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  1. Finny


    Maybe mate and I hope I am as I think if we can keep him happy and here next season he will leave for the highest transfer in scottish football history but have a look at the Kent highlight reel in the transfer section and see if you notice anything.
  2. Finny


    Love the wee man and will be gutted when he eventually does go but there is something about him and the rest of the team. I dont know if it's a culture thing or not but when he scores it's like he doesn't want to celebrate with the rest of the team. Then you look at the celebrations around Defoe's goal and its night and day. I was also watching Kent's highlights during the week and everytime someone else scored he looked genuinely pissed off. Maybe that's what makes him the striker he is but I think something isn't sitting right with him. Hopefully he stays for 55 as he will be hard to replace but he is a right wee moaney fucker.
  3. He's a definite upgrade from what we have had on the bench last season. Hope the boy can contribute well this season.
  4. Be honest mate. You're skinny as fuck though? You see loads of big, lanky skinny guys cutting about all the time that are well into 6 footer range. You see one big fucker that's not built like a jockeys whip and fuck me look at the size of that cunt. By the way am highest at 5"8 but solid as fuck way a belly. Oh aye welcome to the big yin aswell.
  5. Finny

    Glen Kamara

    I'm pretty sure they froze him out before we signed him and that's why it was even more stranger we signed him.
  6. Finny

    Glen Kamara

    Wtf were Dundee thinking not playing him!!!! Absolute class on the ball and off it. We will be selling him on for a mega profit. Hopefully a couple of seasons out of him first.
  7. Big klipity🤣🤣🤣 and I think you're right about that plan.
  8. He has definitely got the brain and technical ability. You could see he was expecting team mates to make certain runs that's didn't materialise and led to a way ward pass. Once he gets settled with regular team mates he's going to be a player.
  9. I was a bit concerned with how hard they got worked last preseason and don't know if that added up to the niggling injuries some players picked up.
  10. No spoilers mate but the rockhold fight is tremendous. I like masvidal. Hes a real person not part of the macgregor clones that there all trying to be.
  11. He probably is the best but that boy would have gave him serious bother if his knee hadn't went. Agree with the rest of you're post 100%. It was some card all cracking fights.
  12. Ffs!!! I never new that about him. We have had a lot of very underrated players with us over the years. He was another one that was under the radar.
  13. What personal issues did he have when he arrived. It rings a bell somewhere. One of so many underrated players we had. Imagine big couisan at us now.
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