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  1. RIP Fernando. You thought to the end. Rest easy brother.
  2. I think candeias was hugely underrated to what he brought the team. I'm actually a bit worried about the squad now and I'm not sure there is any of the younger players to come through.
  3. Absolute stormer mate. I wonder if we will ever see someone as talented as gazza in our top again. Fingers crossed.
  4. Just a quick one lads. The card tomorrow night starts at 7 o'clock our time but the fuckers have put it on bt box office. Should be plenty of streams about.
  5. Would be welcomed with open arms I'm sure.
  6. Any pressure at all and tlb will crack and crack the whole squad with him. That scumbag has found a perfect place for himself at the peadodome. Come on Rangers!!!!!! Let's go!!!!!
  7. I've got big Katic to score and is to win at 20s just waiting on team conformation before I put it on.
  8. Love the big man. Absolute warrior. He's my weekly bet to score in 90 minutes. So good in the air and will wipe out everything. Including poor borna!!!!
  9. I doubted the need for his role last season but fuck me how wrong I was. Boy has been outstanding this season. One of the first names on the team sheet
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