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  1. Think silence is the best policy just now but se have to speak at some point. Ww cannot let this go the corruption that has went on.
  2. What I found funny was the trophy arriving at Easter road and all the junkies trying to get a glimpse of the trophy. It's the closest they will ever get to it.
  3. Expect an email from the club the day before payment is due mate.
  4. Old men and social media 😁
  5. Ok so are we back at 0-0 here? Or are they still gonna hold the 3-1 advantage? Just by reading this it says one game
  6. I wonder if the same rules will apply when the beasts play the semi final of the Scottish cup.
  7. If/when the fat jap leaves some other corrupt cunt will replace him.
  8. Mate the dude does himself no favours on here.
  9. Will we fuck? our club are fucking cowards and that is why we have dirty scumbag bastards like popcorn teeth been able to influence scottish football in favour of the beasts.
  10. The beasts wur quick to get this season finished and very eager to get the new season started quick. I wonder why. I just cant believe the way the bastards go about there business with nae cunt even trying to shut down there corruption.
  11. We win a title- the taigs are unlucky and we did not deserve it. The taigs win a title- well deserved and best team by a mile. Cunts are running it from top to bottom. As a club we do ourselfs no favours by trying to show respect to them.
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