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  1. a would start way the village people YMCA to get everybody in the party mood as a player a wid be shitting myself to walk out to 50,000 people singing that
  2. the most overrated player if he wants to go let him go he's played a handful a good games for us this season.
  3. a thinking it will be around 4 that will secure 2nd but we will need 10 to 15 million to win the league
  4. love how he handles the press doesn't take shit and puts them in there place
  5. No haha just wanted to see how the majority of us feel about them that is all
  6. I was thinking of going to some airdrie games when Rangers are not playing working with some airdrie fans and all seem decent enough and hate celtic lol just thinking what is your view on airdrie fc
  7. fucking brilliant hahaha
  8. could not give a fuck if he congratulated the scumbags as long as he stops 9 in a row that's all that matters
  9. best news I have heard in ages
  10. wonder how many children the celtic fans will hit with bottles this time
  11. the spoonburners please
  12. what a load of shite
  13. do you think if big pedro comes he will bring vladimier weiss with him since he plays under him?
  14. belter
  15. warburton weir and mcparland know fuck all about them leaving lol