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  1. 1 hour ago, Bakbear said:

    Off work sick so I may as well 

    Life is not black and white. There are shades of grey. 

    It is not simply a case of either complete impartiality on one hand and complete conspiracy on the other. There are shades of grey. 

    The refereeing is shite. Across Scotland. It’s shite. Frankly St Mirren received yellow cards yesterday that were wrong. Everyone agrees that the refereeing is pish. The question is wether it is equally pish or not. 

    It is absolutely undeniable that human behaviour is malleable. Humans can be influenced through the responses they get to their decisions. For 20 years now referees have been treated in a certain way by certain people which punished them for making decisions that didn’t suit a certain club. Like actual punishment. Getting fired from jobs type of punishment. While conversely if they made decisions to the detriment of another club, nothing happened at all and life was easy. 

    Fast forward to today and what you have is referees making unconscious biased decisions that reflects that conditioning. 

    I have pointed this out dozens of times on here. No one is suggesting that there is an organised conspiracy of referees saying “let’s fuck the big bad Rangers” 

    but there is a lack of parity. Rangers get treated differently because when decisions go against Rangers we have historically sucked it up and got on with it. The good Protestant thing to do. Stiff upper lip. No use in complaining. Keep calm, carry on. Stoic to the last. Dignified silence. Presbyterian ethic of we are masters of our own fate, we don’t need help from anyone.  

    Well this has now led to an insurmountable bias.

    Our opponents are permavictims. Everything is someone else’s fault. Everything is because of the establishment. Always cheated never defeated. It’s no my fault that I am a waster it’s the system that’s rigged against me. No personal accountability. If that ref gives a foul against us I am panning his windows in. Coin him. Have a PI follow him. Get him fired from his job.  

    I don’t have the access to the study but if it’s correct that we get a booking every 4.5 fouls while the Victhims get a booking every 9.5. Then the stats are damning. There is an unconscious bias against Rangers and there is a lack of parity. 

    And frankly this is particular to referees. I do happen to believe there is an unfettered hatred of Rangers in the media as well.  But that’s a different thing

    That's a great post, mate. A lot there that asks valid questions and reasoned argument. 

    Only bit i'm 'meh' about is the last part with the 'stat about cautions per foul'. Personally, i'm very wary of stats on their own. For example, Morelos regularly getting booked for dissent isn't a foul but it registers as a caution. But a great post nonetheless

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  2. Looking at the incident on social media it appears DC does nothing 


    and im not saying he did anything (before I get lambasted) but what prompted firstly the goalie to confront him and then Ferdinand? 


  3. Another factor in all this when everyone was expressing their views a few months ago was the 'war chest' he (or any other manager) was going to get to carry out the job. I think it's fair to say that the money and players that have came through the club was above everyone's expectation. 

    Credit to SG but also some credit to the Board (fuckin tin hat on here ??

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Scottywellhousetb said:

    19th now gives me a bit of breathing space to decide what to do, I'll leave it till the last minute before I make a final decision, absolutely the correct decision from Rangers, wtf were they thinking. 

    It smacks of a decision from a person or group who have lived in a privileged position for a long long time 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Real Ranger said:

    I'm confident the money will be used for the benifit of the club but the price is a kick in the teeth for the supporters who have loyally stood by the club.

    If they had charged adults 75 quid and kids 30 quid they would still have stood to take in a substantial amount of money on top of the previous 4 games already played at Ibrox.


    Can’t disagree

    however, they did sell the first 3 games at well below SPFL prices. However, I’m  surely aware of personal circumstance amongst the support. And this extra revenue will go solely for the good of the club both on and off the park. 

    If £105 helps to prevent 10 in a row it’s money well spent 

  6. I think the club have acted quickly to allow more time for supporters to pay which is quite correct. 

    And in the final analysis i'd give this current regime £105 in a heartbeat long before i would give Green, Kray twjns or Ashley a penny ?

  7. 7 hours ago, brazz1972 said:

    Personally think the pricing for the package is fine. Thought it would've been at least £30 per game but not too surprised at it being £35.

    The issue is the few days notice before taking £105 out. Should definitely have the option of 3 instalments. It's still a good few weeks until first match so should be able to hang off a week or 2 before taking any money.

    There is some leeway, mate. Email credit card mandate at the ticket office and an extension time to pay can be arranged. 



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  8. 24 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

    It's the officials job to report what he sees to the ref. Our players reacted to the call of foul and SG heard it.  The ref blatantly ignored Beaton and gave celtic the advantage

    It's the official job to step in when he thinks the ref needs assistance or didnt see something. Collum was there 10yds away - 50odd yds nearer than Beaton. He's not going to intervene.

    Answef my question above about Morelos/Boyata? How would you feel then? 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

    The official should speak up but will he? Imho the ref blatantly ignored Beaton to give celtic the advantage. Why would SG lie about hearing this and the staff in the dug out must have heard it too?

    Ok, let's say Beaton did say it. How would you feel about one official 50-60 yds away over ruling another official who is 10yds away Eg like the Morelos/Boyata incident? 

  10. Just now, eejay the dj said:

    You will get a full list of likes from the guys that don't like behaving like the taigs and the ones who think its complete paranoia .

    Like I said already yesterdays game was not the best example . We were just too far out of the game to really make Gollum relevant IMO

    Although he did make sure he gave all the free kicks to their players around our box for little fouls

    Yet chose to ignore the one that ultimately cost us a goal

    It wasa foul, i have no doubt about it. Rogic firstly catches jack on the sole of his left boot then in the same action catches Jack's right leg causing him to fail to land on his feet and thus allowing Rogic to race away with the ball. It was highly frustratingbjt as Gerrard has said the main focus is fo improve so that next time we play them we have the belief and confidence we can do them 

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  11. On 02/09/2018 at 14:29, BridgeIsBlue said:

    Fourth official screaming "foul, foul" in Gollums ear, he ignores it they go up the pitch and score. 

      Reveal hidden contents

    Paranoid Protestants 


    Have to intervene here lads, and i'll probably get dog's abuse for it  but here goes .......

    Firstly, i thought it was a free kick (important to make that clear) - also Dermot Gallacher is a rampant tim so i'll take his views with a pinch

    Secondly, i think Gerrard has been amazing both on and off the park but i have to question him here

    I cannot fathom out his accusation that Beaton was shouting foul, foul, foul. It simply doesn't add up. Collum is in his corner of the pitch (refs run a diagonal) where assts are both far away but he ensures he's always in that quarter when play is active. Collum is within 10 yds and has an unobstructed view - he calls it no foul. Replays (for me anyway) strongly suggest otherwise. However, he doesnt give it and starts sprinting upfield after Rogic (which makes it quite clear to anyone watching what he saw was not a foul). Beaton is 50 yds anyway and (possibly) does have players in the way - either way him intervening to call Collum back with shouts of foul, foul, foul are very very highly unlikely. 

    In short, Collum was in a very good position to make his call. His position was much much better than Beaton's. Beaton trying to overule him from his standpoint against the referee who was right there on the spot is something that doesn't happen

    Another slant on this was with 10-15 mins to go - Morelos and Boyata are tussling for the ball over in the far corner even further away from Beaton. Collum again, is right on the spot. He watches Boyata go down looking for a foul but waves Morelos on to have a clear shot on goal (not sometbing you would expect from a ref with an agenda!) Could you imagine the uproar if it were discovered that Collum blew up only because Beaton shouted foul, foul, foul from his position at the tunnel ????

    That said, the officials should speak up in response to what Gerrard has claimed to provide clarity.


  12. 1 hour ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

    The TO are a shambles as well, probably want a fivers fee just for taking your Rangers number the useless cunts. 

    To be fair Bridge they were very good earlier in the season when i asked if they could reserve a single seat in the CR near me for my brother who was abroad at the time. They did and 7 days later he went and bought it. I did that in person right enough. There are some good people in there who have a great atitude but like anywhere there's some twats 

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  13. 15 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:




    I don't mind paying the money obviously, but to give people 7 days to get it together whilst the first home game isn't for another month is absolutely farcical. 

    Already had to phone my wee brother and tell him we'll probably have to give it a bye as I can't afford it. 

    Fucking gutted. 

    Yeh, i think they could have at least cut more slack timewise. And i appreciate everyone's means to cough up. That said i'm sure if you contact the TO they will allow you some leeway over and above the 7 days. 

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  14. 2 hours ago, Callum_Doon said:

    This was in reply to:

    "Who was/were then the first serving player/players to play in the World Cup Finals?

    Presumably for Scotland, although not necessarily so?"

    What about the 1950 Scotland World Cup squad, apparently:

    George Aitken - Sunderland
    Willie Bauld - Hearts
    Jimmy Cowan - Morton
    Sammy Cox - Rangers
    Bobby Evans - celtic
    Alex Forbes - Arsenal
    Billy Liddell - Liverpool
    Alex Linwood - Clyde
    Jimmy Mason - Third Lanark
    Ian McColl - Rangers
    John McPhail - celtic
    Willie Moir - Bolton Wanderers
    Henry Morris - East Fife
    Laurie Reilly - Hibernian
    Billy Steel - Derby County/Dundee
    Willie Waddell - Rangers
    Willie Woodburn - Rangers
    George Young - Rangers

    No Willie Thornton???


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