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  1. He has got a club and has played 39 games of football this season.
  2. He’s going back to England. Good keeper but.
  3. Maybe but he’s about 10 years older. I’d prefer if we were to get rid of Fod that we replace him with someone under 30 and someone tall.
  4. Jack Ross

    Absolutely no chance. Maybe if he does well in the Premiership we can get him to be our manager after the next one.
  5. Roberto Martinez

    Potentially both.
  6. Roberto Martinez

    He’s bald.
  7. Goss

    Absolute wank. Very good he can spray passes against pub teams but he’s fucking awful against any team that combine for a single brain cell.
  8. Bruno Alves

    Old people, Baldies, Catholics. The three group of people that should never be involved with Rangers. Especially that last group.
  9. Cummings is not good enough

    We can’t play 4-4-2 but getting them up front together is important. They both have qualities that the other lacks combing in a deadly strike force.
  10. Bruno Alves

    His career as a whole and past ability is also massively overrated on here.
  11. Bruno Alves

    No better than Emilson Cribari was for us.
  12. C.Company

    Dunno about the name but any attempts to better the atmosphere should be applauded.
  13. Wallace at CB

    It’s a firm no from me.
  14. Jimmy Nicholl

    Then what’s the point of this thread?
  15. Jimmy Nicholl

    How do you know he didn’t have a say in the subs or when to bring them on and who’s to say he didn’t tell Murty to sit back?