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  1. Boyce? No fucking chance!
  2. Worth taking the risk
  3. He wasn't in the Scotland squad for the game against Slovenia because he was injured, that was end of March, think maybe the start of March, not too sure though
  4. Just in time for a few crucial games to keep us in Europe after Christmas
  5. Aye 7-10 minutes ago
  6. Still not sure if I would want Naismith back but he would do a job for us, would take the other 3 though, all better than what's currently available for selection
  7. Think Ryan Jack has been a done deal for a while, doubt he's really been injured. Would take Callum Paterson, said at the start of the season we should go for him, I know he's been out for a while but definitely worth taking a risk on him. They're better than what we've currently got and a step in the right direction.
  8. What a fucking helmet, would like to be in his company when the jarrod rebecchis wear off
  9. A spud gun?
  10. As I said just what I heard
  11. Supposedly didn't want involved didn't even want an interview but whether or not there's any truth in that I don't know
  12. FDB was approached and told us where to go
  13. Get renewing, we'll still be there long after the shite we want gone
  14. Rescued for his own stupidity
  15. An interesting read, pretty much summed up what most of us have been thinking ourselves