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  1. Thanks for the information mate. You've probably been asked this loads but is there any out and out standouts with the youths. We never really here anyone getting properly bigged up apart from billy gilmour and also would there not be a way for the club to televise the youth games. I used to love watching the under 21s on setanta on a Friday afternoon. I would be more than happy to pay a subscription for that.
  2. Just down loaded the last of us 2 and will be in a out it this afternoon. The 1st one was amazing so I have high Hope's for this one.
  3. I think you're forgetting paul ince is a knob.
  4. At least we will have cover at lb with a left foot on him. Big physical looking player aswell. We will eventually get one of these type of signings right. I've got high Hope's for him.
  5. 100% agree but I'm sure he had a lot of abuse etc growing up and that's probably the mental go too tactic for him. That fight against Cruz was a masterclass. I genuinely couldn't believe how much he outclassed him in that one.
  6. Riding giants. It's about big wave surfers. Honestly you watch these guys and it is proper life or die decisions. These guys are genuinely surfing above the height of a glasgow tenement. 100%not for me but pretty awe inspiring all the same.
  7. I think he's going to be the best technical player we have seen in scottish football for years. Fingers crossed it works for him and us and please gaffer play him as a fucking number 10. Everyone and there blind granny can see he's a game changer in the number 10 role.
  8. Finny

    PlayStation 5

    I was looking at the samsung 75 inch 4k tv for £800 dont think you'll beat that deal.
  9. Gazza for me. Absolute pure talent. A genius actually but with most geniuses the madness was always there unfortunately.
  10. He'll not be doing any dinner time kick offs with a coupon like that.
  11. Dom Cruz is saying the ref smelled of fags and bevy. He wasnt happy with the stoppage either.
  12. Found a wee cheeky £6.00 my accounts fired on this.
  13. Looking forward to the card tomorrow night some cracking fights on it and will be good to get a wee wager on something have decent.
  14. Get in about it mate. It's the best game I've played since rdr2.
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