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  1. Wolves will be implementing safe standing into their stadium this summer, surely we aren’t far off it...
  2. Anyone else think it’s time to update the home changing room? Surely there’s a way to keep the traditional look but also modernise it.
  3. Glad the kits are out early so we don’t have to see people’s shit concepts
  4. Revenge at Ibrox will be sweet but this time Kent will follow the left with a right
  5. Imagine we could put a couple of passes together
  6. Brown needs battered these commentators need battered
  7. Honestly if this turns into a battering may as well just start fighting them
  8. Morelos has been played there and I actually hope someone batters these commentators
  9. Honestly someone end Browns career and it’ll be a good day
  10. Awful candeias awful worrall awful our tactic to just lump the ball on Morelos’ head all the time awful
  11. Ntcham getting himself inbetween our lines, a lot.
  12. EMRFC

    Maurice Edu

    Provided us with my favourite Rangers goal ever, class. Hope he’s made a lot of money in his career.
  13. EMRFC


    I think he could be a second choice left back, but can never rely on him to be first choice. Inconsistent and injured a lot.
  14. EMRFC


    I've said from the start I didn't see anything in him, way back when people were having a wank over him. He's shit.
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