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  1. Fuckin hell mate at least make an effort
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/joshuaburnsadair 50 dembele dollars gets you a pass
  3. Who is this Mackay of which you speak?
  4. Amazing work @govanblue, and well done to all that have donated so far, and those who will continue to donate. Hats off to all who donated prizes as well. Some amazing prizes in there!! And congrats to the winners, enjoy your spoils!!
  5. Can't believe they cost a quid these days.
  6. That fucking interview with him doing the French accent
  7. Fucking hell
  8. Got a pic?
  9. He also gives handy's to his pet moose hey
  10. That makes more sense then. Still, wouldn't surprise me if it was an accidentally deliberate mistake on purpose
  11. Don't recall them doing it with Kiernan but remember them doing it with Pedro last week right enough. Its all about the Rangers
  12. I know, it's ridiculous. Reading that OP back I may have over reacted a bit - it just fucking rages me their complete lack of any morsel of ethical professionalism, they don't even try and conceal it.