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  1. westenclosure2008

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    I don’t think Gerrard plays Barisic on artificial pitches due to his recent injuries.
  2. westenclosure2008

    Morelos card appealed.

    It was tongue in cheek. I agree he’s been fuckin honking but we can live in hope as he was always honking for 3 quarters of a season 🤞
  3. westenclosure2008

    Maurice Ross

    When someone said he’d signed I thought surely he’s not still kicking about. Must be making enough coin from The Wee Rangers Club to have hung up the boots.
  4. westenclosure2008

    Maurice Ross

    You would think he did with the score but you’re at it 😄
  5. westenclosure2008

    Maurice Ross

    Surely Maurice Ross isn’t still playing?
  6. westenclosure2008

    Morelos card appealed.

    As good as Morelos is and is such a big player for us if we can’t win games without him then we probably don’t deserve to win the league. Don’t worry though we are fast approaching Lafferty Time. The big man loves a run in!
  7. westenclosure2008

    Morelos card appealed.

    I think the same formation as the other night but Kent behind him would suit Defoe better. Drop Arfield back a bit. I like Arfield but think Kent would work with Defoe as the centre halves would be worried about him running at them as well as picking up Defoe. Just need to figure out who to play on the left? Middleton seems to be out of favour at the moment and possibly not doing it in training. Apologies for going off topic and talking about football.
  8. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    Look at McKenna’s reaction. I think you might flinch a wee bit if someone stamps on your baws!
  9. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    I think he has been guilty in the past but I don’t think he done anything last night and think the contribution of the goals far outweighs the red card.
  10. westenclosure2008


    Thought he was really poor tonight. He has good delivery but defensively he was terrible tonight. Still think the best game i’ve seen him play was against us.
  11. westenclosure2008

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    Biggest cunt in Scottish football since Lennon and Griffiths have left!
  12. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    Do you think? Everybody gets so annoyed when he gets sent off because we’re not the same team without him. Lafferty or Defoe aren’t going to fill that void. Saying we’re struggling if we can’t get Kent next season one way or another
  13. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    Remember though that most championship teams can now outbid us never mind premier league teams. A fair bit of luck is needed regardless
  14. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    I agree. I don’t think we will find it easy to fill those boots. Not saying never but as the man said we’ll need a fair bit of luck.
  15. westenclosure2008

    Morelos incident

    Could’ve cost us if he hadn’t scored those two goals. He’s such a dick!