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  1. Would take u up on this for a tarriers away game. No chance I am doing it for tarriers home game
  2. Hopefully this picks up as it's been nothing short of a shitehole. Been in a good few times and its was ran right down. Leaking on the ceiling in the toilet shite warm lager.
  3. As happy as I am with last nights comeback i am also asking serious questions over the players commitment in domestic games. Why can we play so good in europe and be so shite in the league? I really cant understand what is going so wrong in the league.
  4. Lol funny enough mate this is the first day I havent had buckfast for weeks. Coming of a 2 week bender lol
  5. The guy probably isnt even going to the game tonight. Probs one of they wee fannys who will sit on here and moan about everything try slag fellow fans but never attend a game.
  6. Do u want to come meet me tonight and try slag me to my face?
  7. How about a statement standing up for the fans and also criticising the a sfa, the refs, the press and how we are treated differently in this country.
  8. Fucking embarassment statement from the cunt. They really dont deserve a support like us.
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