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  1. This season was a massive wake up call for many bears i voted no because I feel like we are genuinely no further forward than we were 12 months ago. I believe we could have easily finished 3rd with last seasons squad. 90% of Warburton's signings last summer have been a washout. We need to start from scratch, and we need to do it with financial backing otherwise we're in for a repeat of this season. Bargain basement shopping is not going to do the job. I'm not saying we need 30m to spend, but hopefully Pedro can get enough backing to strengthen the spine of our squad, (up front, centaral midfield and central defence) and hopefully scout a couple of rough diamonds to sign up as well.
  2. What a fucking joke. Fuck the SFA
  3. Exactly this. i'm also glad to see that he's not afraid to publicly out the players for under-performing - something the old manager would have climbed mountains to avoid.
  4. Unfortunately he's left footed and has 2 right feet. Still shell-shocked he won top goalscorer for us this season. Sad times.
  5. 13m?? Really?? Holy shit.
  6. Hope he makes a quick recovery. Had this lad been a tarrier you can bet it would be plastered fucking everywhere.
  7. Need Michael Carroll to get another lotto win pronto
  8. Can't believe this fucking imposter won the Top Goalscorer award last night What a joke.
  9. That's embarrassing. Wish to fuck we'd ditch this 4-3-3 pish.
  10. Whoops, didn't mean to touch a nerve or bring up old suppressed memories for you
  11. Aye and I bet you loved it when you were a kid and had 55 priests queuing up to pummel yer fat giro claiming arsehole ya fucking smelly rodent
  12. Lie down and grunt ya nappy ripper
  13. Were that shower of mongos singing about 10 in a row today?
  14. What happened wi him? Did he have a meltdown?
  15. Would question if he's even a man