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  1. pollok-bear

    Rapid away - re-register

    Anyone any idea when we will find out if we are successful or not?
  2. pollok-bear

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    has anything came out yet from Rangers on the day trip? barely any holidays left in work and hoping to try and do the day trip.
  3. pollok-bear

    From 2-0 to 1-1 because of poor decision making

  4. pollok-bear


    Nothing is worse than one of them mate.
  5. pollok-bear

    Bears in Osijek

    Mon the Gers. Hope all the bears over there are having a good yin. Intae these cunts.
  6. pollok-bear

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Heading on monday. Stay over in Budapest and early morning flight to Skopje Tuesday.
  7. pollok-bear

    Happy Saturday

    See wit a dnt understand when we get called orange bastards we dont give a flying fuck. Doesnt even bother us in the slightest. Them on the other hand are offended at anything.
  8. pollok-bear

    Happy Saturday

    I thought that was every day.
  9. pollok-bear

    Happy Saturday

    Cunts love that victim card so much its unreal. These people are the most bitter bastards ever and love to play the victim card as part of there own bigoted campaign against us.
  10. pollok-bear

    Happy Saturday

    Oh poor you u a feel so sorry for you oh you poor guy. I feel so bad for you. After going through all that hellish stuff that you had to endure. Oh poor guy what a victim you are. No man should have to go through that. Lol fuck me man this guys an idiot. Man fucking up. OH FUCK RIGHT OF dirty YA F..IAN bastard
  11. pollok-bear

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    Looking fward to it now.
  12. pollok-bear

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    I thought we would have took a few thousand.
  13. pollok-bear

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    Does anyone know what our allocation actually is over there?
  14. pollok-bear

    Skopje 2nd leg....

    I would imagine you will get a better rate on euros getting exchanged into the macedonian currency than english notes. That is just a guess.
  15. pollok-bear


    Im also in budapest on the monday hink il just take euros there aswell.