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  1. Character building 👍
  2. How manny weans and one bottle? If I was that risk averse I wouldn't let her leave the house.
  3. You don't see a Celtic fan on a trip to hampden they're that well segregated. I grew up going to football in the 80s when you're safety was not guaranteed. Old firm games are sanitised, tame affairs these days- fine for weans.
  4. I'm no with her mum- could leave her with her step mum but I went away to Dubai last week without her and feel heavy guilty patching her for the fitba this weekend 😂 I will give the ticket to my brother if I don't get going 👍
  5. I realise I am unlikely to be successful in this request but worth a try. Any spare tickets for Sunday? I have one but I won't be able to go unless I can get one for my daughter (can give this single seat to my pals so she can sit with me) drop me a PM if by some miracle someone has one to give away.
  6. Think they're running an exclusive on Monday about a bear defecating in the woods.
  7. It was only 6! ;)
  8. Well thought of Craig Mullholland. Got asked to go to a premier league team last year and take over their youth set up- would have doubled his wages and given a house and he declined the offer.
  9. Motherwell?? Don't talk pish.
  10. He was at Airdrie for a good chunk of last season and did absolutely nothing when he played. I wouldn't be pining much hope on him. Games just passed him by. However, when Gasparatto was at Airdrie he was a different class so don't know how he never worked out.
  11. Darren cole
  12. Airdrie legend Kenny Black.
  13. Jordan Macmillan John Spencer Kyle Macausland
  14. 8 pages in and not a mention for big Graham Smith- the sub keeper in the 2008 UEFA cup final.
  15. Aye nae bother hardman 😂