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  1. Get this to fuck.
  2. No surrender Fernando
  3. Lol what i want to know is how some of our own fans know that taig have already started selling tickets. thts worrying. Who give a fuck about they scumy cunts.
  4. Hope all bears in attendance have a great day.
  5. No deals with Dublin no pope of Rome. if u attend your first game and when it's quiet stand up and belt out the billy boys loud as fuck and then after that you will be ok.
  6. Well done fraser.
  7. Nico is a class player. It took him time to get used to Scottish football and just as he was starting to get good he got injured. Just our fucking luck.
  8. I want the full song played again. It's a joke that we stopped playing the full song.
  9. Il be happy once he learns the sash.
  10. Looking forward to the game today. Dont really know what to think of pedro. 3-0 rangers
  11. We will do these cunts but plenty of games before then to worrry about.
  12. Mines is the billy boys
  13. Just woke up actually got a few hours sleep for the 1st time against them. Up shower try eat get the booze open wae the tunes on. i have the battle fever. am telling u we have been writing aff so much that will motivate us to victory together. lets be brave. The players have a new manager watching to impress. NO SURRENDER
  14. I'm happy with that line up to be honest that is excactly what I would go with. Holt will get stuck in. i think we will do it the mora 3-2
  15. I'm loving how much we have been writing of by everyone. Fucking no surrender