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  1. Dee

    Johnny Hubbard

    RIP Johnny
  2. Dee

    Welcome Goldson

    Thank fuck, hopefully a level above what we have had the last few seasons
  3. Dee

    Jason Cummings

    My gaffer was speaking to him holty and David Bates at Musselburgh races at the weekend but wouldn’t say if he was staying
  4. Dee

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    Fuck knows mate, I think it’s because he knows he has more of a chance to get in to the 1st team at the junkies than he has with us, if he makes the grade and is good enough for Rangers you never know but he won’t move just to end up rotting in the reserve’s/ youth team
  5. Dee

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    They do mate I found out Rangers were after him and so have teams from the epl being asking about him but he says he is happy at hibs and he obviously progressing well,https://mobile.twitter.com/hibsofficial/status/990695761884131328
  6. Dee

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    I only said I know the boy, his dad is my mate,
  7. Dee

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    Wit u oan aboot
  8. Dee

    Season ticket move

    Got my seat moved from br3 to cr1 no probem
  9. Dee

    Disappointing Defeat For 16’s

    Elf have u seen much of hibs at this age group, I know one of the boys (Jayden fairley), I’ve only seen him play once but the boy seemed head and shoulders above the rest at that age group, he has been playing with the 18s as well, Rangers fan and the type of young player we should be after
  10. Dee

    Half and half shirts?

    Haha 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Dee

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    A 4 year deal WTF
  12. £950 for a Labrador pup lol are u being serious mate
  13. I have a ticket up in br3 row Q and actually think its a decent seat but i sit in gf3 most weeks
  14. Where do u guys normally sit in the broomloan