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  1. Finny

    Let’s take advantage today

    This is ours for the taking!!!!!! We fucking deserve this after the last few years. Let's show everyone who's city this is. C'mon the gers!!!!!
  2. I think we all know the big man's wank!!!!!!
  3. Ejaria not even on the bench is odd and I know sidique has looked rank but if he's not even making the squad we are light as fuck up top with 2 strikers in the squad.
  4. Finny

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Get her telt mate. I think we are celebrating the night. C'mon the gers!!!!!!
  5. Finny

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    I th8nk kent will start as he will be the out ball when we are on the break.
  6. Finny

    Today’s The Day

    That team is fucking horrific!!!!!! I think we have a team of men now who get it. Let's do these nappy ripping, terrorist sympathizing scum. Get into the lads and be on your way to becoming Rangers legends!!!!!!
  7. Come on the gers!!!! Can't wait till 300 think we might draw but couldn't resist a wee punt at 9/5
  8. Proper sickens me that. Where are our ex players backing us to the hilt they would that prick does for the taigs.
  9. Finny

    Don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but,

    I think Flanagan could become a excellent cb. Use the money further forward and sign some real quality. Surely there must be a couple of fringe players in epl sides we could go for or the eastern European market again.
  10. Come on the Rangers!!!!!! Got 50 notes on us at 11/5 lost a few quid against the sheep tamperers so hoping for a good result tonight.
  11. Finny

    Jamie Murphy

    If he's playing at all it has to be through the middle and if waindass has to play he should be the same. Candieas all day long on the right, maybe Middleton on the left with Jamie through the middle.
  12. Finny

    Croats Kicking Off

    Come out to plaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  13. Love the look of the 2 cbs and would be happy with a cheaper cover option and spend the cash further forward.
  14. Looks like the players want to fight for each other also, We have missed that over the last few years. Big katic was wanting to go for it. Looks a great find.