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  1. Not had a chance to read the whole thread, but in response to the thread title, I'd say Gerrard is our last hope to stop them getting 10iar. There's no time to get another manager in and rebuild again. It'll cost us 10s of millions, with no guarantee. We need stability, and the only way to get that now is to keep Gerrard. I understand at this stage he has a worse win %age than Warburton Caixinha and Murty, but unless we get someone of an extreme calibre and a war chest of something like £40m, we're not going to be any better off if he goes. Its a difficult one to call.
  2. The way it's looking for getting a link the now I'll take it
  3. Have faith those geordie bastards on YouTube will find a link
  4. Nothing would please me more than if we embarrass and hurt them so much they're still feeling the pain of it at the end of the season.
  5. His contributions vs minutes must be pretty decent. Anyone know Defoes minutes played so far?
  6. How's this boy got good enough signal in Ibrox to stream on periscope that's what I want to know
  7. Reckon our centre backs have prob had most possession out of our team this season. Frustrates the fucking shite out of me. There's only 2 or 3 players who want to run at the opposition and turn them, the rest pass side to side cause they are devoid of any type of creativity.
  8. Immense game plan there though. Keep lobbing crosses into the box for our 4 ft striker to tower over the 6 ft defenders and head into the goal. Worked a treat
  9. I live and work in Aberdeen so naturally encounter them far more than the taigs and can honestly say their obsession with us is on par with them. The time and effort they put into making video and picture memes is tragic. And they play the victim card just as much. They just want to be relevant. It's a bit sad really. I'd say I'm equal parts hatred and pity 😂
  10. Take your 1 like and auto asphyxiate yourself over Bobby Sands withering cock ya rampant sex offender
  11. "Going for 55" aye that's what killed you ya deluded wank. What killed you was trying to line up another job when you were still here trying to jump ship like a rat cause the job was too big for you hope you choke on Davie Weir's cock you attention seeking tramp
  12. The bells the bells Esmeralda
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