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  1. Alves doesn't get it

    McCrorie was MIA today.
  2. Alves doesn't get it

    Good points well made. Let’s get him back I always knew it was bullshit that he was kept out of the team. Get the tough tackling, coffee drinking mofo back in on Monday. It’s exactky what we need!!
  3. Alves doesn't get it

    Wilson was at fault for their second today. It was his man and he was miles away. I’m fighting off people comparing Alves to fucking Senderos and here you are comparing him to King Richard 😂
  4. Alves doesn't get it

    Alves was decent the first few games. Senderos was a fucking nightmare from start to finish. Do you remebee Senderos getting himself sent of against them ? Absolutely no comparison.
  5. Alves doesn't get it

    🙈 Jeezo! Am I actually going to have to explain why Alves was a better player than Senderos? Come on to fuck! You must know you are talking pish? Please tell me you know that Alves has a better pedigree than Senderos. If you don’t then it’s your fault that the board keep signing shit players cos twats like you don’t know the difference 😆
  6. Alves doesn't get it

    I don’t think you can compare Senderos with Alves. Alves has had a great career and in his day was one of the best centre halves in Europe. We took a punt and to be fair we all to a man would have signed him. He’s just not got the sharpness anymore. He was terrible against Hibs and can only defend a high ball. Again though i’m Sure a good manager could utilise him better.
  7. Alves doesn't get it

    I think he gets it but the fact is he’s 36. You can get away with the legs going in some positions but I don’t think centre half is one of them.
  8. Full rebuild required

    Oh and Morelos is one of our better players. Best first touch of any of our forwards and while raw and inconsistent 6/7 times out of ten he will find the back of the net. That will also improve with age and experience.
  9. Full rebuild required

    I’m with you except for Barjonas and Holt. I don’t think Barjonas has the quality to be a Rangers player. He’s neat and tidy at times but lacks the quality we need. Holt is the most inconsistent player ever but I think would be a valuable squad player for us. On his day he is a good midfielder and used to make good runs beyond the front line. Has been given a different role now but one to keep for the bench imo.
  10. Full rebuild required

    The quick rebuild idea has been our downfall the last couple of seasons. If we want success I think we need to look at bringing in quality rather than quantity. Although they may all look shite at the moment a good manager will be able to get more out of some of them.
  11. midfield

    I think going forward a midfield of Dorrans, Jack and McCrorie should be good enough for most games but it’s the creative player at the top of the diamond that we are sorely missing. We have no creativity in that team whatsoever. Kenny Miller gets stick for dropping so deep but you seen Morelos do it a lot today which tells it’s own story. Some decent wide players wouldn’t go amiss either. Candieas started the season well but has benn rotten for the last half dozen games but we have no competition for his place. 1 or 2 Creative forward players is my wish for January. I’m not holding my breath though.
  12. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    The players we have just aren’t good enough. We’ve had 2 chances to build the core of a strong team and we’ve fucked it both times by buying in bulk and cheap. We need a manager who can get the best out what we’ve got and try and add 2 to 3 quality first team players a season.
  13. Junkies vs Rangers

    Did one of the goals get chopped off or is it an OG?
  14. Miller and Murty

    I agree he is not the greatest these days but from our squad who would you replace him with?
  15. Miller and Murty

    Who would you play instead from our stable of galacticoes?