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  1. Even if he did call us that, the fact he was even in attendance should be enough to signify he's a dickhead.
  2. I'm aware.
  3. Knowing our luck he'll be the Portuguese Kiernan.
  4. His manager said there is nothing they can do if we want him.
  5. Alex Ferguson can go fuck himself too.
  6. www.google.com
  7. Can't take credit for it I'm afraid, saw it on FollowFollow.
  8. Oswaldo Alanis follows us and Caixinha on Twitter, may mean a move is in the works?
  9. Sounds like you've got some personal issues there chief.
  10. Wouldn't believe it if it was the DR or Sun reporting but since a good few Mexican outlets are saying it then I'm confident.
  11. Wits it like being a mongo chief?
  12. As the best footballer on this forum and potentially in Europe, I can confirm that Joe Garner is fucking atrocious at football.
  13. Fucking calm down mate he's still a human being he doesn't deserve that.
  14. Actually surprised at the supposed valuations, thought we'd ask for and therefore get much less than that.
  15. Tears in my eyes reading that, can't wait to never see them again.