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  1. Aribo was getting a bit of stick last night, pretty harsh as hes been the best player over December. The most worrying thing is that, the front 6 were only Kent and Alfie away from a first choice 11 and we couldnt break down a team that's bottom of league 1.
  2. Rangers dont have the depth of quality to fight in 3 fronts. A few key injuries will kill this season as the back up ain't good enough. Tav is going to be a massive loss.
  3. Folk are far far too keen to believe any youngster Is destined for greatness. Didn't see much to justify the hype.
  4. How can you say Barry Ferguson was a better player than Giovanni Van Bronkhorst?? One went to arsenal and Barcelona. The other came back up the road from Blackburn with his tail between his legs!
  5. In my lifetime of watching Rangers from mid 80s Goram Stevens Butcher Gough Numan Laudrup Gazza Van Bronkhurst Cooper Hateley McCoist
  6. Need to delay the pleasure of watching this until tomorrow as only had time to watch the full 90 mins twice today....
  7. Need to delay the pleasure of watching this tomorrow as only had time to watch the full 90 mins twice today....
  8. Aribo has been MOTM for in the last 3 league games. Be stupid to drop him.
  9. Best away game of the season. Place was bouncing.
  10. Glasgow to Luton to porto Porto to Bristol to glasgow
  11. Thought he was pulled out of position and a bit rash with his decision making at times today. Recovered usually though but far from the John Terry like player hes made out to be...
  12. DiamondDan


    Hes capable of a spark of genius that others arent but hes been AWOL this last week, when as a 7m man he should be stepping up.
  13. I got one, pleased with that cause this is my first year as a season ticket holder, dont usually bother taking my away tickets and sell them on, usually leave 15 mins before the end of home games as well.
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