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  1. They can keep the dough but would be expecting some kind of recognition next season, a free cup match or something. No proce increase.
  2. Cant really expect much more. Thought Rangers were the better side in second half, they were just more clinical.
  3. I dont. But then i dont pish on my hands when I go go for a pish and I'm unaware of any diseases that live on the cock and that can be transferred through your fingers. Hardly a glowing reference for your personally hygiene when youd expect a woman to stick it in her gub, but you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds every time you make contact with it... More filth on the taps at ibrox than on my boaby.
  4. I think it's the players that dont get it, they cant match his winning mentality and level of expectation. As a result the intinidate and lack confidence. Its is them that need to change their mindset but SG needs to help them do that.
  5. Aye you've agreed with me, we have the team to beat celtic on our day. However, they have a better overall squad that us. So over the course of a season the team with the best squad will drop the least points and win the league.
  6. I dont think we have a squad that can win in Scotland, we have an 11 that could win but dont have the depth to replace out of form or Injured players with sufficient quality to sustain a title challenge.
  7. Disappointed. I think he has potential, made loads of mistakes but will learn from them. Inthinj if players have downed tools or cant cut it then it is them that should fuck off. They shouldn't bring a manager down.
  8. I agree he has the Barry Ferguson syndrome where everyone else but him is at fault. Aye he is a brilliant shot stopper but hes made plenty of mistakes as well, his distribution is piss poor and the utter refusal to leave his line spreads panic and indecision throughout the full back line. That display after the goal last night was about showing off to the fans and distancing himself from the rest rather than trying to elicit a positive reaction.
  9. I refuse to clap when cunts have died as it's an empty gesture, so cliched, unthinking and undertaken so flippant that it means absolutely nothing. Clapping the manager tonight took it to a different level though, totally forced and the most embarrassing thing I can remember in 30 odd years.
  10. Anyone know when sport options prices will be out?
  11. Aye but you're a fucking helmet so your opinion is irrelevant.
  12. How many chances is this wanker going to get? How many games in he going to cost us with his absences? He will never ever learn. Get him to fuck.
  13. Goose bumps watching that 😱 what a night that was.
  14. Where was that ref from BTW? Boy had a decent game, not often you can say that
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