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  1. Barry Ferguson

    😂😂😂 How do you wank a dog with your face? Mate i’d switch to normal porn if I was you. It’ll stop you saying weird shit that nobody gets.
  2. Barry Ferguson

    I’m not getting worked up at all. I’m simply giving my view on a Rangers legend who I know loves our club.
  3. Barry Ferguson

    I would mate but i’ve been choking it all day. Any more and I might go blind!
  4. Barry Ferguson

    You are assuming he knew that was there. The guy has Rangers at heart and people are taking him apart over one picture. It’s not the greatest picture but he has not done it to put us down. I remember throwing a bag of Ice at O’Neil when he was celebrating but this picture clearly shows he’s one of them.
  5. Barry Ferguson

    Do you know it was down time or are you just talking pish? I know he’s done more for our club than you and I will ever do so i’m happy with that.
  6. Barry Ferguson

    So you are actually saying Barry Ferguson deliberately had his picture taken in front of that to get it right up us? Jesus fuck that’s some fucked up logic you have.
  7. Barry Ferguson

    Why though? Getting a photo doesn’t say he is celebrating this. I just can’t understand why you all give such a fuck.
  8. Barry Ferguson

    What has he said though that is untrue? He can’t write an article saying how good we are when we were a fucking shambles last season. Again not his biggest fan but can’t believe the abuse the guy gets on here.
  9. Barry Ferguson

    I’m guessing he was working.
  10. Barry Ferguson

    He works with him. Maybe it was a work thing. That’s what i’m guessing. You’re obviously guessing that the former captain of Rangers was at a loose end and thought fuck it i’ve married a celtic fan i’m going to support them and go for a night out at the piggery and then get a photo taken to piss off the staunch cunts on Rangers media.
  11. Barry Ferguson

    He’s not done it intentionally ffs. He’s probably not got a clue what is behind him and thought it was a private picture taken with people he works with. If we’d won the league this year and there was no banner it would have been high fives all round saying how he’s taking the piss.
  12. Barry Ferguson

    It’s a work thing and he’s had a group photo taken. Have you ever had your photo taken at the Piggery when attending a game? Did you check what was behind you?
  13. Barry Ferguson

    Seriously? I don’t particularly like him as a person but I don’t think you can doubt his allegiances. He’s trying to forge a career in the media so of course he is going to work with the highest bidder. I don’t know what he has done or said that angers you so much. Do you like any Scottish ex Rangers player?
  14. Barry Ferguson

    Pissed off at him for what? Getting a picture taken?
  15. Barry Ferguson

    Can’t actually believe that people are doubting Ferguson’s allegiance. For all his faults the guy is as much a Rangers fan as any member of this site.