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  1. I think this could be the way forward for us. Our backroom team seem to be improving our younger players immensely. You only need to look at alfredo and Ross to see what decent coaching can do and aye get that song to fuck!!!!!
  2. That's a staggering figure for the amount of pish he signed.
  3. I hope borna has a good game today. I think once he gets going he will be a big player for us. Let's just do these sheep shagging bastards.
  4. Spot on op but the same could have been said after we beat them. There was no boost for us. I don't know if the winter break came at a bad time for us and we lost the momentum. Hopefully the last couple of games are a indication things are a changing.
  5. That's puzzles me a lot. Stevie g used to score a lot from outside the box, you would think he would encourage our players to have a crack.
  6. Boy looks a player. It would be good if rangerstv could start covering the under games. I remember watching the under 18s on setanta back in the day. Remember dean Furman and John fleck were tremendous every game they played.
  7. I don't think we can leave barisic out as his delivery onto the box will be crucial for Defoe to get on the scoresheet today.
  8. Operation through enough shit and it will stick mate.
  9. You're comments are true but reading that gives me the absolute fear!!!!!!!
  10. Find out in the next season of narcos Mexico.
  11. Could be worse you could be a Everton fan
  12. That will be a great bit of business for them.
  13. He's not on skybet to score the night but dallas is. Did he not go on loan to morton?
  14. Yes mate. Could be shite but my Mrs old man was at a birthday last night and someone with supposed ties at the girodome was pished talking about it. He's 71 so not into social media pish, so that's why I think there might be something in it.
  15. I still don't understand the grieve he gets. Ok he doesn't get every ball into the box but it's a different game from wanting you're winger to get to the by line and put it onto the strikers head every game that's finished now. Offers so much to the team.
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