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  1. Kenny Black, Ne'erday 1983 Old Firm game.

    Spent most of his career playing for Airdrie under Wee doddie as well. Was suspended for the 92 cup final against Rangers. Airdrie legend and in the hall of fame. Became the airdrie manager about 10 years ago but ended up sacked.
  2. Used to stay in the same street as Sandy Clark in the 80s.
  3. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    I don't support Scotland either, fans are complete weapons and agree it's now a witch hunt that will never be satisfied. But at least you'll never be accused of having had preferential treatment now.
  4. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    I don't want to rake over old coals and I will probably get put off the board for this post, at the best I will get called all the bead rattlers under the son etc etc.... i am first and foremost an Airdrie supporter, but I like Rangers and always go to 5-6 games a season, always been to all the European ties through the years- grew up in a house with my dad and brothers supporting Rangers. So i can hardly be accused of being "anti-Rangers". Airdrie went into administration and were liquidated in 2002- we had to reapply to the league (got rejected for Gretna) and came back after buying over Clydebank and coming back that way. For me the precedent was set- the liquidators come in and you start again at the bottom of the pile. That's not anti Rangers- that's just being fair and applying the same rules to everyone, as it should in sport. I can't understand all this persecution complex so many Rangers fans have over this issue. I definetly agree that most other Scottish clubs fans hate Rangers, hate unionism, hate everything that I stand for and there was deffo plenty taking great delight in your downfall. But simply voting against Rangers staying where they were doesn't make them "anti Rangers". If I'd have had a vote. I'd have voted "against". Rangers as fair is fair and Rangers shouldn't be treated any differently from airdrie
  5. Union bears display

    Never knew anything about the Rangers banner until this morning, I can't see the front of Copeland from the main stand. I assumed they'd just lifted the wording from Daddy's Uniform. However, I find all this banner waving pish absolutely cringey. The effort and costs that must go into it for what? It doesn't antagonise the opposition or improve the atmosphere because it's never anything controversial. Just gimpy messages.
  6. Betting against Rangers?

    Show me someone that lets their emotions dictate their betting and I will show you someone that wins f all at the bookies. Just because you bet something doesn't mean you want it to happens. It's an investment.
  7. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Have to agree with you. First I've seen it as never seen it at the game but that's not a foul. He's still an absolute rat though.
  8. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    I agree that it was an improvement on the utter dross last year but it's still crap. Never looked like creating anything but from 10 mins on until they scored Rangers were the better team.
  9. Newarthill

    You'd probably see more celtic tops in Airdrie town centre these days than Rangers ffs. When that's happened you no it's hit rock bottom.
  10. Bluenoses betting with paddy power?

    Nobody gambles with the intention of losing candy so if I can lift dough from an Orish company then all the better.
  11. Rangers ultras steal Thistle's flags

    Foreign gimp behaviour. What ever happened to just giving folk a doing?
  12. Gascoigne

    If gazza ever needs a liver I'd gladly give him mine.
  13. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    Van Bronkhorst left for arsenal and went to Barca. Ferguson came back "homesick" after a spell at Blackburn and then went to Birmingham City ffs. Van Bronkhorst was far superior- can't believe anyone who saw both wouldn't dispute that.
  14. Different Hospitality options

    I was at club cooper for Motherwell last season. Was a good day- food was pretty average but the surroundings and the compère was good, free drink. You need to go up the marble stairs and a wee walk to far end of the main stand so might be difficult for him but anywhere you go on jospitality will be similar id imagine.
  15. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    Retarded? No just old enough to remember proper "legends" like gazza, cooper, McCoist, Laudrup. If you're young then you can't help that you've never seen proper greats.