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  1. No worries, said I'd keep an eye out for him, I wouldn't even swap mine for Sheffield, you're off your head
  2. If you don't get a swap will you sell? My mate missed out on the cccs
  3. Awk I've got 3 to sell and only selling them together, if only you had needed one more. Good luck!
  4. Well guys have managed to get tickets direct through them this morning by giving their st number so not 100% untrue
  5. Phone them direct in the morning, need to be quick though, there will be a lot of people doing that
  6. Motherwell meant to be selling tickets for the Rangers end direct through them, anyone looking give them a phone tomorrow, worth a try!
  7. How much did they take?
  8. Probably show up on pending payments by the end of the day and come out on Wednesday, then as they said tickets will be posted from Thursday
  9. From what I seen of him at the game yesterday he seems to have that presence that gives the guys round about him confidence. He's definitely bringing qualities to the team that we have sorely missed.
  10. Alves will be the main man this season, he's exactly what the defence has been missing. He is without a doubt the calibre of player that should be pulling on a Rangers top week in and week out for us. Still to make a decision on most of the new signings but we know exactly what we are getting with this guy.
  11. It's because it's night time in that picture
  12. How he will be remembered for his time here is down to him and I'm confident all the guys that have been brought in can do a good enough job for us.
  13. As I've said above I've used Clint Hill as an example
  14. Look at Clint Hill last season, most had him wrote off before he even kicked a ball and he was one of our best players come the end of the season. Just using him as an example
  15. He'll be a fans favourite by the end of the season