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  1. Phenomenal stuff. The songbook has been great recently let’s keep it up.
  2. Voted McGregor as more of a best of the rest there’s no actual debate over who deserves POTY.
  3. RDFM


    Guy behind me was going off his nut at people booing him. Very strange.
  4. Our best midfielder and potentially our best academy player since McGregor.
  5. McCrorie; Flanagan, McAuley, Katic, Halliday; Grezda, Davis, McCrorie, Middleton; Lafferty, Defoe. Use some of the guys that haven't played as much. Let Defoe & Davis get some game time under their belt before Killie. Don’t risk the guys potentially coming back from injury like Barisic.
  6. McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, McAuley, Barisic; McCrorie, Jack, Arfield; Candeias, Grezda, Morelos. Hearts are truly shite so I expect their lack of quality to result in a battle hence McCrorie’s inclusion.
  7. 6 goals and 2 assists in 15 games this season and won Barnsley’s player of the year last season. Might not be a Ballon D’or winner but he’s far from shite.
  8. Nah, he’s not. That’s just something touted out by people who for some weird reason hate his public affection for Rangers.
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