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  1. At least he's got good coaching experience unlike the other candidates.
  2. Not a clue, was just doing an interview for the club podcast.
  3. Said he want to be back on the training pitch making players play good football so doubt he'd be interested in that, but you never know.
  4. Ray Wilkins on the podcast saying he'd love to get back into coaching.
  5. You said he was a poor coach, but he's never coached.
  6. I'd like to think Caixinia will look further than Scotland for his targets.
  7. Lovenkrands has never coached.
  8. Had a hard time of it recently as well, pleased for him.
  9. That can't be the same Fraser Aird.
  10. Think there will be on Sunday, I don't think there was anything at the England game either tonight.
  11. Easter Road fuller than it's been in years.
  12. Probably only St Johnstone off the top of my head. That doesn't just apply to Waghorn though, the team haven't scored many against them full stop.
  13. Must be coming up for renewal time.
  14. Considering how this season has went it is actually. Although I think a few were in the league cup.