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  1. If we lose today he will be replaced this week
  2. We need at least another 4 players if we don't get them we won't be anywhere near second never mind first
  3. if we get the money we should give it to charity
  4. If we get 250,000 would it not be a great gesture of giving the money to charity
  5. As I said before I got shot down no club in the world will back fans who go onto the pitch they did at first then backtracked remember it's a business to them there not like us but I think it's time to move on we have a league title to fight for
  6. My opinion is as valid as yours second post or 2600 post do you want the club to back up hooliganism we would be a laughing stock is this the way you want the club to progress
  7. No win situation can't back people who run on pitch wanting to fight
  8. A think we won't change stick to the tried and tested and we won't be far away