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  1. What are the rumours going about?
  2. Alfie has got to play but I think these conditions could be made for Kamberi the balls going to be blootered about in the box and his physicality could be useful to get on the end of things.
  3. From fuckin when. Enough is enough. Kilmarnock fc. Go and take a flying fuck to yourself mate
  4. Personally at this point I'm ashamed. Everything has been ours for the taking. That performance the night has been shamefull and the past dropped points you can be cheated so much but this team is just shite. No skill,guile or knowledge to break 10 men down. We've known how teams are gonna play for 2 years. The pedos have fixed there style of play with a schizo manager. What the fuck are we doing wrong.
  5. Captain is the least of our worries. Fuckin hell mate.
  6. I am absolutely gutted from the team, to the board, to the management team in no particular order. Absolute bottle merchants to a man. This is the lowest point for me now. No heart on the pitch,no heart in the boardroom, no heart in defending the club, to me,outside the fans nobody gives a fuck. At this point the season is done to me and I'm fucking devastated.
  7. Honestly mate that genuinely had me laughing. They are definitely at it now. I remember the Tim's claiming for years it was all favoured to us. What are they dirty, child abusing scum saying now . If you try and view both clubs equally now there is genuinely no parity. Its indefensible now how we get treated. I'm pretty sad as a supporter these days and I'm not heavily involved in the board room side of things.
  8. Finny

    Ianis Hagi

    I'm going to be that guy. He's a "baller" looks like a cracking player. Shows all that is wrong with scottish football a player that is prepared to play football.
  9. Away for a successful danger wank you old loon. It's time for us all to stick together and fight the media, opposition fans, referees, and the filth. It's not been great the last few weeks but we are the fucking people and it's time to put the filth in there place.
  10. I'm sorry mate but that's s lot of shite. Yes the sheep shaggers were at it but we were rank rotten and never looked interested. Pains me to say that.
  11. It would be brutal viewing and listening but can somebody a bit tech savvy not get a Montague of Alfie getting abused and send it onto social media to show these bitter fucking mutants what's going on.
  12. We definitely have missed tav and Alfie and thank fuck for the new additions as the bench has looked horrendous the month of January. Business should have been done earlier to freshen things up.
  13. The lack of urgency in the last 10 minutes was brutal. Team of shite bags.
  14. Heard it on the Rangers tv commentary had my arsshole twitching like fuck to be honest. We cant do without him to win this league.
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