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  1. Has anyone noticed, R.E Split fixtures

    Will never happen mate.
  2. Josh Windass

    I have said it on numerous occasions, should never be near our club. A poor football player who regularly contributes nothing but for some reason he is bomb proof.
  3. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Windass appears to be bullet proof. Shocking performance from him.
  4. Tavernier take a bow

    Our best and most consistent player this season. Another tremendous performance tonight.
  5. Rangers vs celtic 10/03

    The live games will be announced before celtic play their next tie in Europa League therefore I would expect the game to be on the Sunday just in case they are still in Europe and would play on the Thursday.
  6. Where do you sit?

    Copland Front about eight rows from the back, good seat for the last three seasons . Before that was in BR5 for about thirteen seasons about half way up, again decent seat.
  7. Pedro back in management

    A poor manager who should have been nowhere near our club and just talked complete and utter nonsense on a weekly basis. He should have been sacked after the most embarrassing European night in our history. The clown who made the decision to employ this guy should hang his head in shame and resign.
  8. Burstin with pride!!!

    Wee bit pride restored today but we need to see this consistently. Well done to the team and the staff and to our outstanding support today at the game.
  9. David Bates

    Big man was immense today and with the right coaching and application can improve certain areas of his game and become an important member of the squad.
  10. Tav

    Big Tavernier fan, he was the outstanding player on the pitch today.
  11. I have been going to Ibrox since 1973 and have been a season ticket holder since 1987. Was a shareholder, I have followed us all over Europe but never (even through the early to mid 80's) have I felt so dissolutioned. We have an incompetent board who now embarass the support on a weekly basis and a team made up of players who should be nowhere near a Rangers strip. It is my opinion that the support is near breaking point and as much as it saddens me to say it I have just about had enough. I would in the past have never backed a boycott but can understand why some supporters now feel that this is the only way to force change. Desperate times sometimes require desperate measures.
  12. John MacDonald

    He scored 77 goals in 230 appearances and won three trophies in a period when we were a pretty average team up against very good Aberdeen, Dundee United and celtic teams. I wouldn't down play his achievements too much.
  13. Falkirk Academy

    Different media sources are reporting that Falkirk F.C. will as of 31/12/17 bin their whole academy set up. May be the first of a few.
  14. Jason

    Probably our best player over the last 8 weeks. For 65K he has been a fantastic buy.
  15. Club Statement

    An absolutely embarrassing statement which lacks any class and would appear to have been written by a petulant child. This board are now on a regular basis bringing shame on our club and are so far out of their depth it's frightening. They have no money, no class and absolutely no idea what they are doing. An utter shambles.