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  1. Are celtic really that good?

    It's fine saying they're shit because of poor European performances but they are light years better than everyone else in Scotland and that's all I care about.
  2. This Was As Good As It Gets For Them.

    I'd enjoy being at a level where likely 2 unbeaten trebles are as good as it gets for us tbh.
  3. Pedro: Time to go?

    If he had a brain he'd be a cracking player.
  4. Pedro: Time to go?

    GK - Alnwick RCB - Cardoso CB - Alves LCB - McCrorie RWB - Tavernier RCM - Jack LCM - Dorrans LWB - Wallace RW - Candeias LW - Windass CF - Morelos This is what I'd play now to accommodate him. Fucking pains me the likes of Tavernier and Windass need to be in our teams.
  5. Jack and Dorrans

    Jack loves a back pass.
  6. Today's scapegoat

    Whilst Tavernier is fucking shit, I'm absolutely convinced Hodson is brain damaged.
  7. The pin on Pedro's Jacket

    The real big issue.
  8. nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    This isny 1960, good footballers are required to be a good team not big burly strong cunts that can barely kick their own arse.
  9. Pedro: Time to go?

    His time was up ages ago, this game makes no difference.
  10. McCrorie

    Was the only positive today, deserves a run in the team.
  11. scum 'Best fans in the world'

    Wow this makes me so angry I am truly enraged, why couldn't we win this oh so special award?!?!?!
  12. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Fuck being arsed either way.
  13. *** The Official Rangers v Tarriers Match Thread***

    Foderingham; Tavernier, Alves, McCrorie, Cardoso, D Wilson, Bates, A Wilson, John, Hodson; Morelos.
  14. Mccrorie...

    I say we play him against celtic then all immediately turn on him for not being Cannavaro.
  15. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    Well then it's shown it does work cause we've scored more than the last game?