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  1. One man team, no idea whay they are talking about. In the 5 games Alfredo has missed we have scored 2 goals.
  2. We need a midfield that can shoot and a striker that can head. Been saying it for years. We cross and cross and cross, get plenty corners. Again its hope that kills ya.
  3. And thats it all over..... We are dropping points at home they are not.
  4. They sat in the whole game on a shit shit pitch. Saved a penalty.... Closes down and worked hard all over the pitch. Was going ro take something special and unfortunately he got himself banned!!
  5. He is shite but...... Should leave him till the split when he actually starts playing. Donkey cant head and he is 6'5, Crouch would have a field day up here with all the croses!
  6. Trial by Media and two very important players are now Banned! Its ramping up big time.
  7. I was just highlighting the nonsense posted on the live Bbc feed. And teying to be funny linking the working for the Bbc and being a beast.
  8. Imagine if he took Penalties too.......
  9. Yasss! Got to love a Nut Job. Teams are shit scared of him for lots of reasons! The Honey Badger!
  10. Hi ho hi ho Its off to work I go. Happy Post Lamb slaughter day
  11. U calling me a peado? Not sure u have understood my post.
  12. He is Dynamite isnt he...... Haters gonna hate , They cant stop him so they foul him, Fredo doesnt like to be fouled Fredo Smash!!!
  13. The red cards were right. Morelos follows through with his foot and McKenna has reacted. He's caught him, I think, and Morelos has made the most of it. He had one eye on the ref as he was writhing about. Why does he have to get involved? He's a liability in that respect. Rangers have got to deal with it. He needs help with the behavioural side of his game Alfredo Morelos scored twice and got himself sent off, while Aberdeen defender Scott McKenna gave away a penalty and also saw red after his tangle with the Rangers striker P Scott McKenna has an armful of Alfredo Morelos' shirt and then kicks out at the Rangers striker as he topples to the ground. Morelos had more than a wee nibble with his boot too and then goes for a spectacular series of rolls, clutching his face, although the large feet of McKenna appear to have missed him altogether. He might have missed but the whole episode was packed full of malevolent intent. Those two have been at it all evening. Rhetoric is big bad Alfredo!
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