be the man to reestablish us properly on top but we'd be in a stronger position at this moment in time.
  10. StaunchLondonGer

    Ally McCoist

    If you want to get work in the Scottish media you have to play it a certain way. That's just the climate we live in now. When McCoist is doing punditry outside of the Scottish game I usually have no problem with how he comes across or what he says. Always be a legend for me anyway. Failed manager, fantastic player, much like Greig.
  11. StaunchLondonGer

    Single adults attending with children

    Fucking SIX!!! Rhythm Method is it pal?
  12. StaunchLondonGer

    England related thread

    Fair enough. Totally respect Bears not wanting England to win. It's personal choice. I maybe feel differently cos I live in England, have a lot of English mates and have always been treated well down here.
  13. StaunchLondonGer

    England related thread

    Let's look at the facts. You opened a thread that was clearly about the England team and you made a post calling Scottish Rangers fans (like myself) plastic for supporting England. Given you feel the way you do why open the thread and make the post other than to antagonise? I'm not demanding that Rangers fans conform to a stereotype (again, it was YOU who criticised me as a Bear for supporting England in the first instance). My comments in reply to you are effectively explaining that - in my view - there is a natural synergy between Rangers and England (not least our songbooks) and that is MORE the case now than probably ever before given that most of us feel that we have been treated disgustingly by Scottish football and the ruling SNP. I've supported Rangers my whole life and only come across a handful of people with your outlook. I just think it's a bit rich that someone who lacks passion for our traditional values goes about calling fellow Bears plastic.
  14. StaunchLondonGer

    England related thread

    check the chronology of the thread pal. I responded to someone criticising Scottish Rangers fans for supporting England. By your logic what right does HE have to pass judgement?
  15. StaunchLondonGer

    England related thread

    I honestly struggle to understand this tbh. You make Derek Johnstone look staunch ffs What you see as "some kind of nod to heritage??!?!?" that "many people associate with the club!!??!?" is a CRUCIAL PART OF OUR IDENTITY. If you yourself don't get - if you don't actually FEEL it in your heart then you are not Rangers imo. Ulster Bears are our brothers. The Union Flag defines our traditional British Unionist values. These things are not antiquated idiosyncrasies - they are MORE important now than ever given the threat from the SNP. So, you're not "uncomfortable with Britishness". Well good for you mate. Personally, I fucking EMBRACE IT! I revel in it. I ram it up the fucking noses of the SNP and all who support them.