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  1. Bruno's Manbun

    Paul Gascoigne

    Charged with sexual assault apparently https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/11/19/former-england-footballer-paul-gascoigne-charged-sexual-assault/
  2. Bruno's Manbun

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    He's the same weight as number of titles we'll have at the end of this season. Staunch as fuck if you ask me.
  3. Bruno's Manbun

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    Good times lol
  4. JD website has O-Dog from Menace II Society modelling our top
  5. Bruno's Manbun

    H&H Reaction - Villarreal

    Does anyone use Patreon to subscribe to their podcasts, and if so do you have issues with the Patreon app cutting out all the time?
  6. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    Have often thought that would make the stadium and atmosphere even more incredible, but from an engineering and construction perspective I think it would be near impossible without removing the glass staircases
  7. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    Best just to make sure I check early doors then and keep on it. Cheers ?
  8. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    What time do they usually go on sale?
  9. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    Is that not only if you have kids with you as well?
  10. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    This is just from me so hospitality is a bit out the price range
  11. Bruno's Manbun

    Ticket Advice

    Looking to treat my old man to a game for his 65th birthday with me and my 2 brothers. Hearts game is the next home game we can all manage together. Wondering what the best way to try and get 4 tickets will be? When will hearts tickets go on general sale, and what are the chances of getting 4? Not holding out any hope of them being together though if I can get them at all. Only posting in here as no thread in the Ticket forum yet
  12. Bruno's Manbun


    How could we take the game to them when we couldn't even take the ball off them?
  13. Bruno's Manbun


    Think your second point contradicts your first. If we'd been into them from the start we'd likely have burnt out long before the game ended.
  14. Bruno's Manbun