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  1. What’s a fact? They will score or we’ll all be on their backs? Try having a positive outlook mate.
  2. Think I must’ve missed something did we not get another positive away result in Europe? Any team would take a 0-0 scoreline away from home in a two leg playoff. Didn’t see anything to suggest that they will score against us. Felt it was a very negative post after a good result whilst having a wee sly kick at the fans that go to the games.
  3. Think I must’ve missed something did we not get another positive away result in Europe?
  4. “Just hope if they score the crowed gives the players a chance to get back into it and every stray pass not met with dogs abuse “ In reference to your post. It’s a positive result tonight and you’re talking shite about them scoring and the fans giving them dogs abuse. I’m going to hazard a guess that you don’t attend games.
  5. I was hoping Jones would have started but you could see their set up was different to the Danes. They sat off us to start with so completely agree with the starting 11. Jones wouldn’t have had the same space to run at. I’d have maybe brought him on OJ the second half but then I can see why we protected what we had.
  6. Would have taken the result before the game but felt we were the better team overall and prob deserved to win it on the balance of play. Few chances for either team though but felt we had the better ones. Another professional performance away from home in Europe. Great to see our players look so comfortable in what is meant to be such an intimidating place to play. Think it will be a tight game again next week but confident we can get the job done 🔴⚪️🔵
  7. Still just showing as outside the UK at the moment. Thinking it’s prob a bit late in the day now for them to show in the UK
  8. Has anyone heard if the game is going to be broadcast in the UK? Read that BT own the rights but have decided not to cover it.
  9. I think Gerrard has learned from his mistakes last year and has publicly stated that the two guys playing in his position are doing well so he’s not going to change it. Not sure if there was or not some agreement about Worral playing last season but the chopping and changing affected us last season. It’s not like them playing a midfielder in place of a recognised defender. Goldson and Katic have been excellent so need for change. The guy is obviously a good player but for now will need to bide his time.
  10. I’m confused by this thread. When has Arfield been played wide right?
  11. I agree. I think he’ll only want to go to the Premier League. If he keeps up those performances then January will be horrible month for us fans. Part of me thinks though that Gerrard wanted to move him on due to the calling him out to tell the media his intentions. I’m not saying their is any issue or he doesn’t rate him. Just feel he knows his value and thought he could bring in 3 or 4 quality players for what we should get for him.
  12. Glad the English window shut before that game. He was outstanding tonight.
  13. I’m sure he would though as long as we covered his travel expenses. He loves the club that much.
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