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  1. Candeias Goal

    Which one? I can't find it
  2. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Have I somehow travelled back in time to circa Warburton days?
  3. Wounded animal.

    Why was Goosetav banned?
  4. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Not just you mate, we've been fooled beyond belief, especially the last 2 seasons.
  5. Tuesday, and time for clear thoughts

    They've had enough chances as far as I'm concerned. As long as we have clowns running the show we'll continue to be a circus
  6. Hold your head up in work tomorrow

    Luckily (?) I work in Aberdeen so all of my colleagues are hurting just as much as me today. Would have been torture if they'd won on Saturday.
  7. Morelos penalty

    Should change your name to 11pshortof17pound then shouldn't you
  8. Four Players Rangers Could Sign In The Summer

    Can't fucking stand looking at John McGinn. He's got a face you'd never get tired of punching. Looks like he should be jumping on his horse for the 13:45 at Aintree the wee pikey Also he's shite.
  9. Video: Gers Fans React To Cup Draw Against The Scum

    Hyper off the back of a good win and bevvied up my man.
  10. Injury update on Wallace and DJ

  11. DJ

    One assist doesn't make you a good passer of the ball
  12. DJ

    Can't wait to see what stories the Rhecord start coming out with this week to try and unsettle our players
  13. DJ

    That's the dream
  14. DJ

    He still can't pass worth a fuck though
  15. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Does Davie Weir think he's commenting on snooker? Miserable bastard