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  1. Apparently he's in Glasgow http://www.espn.co.uk/football/Rangers/story/3478186/liverpools-steven-gerrard-in-glasgow-for-fresh-Rangers-talks-sources
  2. If it was deflection then Klopp, Benitez, Hodgson et al would not have been discussing it at their pressers yesterday. It's clear he has been offered the job. Whether he takes it or not is another matter but they are genuinely attempting to get him.
  3. Not bad. I hope your mum gets you a nice 8th birthday present for that
  4. Does a ‘safe pair of hands’ secure us 2nd place or 55?
  5. I get that argument, but who is that safe pair of hands?
  6. Who isnt a gamble that we can realistically get? Every name that has surfaced has been lampooned by many eg McInnes, Warnock, FDB, Clarke etc etc - we have to hire someone. In my view he will only take it with sufficient transfer funds - so IF he takes it im on board
  7. This. Its a gamble, a risk no doubt about it but it might just come off
  8. Just because he was a good player doesnt mean he cant be a good manager - its a gamble, no doubt about it. A bad choice though? You could be wrong - time will tell.
  9. He is a novice, he is a gamble but you could be wrong - nobody knows but time will tell
  10. If we dont have money he wont take it - im sure of that.
  11. Yep, money is just as important as any appointment. Thats why if Gerrard takes it im onboard - theres no way he will take the job with a shoestring budget. If he doesn't then yep, we are fucked!
  12. The thing is with Gerrard is that is unquestionably a big gamble. He has not track record of course and just because you were a good player doesnt mean you will be a good manager eg Bobby Moore, Charlton etc etc The majority on here are pessimistic. And on FF theyre pulling their wee cocks out in anticipation. But can he be a good coach? Of course he can -whynot? Time will tell. But he is going to require significant financial support? My hunch is that he will not take it unless there is. So im willing get on the 'Gerrard55 train' - and why not? The alternatives out there (Warnock,FDB, Clarke) are gambles too arent they?
  13. PaddyPower stopped taking bets tonight on Gerrard
  14. Why is one of his daughter's called Lourdes?and why are they all christened earls? Not thatit matters to me. Oh, and his cousin John Paul Gilhooley was killed at Hillsborough.
  15. Stevie had a little lamb but it was always grunting he took it up a wee back close and kicked its fucking cunt in
  16. Utter shite - the social media tarriers are worse. The difference is how we’ve been run by ‘directors’ over the last 10yrs v the way they’ve been run. Thats by far the biggest reason.
  17. An appointment is one thing. What’s just, if not more important, is the ‘tools’ he gets to do the job. The less tools the less chance any new manager has, and vice versa
  18. He was probably sounded out at that point hence the soundbites.
  19. Correct! They are in lastchance saloon and this is a massive gamble.
  20. This! In fact, all the shit flying is the very least that should be happening. Every Director, Coach, Player and staff need to look in the mirror and ask themselves some really serious questions and answer them honestly. If there are bears out there with serious money to invest i hope they can look in the mirror too. We fans have stood behind the club and kept it alive for 6-7 years. It's time for them wherever they may be to step up and help.
  21. Whether the rumour is true or not he's out the door now or in a few weeks. Which brings the discussion onto the next manager because before anything else eg formations, strategic outlook, new signings etc this is the most vital appointment arguably in the history of our club. We have to get this right. We have to get the very best available candidate out there. Who is it? Well it comes back to the board to find significant investment. The more, or less, that's made available will dictate what calibre of person comes in. I genuinely believe that there are good, in fact one or two very good players in our squad (of course there's just as many that have to go). A very good manager will galvanise these players and add shrewdely to the squad. We can come back from this but the Board have to raise their ambition I've already made up my mind to renew next season, in fact i'll always have a ST till my dying day but if another 'patsy' comes in then i wont attend. Yes, many of you will say King won't give a fuck but it's what i'll do if the next guy is modest/obscure. Enough is enough.
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