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  1. Firhill Roll Call

    i will be there looking forward to it really need a win to put pressure on that mob.
  2. Progrès Niederkorn Away Emails

    got one looking forward to it.
  3. buzzing for Thursday I would take 3-0.
  4. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    It's a joke thinking of changing dates when a lot of us already have certain days booked aff work. Not fair on the fans wanting to travel.
  5. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    Fuck sake man il need to try get this time aff if it's the tue.
  6. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    I thought more would have joined since its our first time in Europe in a few years.
  7. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    ive got the Wed, Thur, Fri booked of work so I can go to the away leg but now am hearing the game could be the Tuesday. is this correct?
  8. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    are we home first the 2nd round?
  9. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    fucking yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas I can make it as the 2nd leg is away fucking buzzing
  10. *****Q1 Progrès Niederkorn Q2 AEL Limassol*****

    any links for the draw troops?
  11. This needs to stop

  12. Travel club emails out

    managed to get in this morning and join the travel club. FOLLOW FOLLOW.
  13. Travel club emails out

    bears is anyone having trouble getting online on the rangers website? im trying to get online to join the travel club but its coming up saying the site is currently under maintenance.
  14. If we draw Dundee Utd in a cup at theirs

    I love following the Gers everywhere but I would be up for boycotting these manky bastards.
  15. Season ticket renewals reach record high 35,000

    When's the 1st payment due out as mines still hasn't came out?