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  1. Gazza is one of my heroes. However Laudrup was a more effective football player.
  2. No chance this will be allowed to happen unfortunately. UEFA are full of self importance but the security concerns will mean at the very least the ties will be reversed. Could see away fans being banned potentially as well.
  3. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.<No links to this website>/news/local-news/airdrie-supporters-trust-host-first-10585688.amp
  4. Loads of space that nobody ever uses at airdrie business centre just off chapel st.
  5. If you're having a drink then avoid the Stirrup Stane or (obviously) the Harp and Sharock (which should be closed after the Scottish cup final anyway if rumours are true) which are on the route. Everywhere will be fine- bluebell, Albert and the masons on the route are your best bets or else the orange or 166 or 203.
  6. Character building 👍
  7. How manny weans and one bottle? If I was that risk averse I wouldn't let her leave the house.
  8. You don't see a Celtic fan on a trip to hampden they're that well segregated. I grew up going to football in the 80s when you're safety was not guaranteed. Old firm games are sanitised, tame affairs these days- fine for weans.
  9. I'm no with her mum- could leave her with her step mum but I went away to Dubai last week without her and feel heavy guilty patching her for the fitba this weekend 😂 I will give the ticket to my brother if I don't get going 👍
  10. I realise I am unlikely to be successful in this request but worth a try. Any spare tickets for Sunday? I have one but I won't be able to go unless I can get one for my daughter (can give this single seat to my pals so she can sit with me) drop me a PM if by some miracle someone has one to give away.
  11. Think they're running an exclusive on Monday about a bear defecating in the woods.
  12. It was only 6! ;)
  13. Well thought of Craig Mullholland. Got asked to go to a premier league team last year and take over their youth set up- would have doubled his wages and given a house and he declined the offer.
  14. Motherwell?? Don't talk pish.
  15. He was at Airdrie for a good chunk of last season and did absolutely nothing when he played. I wouldn't be pining much hope on him. Games just passed him by. However, when Gasparatto was at Airdrie he was a different class so don't know how he never worked out.