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  1. Ragnar1872

    Orange Top Hint

    Seems to good to be true I wont believe it till I see it
  2. Ragnar1872

    Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    Gees londonderry city or cliftonville
  3. Ragnar1872

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Get this rat bastard out our club NOW,Gerrard first job on june the 1st is to get him to fuck
  4. Ragnar1872

    Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    in actual tears
  5. Ragnar1872

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    what school did he go to?
  6. Ragnar1872

    Europa League

    Azerbaijan here we come
  7. Ragnar1872

    Scott Arfield signs

    Welcome to the 2018/19 league winner's
  8. Ragnar1872

    Press Conference Today

    Breaking news will be Gerard has changed his mind and administration
  9. Ragnar1872

    Press Conference Today

    The signing of fernando torres and am hearing neymar is in the kfc at govan getting ready to be announced at ibrox
  10. Ragnar1872

    Suns oot, Seasons over

    Onwards and upwards
  11. Ragnar1872

    Dundee United

  12. Ragnar1872

    Dundee United

    Yasssssse die yous scummy bastards
  13. Ragnar1872

    Dundee United

    Mon livi give us 1 more put this game to bed
  14. Ragnar1872

    Dundee United

    My god that should a been a red for mcdonald ref must be a dundee hibs fan
  15. Ragnar1872

    Dundee United

    How can the ref miss that he was right next to it