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  1. McCrorie; Flanagan, McAuley, Katic, Halliday; Grezda, Davis, McCrorie, Middleton; Lafferty, Defoe. Use some of the guys that haven't played as much. Let Defoe & Davis get some game time under their belt before Killie. Don’t risk the guys potentially coming back from injury like Barisic.
  2. McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, McAuley, Barisic; McCrorie, Jack, Arfield; Candeias, Grezda, Morelos. Hearts are truly shite so I expect their lack of quality to result in a battle hence McCrorie’s inclusion.
  3. Maybe wait until the game is over before crying about it?
  4. These threads should honestly get banned, utter riddy reading them at times.
  5. McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Barisic; Jack, Arfield, Coulibaly; Grezda, Middleton, Lafferty. Think we’ll see a fairly rotated team given the players seemed knackered after last night, although, if the front 3 from yesterday feeling up for it then they should retain their places.
  6. Cloud fucking nine man, we’re most definitely on our way
  7. Why does Ejaria have a seizure every time he receives the ball?
  8. So reactionary it’s unreal. People literally seething with rage over Gerrard, Morelos, etc will be singing their praises come the end of this game if we win and this process will be repeated ad nauseam.
  9. He was fantastic against St Johnstone and scored against Ayr so you’re categorically talking shite.
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