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  1. I am disappointed if he wasn’t in for a patsy after his first pint.
  2. Need to keep the cunt fit
  3. Hope the bastards aren’t showing anymore of our games.
  4. Does anyone know if Thursdays game in Denmark is televised?
  5. Call me harsh but he shouldn’t even be in a photo with anyone with a celtic top. Wee guy or not. its beyond disgusting what is happening now. We show them respect they show us none. Before anyone goes oh we are a class above them then it’s bullshit as maybe we should go to there level and kick there fucking cunts in.
  6. Dirty bastards. Hence the reason why a have no time for any one of them. No doubt this will get put down as a random attack.
  7. Fuck him. Yes he gave his all for the shirt but for him to leave just cause he isn’t guaranteed a game every week just shows you his mentality. Not cut out to be a Rangers player and thinks he is better than he actually is.
  8. Might only be a score to join but fucking couple year ago we never even got past first round. Managed to go to tht one bit every Cunt that joined that year should have got a refund.
  9. Totally agree mate. I struggle to get slot of time of work and I would have loved to have went to both of these games with the day trip option and we have been let down.
  10. He’s blue he’s white and NOW his commentary is shite Ian Durrant Ian Durrant. lol I get what u mean op but i would rather listen to any of our ex players or any Rangers minded people than pricks like Chris Sutton.
  11. He is the biggest scumbag on earth he is no Rangers man. He is a money grabbing bastard. All he cares about is making a large profit of fans and is a snakey grassing bastard. Nothing wrong with people making money of felllow fans obviously. It is good to see business grow on it but Fuck me this rat doesn’t half rip the cunt.
  12. No doubt that fat money grabbing grassing bastard rab will be making some sort of cut out of this.
  14. Used to go every year. This will be the first year a miss it was awful last year.
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