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  1. The guys a absolute whopper. All the talent in the world but like a lot of talented people theres just that wee bit of madness that separates them from us. Cant see him coming back from this and it's a shame as I would have loved to have seen him at heavy weight.
  2. Aye but he pumps his sister.
  3. That's a fucking infuriating part of our play.
  4. Here you if the scum aren't getting a title neither are you. Sporting integrity an ah that
  5. All the best to young Billy and it's a shame we couldn't keep a hold of him but how much does it sum up Scottish football that this is the 1st player we have produced anywhere near competing in the premiership at his age or even prematurely I may add being world class. There are so many small countries that have produced world class players every few years. Scotland really is a backward country for producing talented footballers.
  6. Sobering as fuck thought that but correct.
  7. Did they not sign hazard for 33 million or something. The boys made a good return for them but if gilmour moves for hazard's original fee it would be amazing business for them.
  8. I love Romero as a fighter and a person but think Adesanya has his card and he will gas going into the last rounds.
  9. McGregor has the boy well sussed out. He was fuckin raging and rightly so.
  10. How long have we known who the shitebags have been though. I cant honestly see where we go from here.
  11. I'm pished but for me I'm done. Hamilton, fuckin hamilton. The team is a disgrace, management go and take a flying fuck to yourself, the board I'm not into all that pish but I think Gerrard has been backed more than most the last 8 years. Yup 8 years I gauge it now on when my oldest daughter was born. Where do we go from here who knows? Is this it? Is this life? We have the support and the people in our fanbase to sort this? I'm gutted at where we are but we need to fix this. Oh aye it's my birthday today, pushed and gutted but I love my club regardless.
  12. Finny


    Fuck off. Hitec loyal!!!
  13. I'm more worried about the gaffers team selection than the actual match right now. Come on stevie. Get it right please!!!
  14. A bit random with that one mate.
  15. Halliday would spend the majority of time rolling about the pitch after every tackle. The boy has no fight about him just a good mouth piece which I suppose the team is missing aswell.
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