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  1. Miller wouldn't be a shock but it would be weird considering he signed a new contract and has played in every game thus far.
  2. Wouldn't care if it was him, would rather it was Kranjcar.
  3. Okay.
  4. He's a good goalkeeper for starters, has intangible qualities that are difficult to find in other goalkeepers and he isn't really injury prone, he just had one long term injury.
  5. Yellow keeper top to boot.
  6. Can't be having the red & white socks for the ultimate Rangers kit though, Rangers 75-76 is the one.
  7. If it's Wes hope we sign McGregor.
  8. The definitive Rangers kit.
  9. Be so happy if it was Kranjcar.
  10. Supposedly Light Blues is a nickname garnered due to our quick and technical players that breezed by the opposition and Royal Blue is the colour that is associated with us. However, a lot of our kits are quite clearly light blue so fuck knows.
  11. My guess would be Rossiter, hence why he's not seen seen training or in any match squads recently.
  12. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
  13. I too follow Bob Malcolm.
  14. Because they didn't lose a domestic game all season.