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  1. I'm not into the conspiracy theories against us but this season it has been undeniable the pr machine running full throttle at everything anti Rangers. That shite there talking there sums it up really.
  2. Mccoist just compared kamara to sonny aluko. No bother ally.
  3. I despise brown more than Lennon. Absolute scum bag. To think we nearly signed the mutant fuck pig.
  4. Davis has been outstanding. I'm not hating on Flanagan but he shouldn't be playing at LB has lack of a left foot constantly slows us down. The amount of times he has to put it on his right for a cross is shocking.
  5. I think he should be playing this position every week. Getting on to through balls. Get in!!!!!
  6. I'd swap Jack for kamara but I thin k you're bang on with everything else.
  7. I no what you're saying mate but it's hardly pressure on them. We fucked that for ourselves last week. The prospect of that scum bag cracking up at some point is inevitable but not sure it will be this season unfortunately.
  8. Finny


    To e honest mate as much as it pains me to say it. This squad of players don't have it in them to feel the anger and determination of a sore result against the scum. There has been to many false Dawn's with the squad and I have to say I am a bit scunnered with it all. The back room team really need to sign quality as well as winners and I don't see us having the budget for either. We will follow on regardless and hope we get it right.
  9. Just got the free dl of cod modern warfare remastered. I forgot how good a game it is, was glued to it yesterday. The kids were doing my nut right enough so was staying out the road. It well worth it.
  10. I think this could be the way forward for us. Our backroom team seem to be improving our younger players immensely. You only need to look at alfredo and Ross to see what decent coaching can do and aye get that song to fuck!!!!!
  11. That's a staggering figure for the amount of pish he signed.
  12. I hope borna has a good game today. I think once he gets going he will be a big player for us. Let's just do these sheep shagging bastards.
  13. Spot on op but the same could have been said after we beat them. There was no boost for us. I don't know if the winter break came at a bad time for us and we lost the momentum. Hopefully the last couple of games are a indication things are a changing.
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