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  1. LoyalRanger86

    Killie and Livi away

    Livi, Cowdenbeath and Killie
  2. LoyalRanger86

    Craig Bryson

    Supported the manky mob all his life, not a chance he would come to us
  3. LoyalRanger86


    Got allocated for this, glad I've avoided killie or Livingston again
  4. LoyalRanger86

    Semi final allocation

    Got an email about 10 minutes ago, north stand
  5. LoyalRanger86

    Semi final allocation

    Fuck it, didn't want one anyway ?
  6. LoyalRanger86

    Semi final allocation

    Tick tock
  7. LoyalRanger86

    Euro hospitality

    Think it's cheaper if you choose the no top option and just turn up bare chest
  8. LoyalRanger86

    Group stage payment cccs

    I've got Rapid and Spartak showing in my order history when I logged into my Rangers account there, expect Villarreal to come off tomorrow
  9. LoyalRanger86

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Motherwell game
  10. LoyalRanger86

    Group Stage Package

    At the very minimum they could have at least waited till Friday for the folk that are paid weekly
  11. LoyalRanger86

    Group Stage Package

    £35 a game is a bit steep but I'll pay it, it's more the fact that it's coming off on Thursday that's pissing me off and the cup game as well this week. So that'll be £250 over my season ticket price and we're only just into September, I feel for the guys who have to cover their kids tickets as well it's a lot of money they expect us just to pull out of nowhere
  12. LoyalRanger86

    Gaffers reaction

    Think it's you who hasn't quite connected the dots yet, determined to try and keep an argument going, grow up!
  13. LoyalRanger86

    celtic Emails out

    Probably only about 200 made it to the cccs, not been allocated a ticket since that absolute embarrassment at the tattie dome. Everyone who was at that game should have been allocated something before now
  14. LoyalRanger86

    celtic Emails out

    Fuck them and they can stick their Livingston ticket up their arse
  15. LoyalRanger86

    McGregor's holiday tip . . .

    He had sex.....with a girl!!