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  1. Has to be up there with the most unappealing friendlies ever. Saying that we’ve got Blackburn up soon with Charlie Adam as a trialist. It’s a tight one.
  2. If we could afford to financially I would give up European football this season. Play the reserves in the early qualifiers. Good experience for them and allows the first team the rest and preparation needed.
  3. It’s only the Finnish league though. Name one good player to come out of the Finnish league?
  4. Who gives a fuck? Nobody likes us and we don’t care!
  5. Going to get berated here but I don’t think the ref got much wrong on the day. Unless it’s about after the whistle. I hope he gave Morelos the same bollocking he clearly gave the ref.
  6. To be fair I think we are setting ourselves up for this. Big bully Brown made us do it! We are helping create the enigma of that cunt controlling an old firm game. He hasn’t controlled a game in many years. So fuck if he tried to wind our players up and goad our fans. There was a time, not that long ago, when we wouldn’t cry to the media about it but would wait until the next game and pay him back. We need to concentrate on doing our talking on the pitch .
  7. Not sure he will. I reckon he’ll be pushing for a move this summer.
  8. I agree Tav is prone to a lot of mistakes and if you analysis a lot of the goals against us they come from that side. I think he is one of our best technical players but I do think we need to find a right back that can simply defend and understands where to be positionally. A static back line would be my preference and it would give more freedom to the midfielders and the wide players. Morelos is still a liability we can’t afford.
  9. If we want to challenge then he can’t be our talisman. As talented as he is we can’t rely on him. He’s let us down too much at crucial times. Sent off at the weekend and getting booked for dissent to miss a semi final. Not got the mentality to play for Rangers.
  10. On a free transfer as well! Thought he looked different class against us. Maybe that was a one off.
  11. Popov that played against us for Moscow. I think he is out of contract. Probably out of our price range in terms of wages but prob less than Defoe!
  12. The Union Bears can get to fuck. If their backing is so important to the team then why choose to have a silent protest in one of our biggest games of the season. The Union Bears care more about the Union Bears than they do about our team and club.
  13. I don’t think Gerrard plays Barisic on artificial pitches due to his recent injuries.
  14. It was tongue in cheek. I agree he’s been fuckin honking but we can live in hope as he was always honking for 3 quarters of a season 🤞
  15. When someone said he’d signed I thought surely he’s not still kicking about. Must be making enough coin from The Wee Rangers Club to have hung up the boots.
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