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  1. Correct, you’re not an employment lawyer.
  2. Firstly, i get all the anger and vitriol towards him. However, the club itself have to keep a cool head with this. It's as plain as the hole in your arse that he can never play for us again. However, and here's the question, is this what he wants? Does he (and many of his ilk) want to be chased out our club (hopefully for him at least with his pockets stuffed) and then orchestrate a propaganda media machine that goes into overdrive? This god forsaken country would salivate over that! If we handle this incorrectly he could be portrayed as a kafflick martyr as quick as look at him. Tell him he's playing the full 90 mins at our first pre season friendly then have him train on his own for the remaining 2 years unless someone is fuckin dumb enough to give us our money back with a transfer fee. That's all we have to do - quietly ostracise the gay tramp.
  3. I would also tell him as soon as possible that he will play for the full 90mins at our first friendly at Ibrox next season. Give him plenty time to get his head round that.
  4. Mate, not only is that MOH thats his fat uncle with the sunglasses on his head. His name is Michael Fagan and he is a very ckose friebd of the old sellick director Tom Grant both rhabids as you can get - FACT!
  5. That’s his uncle he’s with. One of the most rhabid dhims this side of the Mississippi
  6. I would be raging if we announced what kind of money we had to spend. That goes whether we had King, Murray, David Holmes or fuckin uncle tom cobley at the helm. Thats revealing your hand. Gerrard will have, as my best guess, significantly more than Pedro got. But that should be kept indoors. Let the club get on with player recruitment over the summer and hopefully they tramps fuck up qualifying for the Champions League then it's game on!
  7. Not just King's best decision in a long time, it's your best post in a long time.
  8. Morelos has been playing continously for 18mths to be fair. Would like to see Stevie G and backroom team go to work on him after the summer break and see what player there is in there
  9. Wouldnt know a hearsay song if it fucked me in the ears ???
  10. He’s made for life. If King fucks him about he can and will walk thus protecting his credibility. And leave King with the debris this is all in King’s hands
  11. Bookies odds havent moved a muscle all night.
  12. We learned to put Pedro in the garden - he took another job and we stopped paying his salary - simples
  13. The job is difficult but far from impossible. He will need significant backing, no doubt about it. If (and I concede it’s an if) he is the type of coach who can galvanise a squad and get the best out of it while improving younger talent then he can challenge, and challenge very quickly. It was only 5-6 weeks we were a win away from being 3pts behind them and the race was on. For me, we need 3/4 leaders signed, two of them Centre halfs for sure. Lift the morale and confidence of players such as Tav, Murphy, Docherty and Morelos and we are on our way. Gerrrard’s stature in the game will help get these 3/4 leaders signed and i long for the day they all walk into that dressing room together and galvanise the club.
  14. We ripped the piss out them when they signed Brenda! Also, they would all be congregating around the Theatre of Screams waiting on him.
  15. A guy who’s had a stellar football career and played under many outstanding coaches has a chance to be a very good coach. No guarantees but definitely more likely than your orange grass analogy.
  16. That’s your prediction, and your entitled to it. But two things - you may be wrong and it’s definitely the wrong time to be labelling fellow bears idiots. There’s enough shit out there without it coming from within ?
  17. I think giving all the candidates and names that have arisen I can accept it. It’s a gamble, no doing about it but it could pay off your calling fellow bears idiots but you could be wrong mate. Who’s to say Gerrard could become an outstanding coach?
  18. King could be in Honolulu, botswana or Sierra Leone for all it matters. In these days of Skype etc you can any deal done anytime, anywhere
  19. You mean like PLG and what he did at Lyon ??? It's a risk, no doubt about it but when i see candidates like Clarke, McInnes, Potter etc i just think it's a risk whatever we do. Incidentally, i heard a rumour from a RST source that we went after Dyche and talks with his agent began. However, his personal terms were much much more than the proposed 20k a week Gerrard is on. It never progressed from there It's last throw of the dice for this board and ive yet to hear a name that most Rangers fans have rallied around so if it's SG then let the dice roll.
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