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  1. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Completely different conditions. I suppose though Greig did sign McCoist so credit for making one of our greatest ever signings.
  2. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Sorry a case of mistaken identity but I'm def not from Royston 👍🏻
  3. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Did we not have a debate on here about the merits of the NHS? I might be mistaken.
  4. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    A little bit but McCoist will still be a legend in the morning.
  5. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    I remember you now. You're the UKIP guy that hates the NHS 👍🏻
  6. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

  7. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    I really don't understand this hatred of McCoist on here. Yes he was a poor manager but John Greig was also one of the worst managers in our history and you don't see the older generation holding him in the same contempt. You might say he took money from the club that he didn't deserve but then there are tens of players and staff that have taken more yet not contributed an ounce of what McCoist has contributed to our history. Let's support our own and the man has done much more for Rangers than any of us will ever do.
  8. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    I have 3 tickets but only received one email. Emailed them and they confirmed that all had a ticket and there had been a problem with the emails. I then got 3 emails for the same season ticket 🙈 Place is a fucking shambles.
  9. Miller to train with the Kids

    Why the fuck would we want Harry Redknapp???
  10. Miller to train with the Kids

    I get the idea of taking pressure off the team but he seems to be adding pressure with his comments at times. Even this week saying Pena is the 3rd fittest. We are playing live on tv and you just know they will bring up his stats after the game. Up until the thistle games I was in the Pedro camp but I now think he is really struggling.
  11. Miller to train with the Kids

    Is he not doing the opposite though?
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    Maybe not the knowledge of Scottish football but he is verty highly regarded. I'm all for kicking out players that are too big for the team. As you say Wallace done it and so did Smith, put the team first. However, I also think that after a defeat to them they would see the need for calmness. We are a sports reporters Wet dream just now. We don't need headlines we need points and I now believe our manager likes to be the centre of attention.
  13. Confidence breeds confidence

    Our success has always been built on being difficult to beat first and foremost. Advocat aside, his team was just perfect 😫
  14. Miller to train with the Kids

    I agree Miller has been pish but you also need to ask questions when a seasoned pro is not following instructions. One thing that was always said about Miller in his career was that he would do the thankless tasks and run all day for his manager. He's not the same player but why after a long career under several managers has his discipline now gone? I was one to back Pedro at the start of this season but it's becoming a joke the way he is conductinh himself.
  15. Miller to train with the Kids

    I don't think you could argue with appointing Le Guen at the time. He was one of the most saught after managers. Pedro was a risk though and I do believe he has the knowledge but not the temprement now.