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  1. Morelos

    It was a howler of a miss that should have got us at least a draw but he starts ahead of Cummings for me every time. He leads the line well and works the channels. When Cummings played up top himself the ball didn’t stick and would come straight back at us. We should thought have went two up top when they went down to ten.
  2. Murty Speaks

    He is the one guy in our midfield that could physically boss Brown. I just worry (I’m always pessimistic about old firm games) that he’ll try too hard and either get booked early or worse. His first couple of games he didn’t look great but you could tell he was just trying too hard to do everything. He needs to stay calm and play his own game and when that 50/50 comes , go right through the Lego munching cunt and then tell him his time is up!
  3. Bates Wage?

    I know it’s a tough life for the boy. Fair play to him though as any player would try and get the best deal. If he doesn’t get the deal he wants i’ll show him how to make his money up. On that note, could I interest you in some state of the art brilliant white paper? I’ll throw in a couple of staplers and a few pens for good measure.
  4. Bates Wage?

    Last season I often wondered how Bates had made it as a proffesional footballer and now he seems to be seen as the new Richard Gough. I personally think he is ok but understand why some rate him so highly. I’m recent years we’ve really struggled for decent centre halves so I think we are probably more complementary to one that is half decent and shows a bit of desire. I hope he proves me wrong and becomes a great centre half but I think the club is right to offer what they feel he is worth. I also think if McCrorie is fit Bates isn’t in the team.
  5. Bates Wage?

    That’s 4.2% more than me ya jammy bastard 😂
  6. Fuck you celtic

    I remember a few months ago Rodgers bemoaning the Scotland friendlies as his players would have CL games soon after. I couldn’t help but think what an arrogant wee cunt of a man. It’s manager code that you don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. A win on Sunday will put serious pressure on them but in the words of Kevin Keegan “I’d love it if we beat the dirty unwashed Scum of the earth”.. i’m Sure that’s what he said.
  7. Murty Speaks

    I agree with the sentiment but in the last few games we have been successful as we’ve been composed. With so many new guys in our team I think Murty will need to try and keep them calm. I don’t think Docherty will get the same leeway from the ref as Brown will undoubtably get so we need to be careful and make sure it’s controlled aggression. Once we win though i’m up for a full scale pitch invasion.
  8. Murty Speaks

    Murty is definitely winning me over as time goes by. I do think we forget as well that this is his first managerial role. How many other managers could handle managing the mighty Glasgow Rangers as their first appointment? Not many in my opinion.
  9. Warburton - Rangers have a chance.

    The same Garner that everyone on here said we should never have sold, when he scored a couple for Ipswich, and MOH the best player to never kick a ball?
  10. Old Firm Plans

    Me too mate. I’d have prob caved by now if it wasn’t an old firm game but it’s not even open for discussion. I’m out on an all day session on the Friday too 🙈
  11. Old Firm Plans

    Up early, few beers, half bottle for the bus, game, pub, home. Get daggers from the Mrs for the rest of the night for going out on Mother’s Day and being oot my tits. Try and remove smile from my face as i’m not giving a fuck about the jip i’m getting as i’ve spent the day watching the famous Glasgow Rangers pump the Beasts from the East 👍🏻
  12. Summer Transfer Dealings

    I’m pretty sure Pena is on loan until Jan 19 as it was a 12 months deal. Can’t argue with losing anyone on that list but some are still under contract and think we have wasted enough paying players off. Let their agents do their job rather than take the quick option. Find him a club or he’ll be cleaning the toilets!! I wouldn’t sign Cummings. I wanted him to be great but sadly don’t think he is good enough.
  13. Corrupt officiating again

    I think he is actually one of the better referees. I think it prob was a red by the letter of the law. Who the fuck would want to be a ref though? It’s a hiding to nothing plus you’ve got to deal with wee jakies like popcorn teeth offering you a square go at your place of work. It’s not isolated to Scotland and I don’t think the performances of refs in the Champions League Is any better, if anything it’s worse. The game is much quicker and decisions are under more scrutiny than ever before. Video refereeing is not the answer and I think we just need to accept they will get it wrong now and again.
  14. How bloody annoying...

    He did that. I think if Murty is in charge the board need to back him as they done in January. As much as I like Murty I don’t see him as the type of guy to be pushing the board or DOF for funds. He has just made the step up from under 21’s so may just be thankful for the opportunity and not want to rock the boat. Goss on a permanent or at least a 12 month loan is a must. It’s refreshing to be having these positive chats!
  15. Squad Fitness

    I actually thought our fitness improved under Pedro. Pena being the obvious exception. Not seen a noteable difference under Murty and tonight we didn’t really exert ourselves after 30 mins.