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  1. EMRFC

    Get rid of the feeble minded

    Well that’s funny because we only had 3 foreigners in our starting 11 on Saturday ✊🏻
  2. EMRFC

    Get rid of the feeble minded

    Imagine thinking we should get rid of our best midfielder in Ryan Jack.
  3. EMRFC

    Rangers related picture thread

    The team out enjoying themselves in Tenerife
  4. EMRFC

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    Who the fuck is Chris Hegarty
  5. EMRFC


    We definitely shouldn’t sell our captain when we’re in a title race, come summer though if we got £10m for him and he wanted the move I’d be fine with it.
  6. EMRFC

    Beaton calls in the police

    I’m actually sick of them cunts, how bad have they handled this defeat the ugly fucking fenian wankers
  7. EMRFC

    The Tide Has Finally Turned.

    If we manage to go on a ten game win streak in the league we will have the title sealed up
  8. EMRFC

    Where to buy the kits down south

  9. EMRFC


    He posted this earlier and Gerrard liked it
  10. EMRFC


    We can win this league
  11. EMRFC


    I was about 6 years old in fairness, a good few years before he joined them
  12. EMRFC


    As a kid I fucking loved Robbie Keane and Jermaine Defoe for some reason and now after them lot having Keane, we have Defoe!
  13. EMRFC


    Where does he fit in though? 2 up front?
  14. EMRFC


    I just interrupted some girl grinding on Oli McBurnie to sing the Andy Halliday song in his ear in a nightclub while drunk and he replied back with something about no surrender !!! Andy Hallidayyyyy!
  15. EMRFC

    Arfield and Kent