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  1. If by the letter of the law Morelos is violent conduct then Mckenna and Mckay Steven should both walk for violent conduct. Mckenna for the second barge and Mckay Steven for throwing the ball at Katic.
  2. I struggle to see how Russell Martin is a professional football player at any level. Absolutely appalling player and I genuinely worry that firstly we have people at the club who thought it was a good idea to take him on loan and secondly we have coaches / managers who start him.
  3. An absolute class act on and off the pitch who always spoke in glowing terms about our club. RIP Ray.
  4. A wonderful football player and a true gentleman who always speaks highly of our club. Get well soon Ray.
  5. Windass appears to be bullet proof. Shocking performance from him.
  6. An absolutely embarrassing statement which lacks any class and would appear to have been written by a petulant child. This board are now on a regular basis bringing shame on our club and are so far out of their depth it's frightening. They have no money, no class and absolutely no idea what they are doing. An utter shambles.
  7. That's an outrageous comment to make about one of our players.
  8. To put it simply they absolutely toyed with us in the second half. As I have said a few times before should not have survived our most embarrassing result in Europe and should never have been given the job in the first place.
  9. Since he became the manager it has been one embarrassing statement after another. Best squad in Scotland, before the semi final the players were scared, using glasses to try and show a formation and tactics to the media, green boots and we are the people. It's all fucking bullshit and he should be shown the door. Absolutely fucking embarrassed.
  10. All very predictable, I wanted this to work with good people on the board like D'art and put my cash in to it every month but will now withdraw my monthly money. To the three of you thanks for everything and the highest standards of integrity you have shown.
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