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  1. Not good enough.
  2. Waghorn is fucking shite and Dodoo is significantly better but we still won't win the league with him as a starter. Boyd comparisons don't make sense as he was a lethal finisher his entire career, Dodoo isn't. I'd keep him, but as 3rd or 4th choice striker.
  3. He's had two good games this season and people are making him out to be Van Basten. Why would we need a proven scorer with him? If he can't do it himself then he isn't good enough.
  4. We're not winning the league with Dodoo up front.
  5. Don't be so fucking ridiculous. The guy is a poor mans Joe Dodoo.
  6. Wilfried Kanon.
  7. I'd spunk everywhere if we could sell those players for their supposed valuations.
  8. Fuck me man, the guy smiled. He didn't whip off his suit and change into a full Celtic kit while waving around a tricolour, get a fucking grip. *Not necessarily directed at OP*
  9. Nice to see Shmuel up and about.
  10. For a good player? Jelavic. For a player? Garner.
  11. He's always at games at Hampden and attends a good few at Ibrox whenever he can.
  12. Whilst I still think McInnes would've been the better option, I still hope and expect Pedro will deliver the goods. I think he's done a decent job thus far and assuming he gets a substantial backing in summer I think he can win 55 in good time.
  13. No shit.