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  1. westenclosure2008


    Gave him some stick during the week but thought he was excellent today. His passing was excellent throughout the 90 minutes.
  2. westenclosure2008


    Aww FFS!! 🙈
  3. westenclosure2008


    Being disciplined and ability are needed to be a top player. If only you had either 👍🏻
  4. westenclosure2008


    No you are not reading my posts correctly. Not a red card at all. What I am saying is that he wouldn’t be the first player to get up aggressively after provocation, the opposition player then feigns injury and the agressive player gets an UNJUSTIFIED red card.
  5. westenclosure2008


    Watch it again mate. It shouldn’t take team mates to calm him down. I’m not sure why any fan would want that in a player. All the top players get that attention every week and don’t react. I’m a fan of Morelos but just saying he needs to cut that out and i’m sure the management are giving him the exact same message!
  6. westenclosure2008


    There is no denying he got up and put his head into the guys chest. He then stood up and the guy went down. I’m not saying it was a red card but it wouldn’t have been the first unjustified red card ever given. He just needs to stop getting involved in that kind of thing as he is giving the ref a decision to make. If you don’t believe me tell the 3 or 4 players that had to calm him down over the incident in the box. All for his aggressive style but the off the ball stuff needs to stop as we need him on the park.
  7. westenclosure2008

    Proud as fuck

    Can’t remember the last time I was as nervous during a game. The last few years i’ve went into big games hoping for a result but expecting a disappointment. What Gerarrd and Allen have done to this football club in 3 months is sensational.
  8. westenclosure2008


    He is easy to wind up and you just can’t get away with it these days. It’s all very well putting yourself about but it’s rising to the bait that’s the problem. Another ref could have sent him off based on their players reaction alone. At the time I felt he’s not learned anything from the Aberdeen game. Walk away and don’t give them a decision to make.
  9. westenclosure2008


    Since he joined us his all round game has improved massively but his instinctive finishing ability we saw in the first half of last season seems to have got lost a bit. If he can put that all together and get a grasp of the offside rule he’ll probably be too good for us.
  10. westenclosure2008

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    I actually think they will come to hate him as much as we do after his rant during their game. Pedro was a disaster and while he turned out to be right he was on his back from the word go. He knew he wouldn’t get away with that with Gerrard.
  11. westenclosure2008

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    That won’t happen as Gerrard is too well liked and respected down south for him to get away with. BT would prob tell him to fuck off as well. I think we will see the opposite and he’ll be full of praise through gritted teeth.
  12. westenclosure2008

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    A massive night for the team and will do their character as players no end of good. Gerrard usually comes across so cool, calm and collected but you could just tell he was on such a high after that performance and result. He’ll be giving it big fuck you’s when we win on the 2nd 🔴⚪️🔵
  13. westenclosure2008

    Europa League Money

    Sorry read that as the co-efficient share was the TV deal 🤤
  14. westenclosure2008

    Europa League Money

    If true that TV money split is fucking horrific. It’s no wonder that there is a huge gulf appearing in European football. The CL is becoming predictable with the same teams making the quarter finals every year.
  15. westenclosure2008

    Jamie Murphy

    It was a poor touch but Morelos and Arfeild had better chances. He put in a good shift tonight and linked play well at times. He did what was asked of him tonight. Not sure why he’s being singled out.