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  1. Is there a change in the Old Firm games?

    It's down to a complete lack of understanding of the passion and hatred that drives this fixture. Their lot has Scott Brown leading them who understands it perfectly. And then his neddy minions like Griffiths and Rogic who fall in line and thrive on winding us up. We have Kenny Miller who looks like he doesn't give a fuck anymore. Simply said, we have no players like that. We have players that applaud and hug them after them trampling us at home, then have no issue with them and their fans dancing on our home ground celebrating each victory that further distances us from our last league win over them. Until we get some Souness', Gough's and Brown's in our squad, we'll continue to bend over and touch our toes every time we meet them. Fucking sickens me.
  2. That utter cunt @alextomo

    That Michael McCahaill's twitter account is fucking tragic.
  3. Tarriers Allocation

    Even the corner is too much imo. I say reduce their allocation to the corner at the very most. Bad enough that an entire stand's worth of our fans have to give up their season books for they manky cunts.
  4. Bheast FC: Statement

    I hope these obsessed rabid child molesting bastards get whats fucking coming to them. All of their prodding and poking at us is going to be their undoing eventually. People in glass houses....
  5. Welcome to Rangers John

    What's his last name?
  6. Forum looks sleeker

    Pray for RM
  7. Forum looks sleeker

    I agree with you and under normal circumstances would have thrown a friendly like your way. But apparently that's not allowed any more.
  8. Just poor refereeing.........

    It's not ideal but it's just the standard of refereeing in the Scottish game. They get a large percentage of decisions wrong - some will go in our favour and some will go against us. It's just the way it is. There's no agenda. The refs are just shite plain and simple.
  9. Giving fellow bears grief.....

  10. Giving fellow bears grief.....

    Aye thats him. Clown. Probably a rabid bheast cause no Gers fan could be that fucking miserable all the time
  11. Giving fellow bears grief.....

    Aye you get some right miserable fuckers on here. I can think of ONE in particular that does my fucking nut in.
  12. Weeeeeey come back of the decade that ya fucking emo
  13. How fucking dare you be happy that we scored
  14. Youre a fucling miserable wee bastard man sure it was you last week saying you're fucking done wi Rangers. Course we're gonna song louder when we score ya fucking absolute melt. Go and do us all a favour and keep your shitey attitude to yersel