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  1. No one likes us we don't care
  2. It's no an inch they're after, unless I'm no up to date with the lingo
  3. Someone get this guy a prawn sandwich
  4. Least we wouldn't need to worry about him trying to scrounge a patsy every time the gear came out 😂
  5. Mcguinnes banner on a bridge causes major uproar, Celtic fans with a banner displaying lyrics from an IRA song live on sky sports beamed around the world today and they're no even fussed about it. The big bad Rangers fans eh
  6. Just direct with through Rangers or zebra?
  7. That paying in 4 without having to use zebra?
  8. Same, just waiting on payday myself, hopefully be the same amount as this year which is probably quite likely
  9. On a serious note, not heard anything about how they are going but imagine they will dramatically improve once everyone has been paid this month
  10. Heard some have renewed and some haven't.....yet
  11. Roory
  12. Time will tell, there's a few who I think should be out the door before him though
  13. Do we really need a standing section? In my opinion the money it would cost could be far better spent
  14. Can see him featuring a lot more than he had been once he's fit again. Would have liked to of seen him play a lot more than he has done this season
  15. Just been out injured, wouldn't read too much into it. Think there may have been issues under Warburton but I'd imagine PC is giving everyone a fair crack of the whip to impress under him