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  1. I've got alfie and Kent to score today. Get into this shower of shite Rangers!!!! Oh aye and holts a big cunt. Shite footballer shite manager. Prick.
  2. I was meaning in the sense of the footballers being better athletes and the ball not being a big lump of leather compared to the movement players can get on a ball now a days. So for me that just edges it for mcgregor obviously we never seen Goram in this era so I'm probably doing him a disservice because he was imo genuinely world class. We have been extremely lucky to have had they 3 keepers over the years.
  3. I think its a generation thing. Goram,McGregor and klos were world class. McGregor is still doing it for us now. We have been blessed with amazing keepers over the years and I think as time progresses , balls move differently and players get better mcgregor edges it. My claim to fame is I played goram at pool in a pub in millport when I was 8. It was a fiver a game or a rum and coke for him if he won. A proper ranger through and through. My old man was up at the bar.
  4. I thought that when it was stopped last night but seeing Diaz stitched up the day I'm not to sure. Looked 15-20 stitches between the 2 cuts. At least we can watch it again. Masvidal is a fucking machine man.
  5. And right there is why we are awfull at bringing on talent from the youths. Fuck me!!!!
  6. We should be doing that with our youths on loan. Middleton being the prime example. Let them get consistent minutes elsewhere.
  7. Mine was when we negri scored 5 against Dundee united. First game me and my mates went to on our own. We were 15 and thought we were cool as fuck. Bunch of wee fannies!!!
  8. Unfortunately mate I don't think docherty is near the squad never mind the team.
  9. Hopefully Stewart gets a run out. Ideal game for him.
  10. UFC starts at 11 am today on bt sport 3. On until 430 with Maia hopefully going to choke the shit out of Askren as the headline. Just a wee heads up for anyone who didn't know it was on.
  11. Finny


    Big surprise at how physical he was tonight. The big man was throwing himself about everywhere. Great performance from him.
  12. I think that whole card is going to be a stormer.
  13. Like the look of that team. I think there is a great chance of us scoring on the counter. Barker and Kent will be rapid up the park and Alfie not far behind. Great to have jack back aswell. C'mon the gers!!!!
  14. Hopefully the gaffer isn't getting blinded with his favourites. Tav and goldson should have been dropped/rested a few times this season. Tav was pathetic today. Horrible performance from a captain.
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