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  1. would be happy way anybody right now but Pedro,I would go for Tommy Wright or even fucking Mark Wright just stop Pedro from embarrassing our club any further
  2. fucking legend Tommy Robinson is welcome up here any day ,Green brigade Scum
  3. Lee wallace only man for the job
  4. should fukin make them walk home after that shite
  5. get him tae fuck
  6. brilliant news bring on the orange top now
  7. i reckon it has to be a sell out,the gers are going to Lyon
  8. we are making it to Parc Olympique Lyonnais
  9. this has made ma day haha Arab scum
  10. outstanding guys keep up the good work
  11. never knew he was on loan tae the govan Proddy boys https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Alves
  12. would be a great 1st signing but will wait till he puts pen to paper
  13. please lord may we win the league and Neil Lennon next shite a hedgehog ,amen
  14. can't wait for European football again,the dream would be to reach the group stages but I will settle for the 3rd round no less
  15. brilliant idea looking forward to this hopefully this gets more young players ready for the 1st team