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  1. Give me BSC at ibrox or dundee hibs away
  2. Will the game be on Rangers tv?
  3. Aye a hear the sandbank bus is running m8
  4. Aye will definitely be send the youth for a nice holiday to California they have deserved it done us proud this season.
  5. Preparations are being made for a Rangers Squad to participate in a new concept friendly football tournament in Orange County in the summer of 2020 and 2021.Took that of there website
  6. I have every confidence in the team the day not a piece of doubt in my mind that we wont win, We are the people lets do this
  7. Sir Rod stuart should be stripped of his knight hood the absolute clown
  8. Surely that is the same as flying a IRA banner waiting for fare and the Scottish media to sweep this under the carpet.
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