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  1. Nothing but 3+ goals and a clean sheet will do
  2. People picking Patterson over Tavernier, hahahah come off it ffs
  3. Been on my phone the entirety of the second half wont lie, wasn’t excited for this game at all
  4. For those saying Morelos is going nowhere based solely off 45 minutes, please be quiet.
  5. I love Morelos so much but I think he just wants his move at this point.
  6. Jack does my nut in sometimes, so slow to move the ball
  7. Or they’ll be excited about joining a team that’s playing against a quality team in the last 16 of the Europa League?
  8. I’m fully on board with selling Morelos, he’s doing my nut in now
  9. Jamie O'hara is a sad little man whose mrs got passed around the Spurs team
  10. EMRFC


    Anyone remember how bad we were without him last season? We need him
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