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  1. 1989 Cup Final when Miller scored for them from our throw in.
  2. He should be shown the door for one simple reason. This guy doesn't know what he is doing. It really is as simple as that.
  3. Since he became the manager it has been one embarrassing statement after another. Best squad in Scotland, before the semi final the players were scared, using glasses to try and show a formation and tactics to the media, green boots and we are the people. It's all fucking bullshit and he should be shown the door. Absolutely fucking embarrassed.
  4. As I stated before pretty balanced person but cannot understand why any Rangers supporter or ex player would want to attend this event. As for the world's against us that's nonsense. Think about the last season alone and look at how the Rangers support is portrayed in all media because of the actions of a few idiots and compare how the Celtic support with it's fair share of idiots is portrayed and the difference is astonishing. It's there for all to see. The Rangers support need a voice from within the club /1872 to put a stop to it.
  5. BP9 I note you get a hard time on here for some of your views and at times I have found myself sympathising with you but not for this. Why would any Rangers supporter or ex player think it's okay to celebrate a fifty year old European Cup win from our bitterest rivals. I like to think I am a pretty balanced person but some of the stuff directed at our support from Celtic supporters and main stream media in the past five years is outrageous and should have been challenged at every turn. Instead of cosying up to Celtic it's time our ex players and board/club 1872 stood up for the thousands of good honest people who support our club and who are now demonised on a weekly basis.
  6. Honestly mate if this is a serious comment I question your sanity.
  7. Go away you absolute clown.
  8. Crazy challenge from a very limited player who thinks that by making a challenge like this will win him favour with the support. Should have walked.
  9. Very sad news. RIP big man.
  10. Speedy recovery big man.
  11. All very predictable, I wanted this to work with good people on the board like D'art and put my cash in to it every month but will now withdraw my monthly money. To the three of you thanks for everything and the highest standards of integrity you have shown.
  12. I must be deaf mate because I ain't a liar.
  13. Good seats mate if you are far enough back. An old guy like me can struggle a wee bit when the ball is up the Broomloan end. Lol.
  14. CRF4 never heard any booing when Andy Halliday came on.