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  1. He doesn’t sniff the good shit. he has been getting hit with heavy cooncil haha.
  2. Would depend on if it suited them to play it. Injuries or suspensions etc.
  3. If they demanded a game against us to be cancelled before then Saturdays game should automatically be cancelled. I can guarantee you all that they will be playing on Saturday as it suits them to play.
  4. Nothing dangerous about him he is a shite bag rat bastard.
  5. Not surprised in the slightest. Country is infested by taig bastards.
  6. Fuck Griffiths brother you don’t have any veins anymore oh oh oh fuck Griffiths brother you don’t have any veins anymore oh oh.
  7. Wait til yer brother gets caught shaging yer mrs or yer daughters lol.
  8. You are 100% spot on bud. Slightly of topic mate but see years ago they shut most of the schools In my area and built brand new catholic schools but they cut ours down. I ended up having to go to a different school due to my local one getting closed. was either catholic school close to me or travel for a normal school. Looking at it now I cannot believe they got away with doing that. Blatant as Fuck with the priority’s for these bastards running our country.
  9. I used to be a true believer of the dignified silence but now I couldn’t be anymore against it mate lol.
  10. I fucking love Morelos so much and I always back him up even when he is in wrong but I have to say that we have been playing better without him but that’s just cause other players aren’t relying on him to do everything. Players are stepping up more when he isn’t playing.
  11. Beat me to it mate It will still come from the usual mob who must be blind and can’t see it. lets just lie down and do nothing about it and anyone that speaks the truth is branded as acting like one of them. Fucking beasty bastards have played a fucking blinder to gain control of Scottish football, our country, press, laws. The list goes on.
  12. Mate when I grew up all I seen was Rangers win. Now they aren’t winning things nothing has changed and never will. i honestly don’t know anyone who are glory hunters thank fuck. Your right mate anyone who uses different excuses are basically covering up for been glory hunters.
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