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  1. Robertson is also better than Wallace but Tierney at RB is a weird one tbh.
  2. Tierney is better than Wallace.
  3. He's shitttttttttttttttttttt.
  4. That interview pretty much suggests that the extent of the coaching the number 3 will do is lay out the bibs and get the balls.
  5. That's the dream.
  6. At the end of this season.
  7. Lovenkrands would be a weird one.
  8. Tom Vallance is the most under appreciated Rangers legend imo.
  9. See if we start wearing those shitey SOS kits I'm gonna spew all over the place.
  10. No one had a clue, so this thread will soon deteriorate into the usual Board slagging/praising arguments that happen every time money is mentioned on the forum by the usual posters. Fucking boring man.
  11. First things first, Rangers died. The rest you can kind of wing.
  12. Best right back in Scotland until he got injured.