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  1. fucking brilliant hahaha
  2. could not give a fuck if he congratulated the scumbags as long as he stops 9 in a row that's all that matters
  3. best news I have heard in ages
  4. wonder how many children the celtic fans will hit with bottles this time
  5. the spoonburners please
  6. what a load of shite
  7. do you think if big pedro comes he will bring vladimier weiss with him since he plays under him?
  8. belter
  9. warburton weir and mcparland know fuck all about them leaving lol
  10. awwww naw thts no even funny
  11. ma bets on giving mccoist another shot wits the odds
  12. scumbag somebody should post his address so I can send him a angry letter
  13. muten molesters at home
  14. Looks shit leave it the way it is
  15. A frustrated Nacho Novo lost his cool on Saturday afternoon and was sent off after headbutting an opponent in the NIFL Premiership. Novo was given a straight red for taking out his anger on a Crusaders player, with referee Evan Boyce having no option but to send the former Rangers man for an early bath. Crusaders midfielder Declan Caddell then provoked Novo by rubbing his belly as the striker removed himself from the pitch, an apparent jibe at the 37-year-old striker being overweight.