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  1.  Scottyarf37

    Defoe's Wages

    We are "minted" again
  2.  Scottyarf37

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Drones and spying have chased him out to Leicester.... Cheated never defeated.
  3. That seems like a real step down to me. Stewart has been pretty disrespectful with this. Was shite at sheep before so lets hope its the same again
  4.  Scottyarf37

    Game off

    If only we could get the next competitive game called off due to a shite pitch.
  5.  Scottyarf37

    Game off

    Reads to me that they are saying it was our idea to get it called off....... Cowdenbeath director Tom Ewing believes Central Park's surface was playable despite their Scottish Cup tie against Rangers being postponed. The fourth-round tie was called off because of a frozen pitch after an inspection by a local referee three hours before Friday evening's kick-off. "The referee's made his decision and we've got to abide by that, but we are hugely disappointed," Ewing said. "We didn't call the referee in. We felt the pitch was fine." Tickets were sold out at the 4,300 capacity ground for the match due to be shown live on TV, with Steven Gerrard's Rangers playing the first game after the Premiership's winter break. Watch: Too fast and furious at Central Park The game will now be played on Wednesday 30 January, but Cowdenbeath believe they had done enough to make sure there was no postponement. Volunteers helped the League Two club lay protective covers over the playing surface on Wednesday and these were removed ahead of the fixture earlier on Friday. "We were confident that the pitch was good," Ewing told BBC Scotland. "Some of the Rangers staff arrived and the next thing there were discussions with the SFA and they wanted to send the referee along. "It's their game and we've got to abide by that. It was a local referee that was called out and in our view it was only a precaution. "We played in the Betfred Cup a couple of games here after a long, dry summer and I would absolutely say the pitch was harder then that it is now."
  6.  Scottyarf37

    Game off

    Get the the Tea Jenny tipped over the frosty part, insta thaw Game on. Footballs changed.
  7.  Scottyarf37

    Crouch on Gerrard

    Would love Crouch up here been saying it for months. Imagine on the end of all those crosses, 20+ corners a game. Head for fun up here.
  8.  Scottyarf37

    Grezda injured

    Barisic is shit, Waste of good money The new Prodan.
  9.  Scottyarf37

    Grezda injured

    Hahah remember whwn Kent wasnt that good? Give the guy a chance. New country, new way of football, what happened to half a seson or 10-15 games. I think he looks good and with confidence and settling will be a good player. Needs a Consistent Left back behind him too.
  10.  Scottyarf37


    Lools a good all rounder, reminds me a bit or Ejaria bit can tackle so it's another improvement to the squad.
  11.  Scottyarf37

    Jordan Jones

    Two experinced players in and two you gish players who know the spl well and for free.... see no issues so far .
  12.  Scottyarf37


    Watching that he is Lethal. Left foot , Right foot, outside the box, inside the box. Just a natural finisher! Exactly what we need when we have all these chances and missed opportunities.
  13.  Scottyarf37


    Kenny has 7 in the league..... Naismith has 8 Boyd Rinsed it last year. Defo is a better finisher than them all. I have high hopes but also remember the high profile flops. We have needes someone to just focus on scoring goals. This man does that. Hopefully its a huge sucess
  14.  Scottyarf37


    Shows how much it means to everyone of us. Lets get behind them lets drive them on. Wee Tear at full time myself.
  15.  Scottyarf37


    Stayed away from here all day and I think its worked. What a game we were to a man sensational. Feels so good to beat them. Lets kick on this can be our time Today was for us fans get out and celebrate