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  1. Truth_is_out_there

    Absolute fucking shambles

    We lack a genuine winner's mentality, struggle to make simple 3 yard passes, nervous as fuck at times, struggle to influence the match....and that's just our Captain.
  2. Truth_is_out_there


    Agree about Wilson...I think most posters I read on here thought the exact same in the summer. He's exactly what we need at the moment. kent has been out for about 6 weeks I think, so I would cut him a bit of slack today. He is the only one out of all of the loans I wouldn't mind keeping. Spot on about the rest though.
  3. Truth_is_out_there

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    I agree with that mate, to an extent. Especially when Lafferty didn't seem to win a single high ball today. It also didn't help that out top scorer was suspended and Arfield unable to play too - they definitely would have made a big difference. Yip, pissed off is spot on.
  4. Truth_is_out_there

    Flanagan cost us that game

    When he signed it was reported that he is versatile and can play right across the back four. This is total bull. Jack of all trades and skilled at none. Dreadful tonight.
  5. Truth_is_out_there

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    Just brilliant. What an amazing performance, especially second half. No doubt the scummy media will be making the usual noises about 'giving referee decisions to make' and how 'lucky' we were in the second half, blah blah, but fuck them as make your own luck in football. Roll on Sunday!
  6. Truth_is_out_there

    Why not go for more goals and kill the game off?

    We looked incapable of finishing the game off today. Clearly motherwell not playing in Europe helped them big time, as some of our players looked completely spent in the second half. I knew the equalizer was coming and the timing of the late substitution did us no favours. Brutal stuff from Tav though losing his man twice today and costing us. .
  7. Truth_is_out_there


    He looks absolutely horrendous mate, but I agree: it didn't help that he came in late in the transfer window, so his fitness levels are nowhere near the rest of the squads. It will be interesting to revisit this thread in a few months once he's had a few games, and his overall fitness and sharpness improves.
  8. Truth_is_out_there


    He did fine tonight and I think Gerrard will pick and chose the games he starts once we have a full squad. He's really got to cut out all the daft Hollywood flicks and tricks he does, or we will get punished big time in certain games as the season progresses.
  9. Truth_is_out_there

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Was thinking of Wallace if he was fit - obviously doesn't apply tonight so you're right bud!
  10. Truth_is_out_there

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Gutted about Coulibaly - he's been brilliant for us since he signed. I trust Gerrard's judgement on the starting line up 100% though. And it just shows how little our manager thinks of Hodson, if the guy can't even get into the starting eleven when we have three fullbacks out ffs!
  11. Truth_is_out_there


    Even better
  12. Truth_is_out_there


    Spot on. And having a good run and exposure in Europe means when the english clubs do come calling, they will have to offer the proper rate and some to get him; instead of the penny bag offers we've been getting from them so far for our players.
  13. Truth_is_out_there

    Lucky Rangers...

    Good post by the OP. Maribor had a10 - 15 min spell in the first half were they were dominating possession, winning their 50/50s and got their goal, but that was about it. It's a bit rich for some commentators to say we were "lucky", and if the game had ended 4-1 or 5-1 to us, nobody could have complained - even the taig scum at the BBC.
  14. Truth_is_out_there


    Superb performance. There was no way Gerrard was going to bring him into the club unless he thought he could do a job for us in midfield. So far, it seems the bigger the game, the more he rises to the challenge; exactly the type of player we have been crying out for in many a year.
  15. Truth_is_out_there

    Barisic signs

    Just brilliant! Looks a cracking player and good value at the price. Can't wait to see players like Flanagan and Barisic getting stuck right into the scum. They will relish these games, and the days of us being bullied all over the park against them have now hopefully come to an end.