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  1. Never left a game early in my life.
  2. They're fucking shite. They need get them to fuck asap if no I'll be down with the ladder and Stanley knife in the morning
  3. @FlashHarryForrester time for a name change bud
  4. This is the sad reality of it. Everyone at each others (our) throats 24/7 and the constant tit for tat of the media has killed the game in Scotland. Personal agendas have torn the game to pieces.
  5. Your OP would be 5 times as long if they said in the pressers that we're shite and are gonnae win fuck all. Some folk man.
  6. Murty's headstand man I still cringe at it
  7. So fucking easy. Aye of course it is when its 12 v 10 ya fucking manky wee junkie rent boys
  8. Don't bother. 3-1
  9. Hope Penas had his pre match whisky
  10. Disgusting.
  11. Need to keep the ball on the ground. And everyone needs to give that extra 10% or else were onto a loser here for sure
  12. Why does RTV keep showing that cluster fuck of an OG
  13. Only person having a worse day than the ref is one55
  14. Will definitely appeal that
  15. 1 min added time