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  1. I Don’t t think it will make any difference to the league table now
  2. Can’t seem to get our home top anywhere
  3. Anyone got a phone number for this, can’t find 1 online
  4. Don’t know y people let things like this annoy them
  5. Who gives a fuck, stop looking for stuff to be offended about mate, your a grown man ffs
  6. It was Reus mate just got hame and watched the game
  7. Just in the airport the now waiting to get hame
  8. A got some in lanzarote last year that was decent, managed to get a guys phone number so going to try him shortly
  9. Any cunt in salou get any decent prop
  10. Southdown’s bus mate it’s stopping in salou at the sol Costa dorada hotel
  11. Just done the sensible thing and checked google maps (don’t know why a didn’t think of this earlier) a would be as well going straight from salou as Barcelona is the oppposite direction
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