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  1. I have a ticket up in br3 row Q and actually think its a decent seat but i sit in gf3 most weeks
  2. Where do u guys normally sit in the broomloan
  3. Made a cunt of that, gr3 that was ment to say
  4. I usually get club deck but last time i got br3
  5. Our defence

    When's lee wallace due back
  6. Where do you sit?

    Br3 or gf3 but i prefer Br as you can see the whole pitch better
  7. Season ticket renewal.

    Suspended on full pay the now so hopefully find another job before ma meeting to get sacked, am no the only one either 7 of us got caught, there was about 50 police officers way sniffer dog busted ma yard
  8. Season ticket renewal.

    Hopefully be able to renew but got caught with a bit smoke at work so waiting to c If a get the sack or no
  9. Union Bears Stickers.

  10. Next Manager Poll

    Would like sean dyche as our manager but obviously no chance he would leave Burnley to come to us, think mcinnes will get it
  11. Just watching the city game, that Kevin de bruyne is unbelievable, his passing is something else
  12. Av heard he likes to get legless but surely no on match day
  13. Going to nip down the blue bells bar in costa teguise to watch this hopefully a comfortable win
  14. 17’s Cruise To Glasgow Cup Win

    Dapo mebude and matty Yates seem to do well at that age group, hopefully they keep progressing