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  1. StaunchLondonGer

    Rapid captain

    Quality post! 👍
  2. StaunchLondonGer

    Steven Naismith

    mate in all honesty half of RM turn into fucking zoomers on the match threads. One bad pass and arfields a cunt; one red card and morelos is needing sold; one dodgy substitution and Gerrard is a clueless jobby etc etc
  3. StaunchLondonGer

    Pedro goading Sutton on Twitter

    agreed mate. I'd like to see McCoist remembered as the fantastic player he was rather than the shit manager (although, even in terms of management, he did a hell of a lot off the field with the Ibrox and Murraypark staff to pull us through the early days of admin when every cunt was either deserting us or trying to screw us). My old man reckons McCoist was no worse than Greig but of course more recent memories understandably rouse more passion.
  4. StaunchLondonGer

    Steven Naismith

    Take your point but that fucking press conference is the difference. At a time when we as a club and fanbase needed our proper "Rangers men" to stand up Naismith actually had the fucking cheek to say "its no Rangers anymore" and give every taig scumbag a fucking field day. It NEVER can be forgiven imo
  5. StaunchLondonGer

    Pedro goading Sutton on Twitter

    I'll let his phenomenal goal scoring record compensate for his managerial ineptitude and penchant for gardening.
  6. StaunchLondonGer

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Absolutely. What could have been...
  7. StaunchLondonGer

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Naismith cuts a sad little figure walking off the pitch where he could have made himself an absolute legend. Instead he sees out his career as a judas cunt despised by more people than he's respected by.
  8. StaunchLondonGer

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    ha ha Naismith ya plebby cunt
  9. StaunchLondonGer

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Kent gets more impressive every game. Like him making these more direct runs at the defence.
  10. StaunchLondonGer

    Young Rangers fan writes to Tav

    No mate, this is an excellent development. Imagine how is father is in constant emotional turmoil over his son growing up a Bear. Probably wakes up in a cold sweat at night, utterly tormented by the situation. With any luck the wee lad will disown him completely and he'll top himself.
  11. StaunchLondonGer

    Rapid captain

    yeh mate. I know. Still, will always try to reason with anyone on the dark side. Honestly think more and more people are waking up to the reality of the SNP and their shortcomings.
  12. StaunchLondonGer

    Rapid captain

    It would be done surreptitiously and they would always maintain deniability. It would be a tacit nod to favour local councils and communities with a particular "identity". It would be double standards that it's difficult to bring someone to account for. Surely you can see such things at play already? The SNP is key part of the process of vilifying the PUL/Rangers community. There is an affiliation of "like minded" individuals in central government, local government and the media at large happy to push/endorse a quiet agenda that aims to portray (and ultimately establish) our wider community as undesirable. By voting SNP you are exacerbating the problem.
  13. StaunchLondonGer

    Rapid captain

    Majority protestant by loose denomination and don't identify with it in any meaningful way (as demonstrated by the willingness among them to embrace lefty local councils, rhepublican rhetoric and the mhedia's warped agenda. As you well know I am talking about the Protestant Community that still identify and are proud of their heritage. It is this community within Scotland that will become increasingly alienated and sidelined should the SNP ever get their wish. Not to mention they will, in purely economic terms, deliver a massive clusterfuck to the nation that will require the UK to bail it out (as per Rep Ireland).
  14. StaunchLondonGer

    Rapid captain

    ...if you are a tim seeking to sideline the protestant community.
  15. StaunchLondonGer

    Ibrox From The Air

    IBROX, how splendid she is. Unarguably one of the finest and most iconic architectural landmarks in Scotland. She stands in stark contrast to the shabbily cobbled together disparate pre-fab chunks of scaffolding that is the Paedobowl.