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  1. LoyalRanger86

    Out?: Josh Windass

    He's still starstruck every time he speaks to Gerrard, he's going nowhere
  2. LoyalRanger86

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Give the guy a chance, we've all done things we're not proud of
  3. LoyalRanger86

    Jon Flanagan

    Aye but that was Gazza
  4. LoyalRanger86

    Jimmy Bell

    Does he make you moist?
  5. LoyalRanger86

    Mark Allen

    Does he make you moist?
  6. LoyalRanger86

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    He's only prawn for a season he'll be back
  7. LoyalRanger86

    Mick O’Halleron away

    That's him gone, good riddance to the bead rattling bastard, let's close the thread and never speak of him again
  8. LoyalRanger86

    Hummel gear RFC crest

  9. LoyalRanger86

    Gerrard’s advice for Windass

    Blue steel
  10. LoyalRanger86

    League fixtures out this Friday

  11. LoyalRanger86

    Players not going to Spain

  12. LoyalRanger86

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    Check when payment is due, make sure money is in account to cover it, as easy as that
  13. LoyalRanger86

    Zebra finance = robbing bastards

    I done auto renewal and 4 payments
  14. LoyalRanger86

    Fixtures Announced - Friday 9am

    Aberdeen on the Sunday
  15. LoyalRanger86

    Bury and Wigan Friendlies Announced.

    Ticket info for the Bury game