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  1. Tarrier Tickets

    Cheers for the advice mate, I'll get there a bit earlier than planned then
  2. Tarrier Tickets

    Lisbon Lions Upper AA, better than being stuckin corner
  3. Ibrox Train Station

    Is that the tracks that were along the back of Broomloan Court high risers before they were pulled down?
  4. Scum Tickets

    I know a couple of boys who backed them at 9/2 at the start of the week
  5. Scum Tickets

    Did anyone's tickets for next week arrive today?
  6. Aberdeen emails

    Got one for the piggery so not expecting to get anymore, wouldn't mind Hibs though
  7. Scum vs Rangers -Premiership

    Looking for one more for this if someone could help me out it would be appreciated, would be able to meet on Sunday before the Hearts game, thanks in advance
  8. Hibs vs Rangers - Premiership

    I'll be looking for 1 or 2 for this if there's anything going please? Thanks in advance
  9. If we were to get to the final and beat Motherwell with Murty in charge would people still be interested in giving this guy the job?
  10. Scum Tickets

    If anyone gets one and doesn't want it, I'm your man
  11. Renewals Open

    Think you've missed the point of automatic renewal, you've obviously agreed to this previously hence the email
  12. Renewals Open

    Anyone know what the east enclosure is up to? Nothing in my basket, assuming because I renew automatically
  13. Renewals Open

    I'm in the same boat mate
  14. Where we all sitting next Sunday

    North Stand C3 MM
  15. ST renewals starting next week

    Grow up