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  1. Lol sorry what do u mean by depending on how you look at it?
  2. I choking to go to celtic park that much.
  3. Right did not want to start a new topic on the taigs but there ts a female celtic physio who had a picture of her with the league cup with ... fuck the H*** next to it. If this was one of us saying fuck the fenians there would be a big kick up but that nil by mouth have came out and said we would like to welcome celtic to a government educated project for celtic to attend as celtic have never attended this to educate them lol. This to me is basically nil by mouth trying to cover these bastards backs. Also they state the word H** Is hotly contested ... I AM FUCKING TELL U DOUBLE STANDARDS ARE SHOCKING. I m not personally offended by anything these bastards say but I am fucking very offended by the double standard.
  4. Billy boys loud and proud then tomorrow lads... 🤔😁
  5. Theres is nothing fare about this fucking mob.
  6. Yeah am sure the young boys will ne safe at our side of the city.
  7. All I have had is st johnstone. Didnt even get a fucking cup final ticket.
  8. Lucky??? U sound like a right jinxy bastard we have dropped points they 2 games. Your aswell giving your ticket to someone who can bring more luck than u.
  9. In a way I hate your Collum kind of Rangers hater than your suttons as his kind of haters are more dangerous.
  10. Collums a poofy wee bastard.
  11. Anything that winds the taigs up then I am all for.
  12. pollok-bear


    I think my problem was I am usually at the game and have time to calm down before I come on here but yesterday I was in the house watching it and the rage came straight away on here without having time to reflect and calm down lol.
  13. pollok-bear


    Yeah bud was heat of the moment man. As I said afterwards I have backed morelos through everything even when he was getting sent off but yesterday was so frustrating man.
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