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  1. RDFM


    It’s not.
  2. RDFM


    Don’t even want to think about how much we’d get raped in a 4-4-2 against celtic.
  3. RDFM

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Side note, “City of pity” is a great name for Liverpool.
  4. RDFM

    Deliver the League Title

    We’re finishing 3rd.
  5. RDFM

    Steven Davis

    It’s actually impressive how much shite you manage to spew out in each and every post.
  6. RDFM

    it still sickens me!

    Every team in the league could say this.
  7. RDFM

    Vassilis Lambropoulos

    Buzzing to hear McCoist pronounce his name.
  8. RDFM

    Steven Davis

    Like saying John Henry is funding us?
  9. RDFM

    A minute with Steven Gerrard

    You expecting him to pause in the middle of a fun quick word association game to sit and explain now he wouldn’t like to be asked about Liverpool?
  10. RDFM

    Steven Davis

  11. RDFM

    I Told You So

    We’re finishing 3rd if Hearts’ players stay injured.
  12. RDFM

    As it stands...

    Mon the Killie.
  13. RDFM

    January - We need three new strikers

    Need midfielders more.
  14. RDFM

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Both garbage.
  15. 0/3 again Aberdeen this season.