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  1. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Shite that
  2. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Pitch inspection is 5pm Weather is decent up this way today. Sun is out and frost is lifting. Impossible to say whether it'l be cancelled or not. Other games up this way have been, Peterhead, Formartine etc. 50/50 I'd say
  3. Ryan Jack -- Staunch

    Has he been to any games yet?
  4. Acceptable second half of season?

    2nd within single figures of the filth and win the cup
  5. Ryan Jack -- Staunch

    Would have made my day if when asked "you have anything else to say?" the wee man replied, without missing a beat "no surrender, the pope's a bender".
  6. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    RFCRobbo Loyal
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    I Have, couldn' see the live vid?
  8. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    How we playing? Can' get working stream at all. YouTube ones all down? What's the score?
  9. Giovanni Van Bronckhorst - Video

    Gio was one of my all time favourites
  10. Brown.

    Dip into this thread every few hours just to watch this again. Tremendous.
  11. El Buffalo

    Great signing. Love the guy.
  12. Bookies odds for a win tomorrow

    I got Morelos to score and win at 16/1. Fucking should have scored I feel cheated haha
  13. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    Every fucking one of those shite bags should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
  14. Murty until the end of the season

    Bet we go after McInnes again in the summer. Fucking sickening. Embarrassing.
  15. Title winning form?

    We better cause I've got us on to win +16 points at 9/1