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  1. I think so as everything was complete before the deadline
  2. And you are?
  3. Twas a test and you passed
  4. Does this mean we can sing The Sash again?
  5. Prick
  6. Think you answered your own question bud. Would agree we need a proven goalscorer at a decent level.
  7. Amazing. Absolutely buzzing at the news coming in tonight. I've jizzed so much I'm puffing dust now.
  8. Now get yet lyinbrand tae fuck
  9. Obviously wouldn't be Nike but I think this looks the baws
  10. This is mega news
  11. That concept art orange one doing the rounds on Twitter would be absolutely unreal. I'd buy 10
  12. Rap sheet longer than Bobby Sands hunger strike
  13. Was that not a Newcastle fan? Edit: It was MON EN
  14. Just read the match report and it seems like the usual suspects Waghorn and Windass that still cant figure out where the fucking net is 😂😂