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  1. With the exception of Fod and Miller every player in our squad has been brutal all season.
  2. There is no old firm.
  3. I'd be shocked if we got past the first qualifying round.
  4. Pedro: 'I've only been to Hampden once on a coaching course but it was empty' Journalist: 'Have you ever been to Hampden before?' Pedro: 'I've only been to Hampden once on a coaching course but it was empty' Love the Scottish media.
  5. He's one of these players that when he's bad he's absolutely horrendous but when he's good he's really good. I rarely leave a game thinking meh Tav was ok. Its either Tav played well or Tav was fucking rotten.
  6. Not giving a fuck got mine sorted last night
  7. Surprised he wasn't even on the shortlist for Pedro's assistant. Wish him all the best at Dundee but can't help but think he'll be back on Sky next season.
  8. He 100% wanted that job and when he realised he wasn't getting it even touted himself for a DoF role somewhere. No need to say anything about it IMO.
  9. If I'm being totally honest the thought of Bates playing in this game does worry me.
  10. Would the clubs/SFA be happy with that? Is McKay not in the process of coming up with some sort of plan for youth football? Genuinely interested to know given you obviously know more than me.
  11. How do you make meaningless games more competitive?
  12. The problem isn't so much with Auchenhowie its more how youth football in this country is structured IMO. Unless a player shows real promise then manages to force himself into the first team before the time he's 20 he'll never get into the first team in most cases then eventually be let go. 18 year olds playing against other 18 year olds is never going to get youngsters ready for first team football, the gap is just too big. Bringing reserve team football back is the way forward IMO, that way youngsters would be more likely to be playing against seasoned pros which will help. I do realise that argument falls flat if you take Beerman for example but I'm talking in general terms.
  13. You also know that when the article has IbroxNoise at the top of it.
  14. We've already got 55 mate.
  15. You mean by coming to watch us play when he was younger?