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  1. Slept well last night feeling a wee bit up for this now. intae these manky unwashed scumy bastards. Hooe the atmosphere is electric the full game let's hit them will bigotry non stop. Thought the fans wur poor at hampden. NO SURRENDER
  2. I am not feeling this one bit. Not even got that usual feeling. I will probs sleep like a baby. I hope come the mora morning I am feeling different but for this one but I cant see it. Think it will be 1-1 tomorrow.
  3. Get the poofy looking Shitebag to fuck. Never worthy of wearing the rangers jersey.
  4. is there a game on today? all week nervous as fuck, sleepless night on fri, ended up drinking all my booze I had for today last night. lol no nerves today just a heavy hangover.
  5. think the rugy bluebells are marching right through rugy up the gallowgate and back to hampden tomorrow. doubt there will be any trouble.
  6. always worth a go mate. only thing I would hate is plan b. theres not much of a plan b if u dnt get one. florida bar is the nearest pub to go to and that will be well over full.
  7. 3-1 the gers
  8. its always us who have injuries in these games but we will deal with it the way we always do. The taigs are interested in our line up but we don't give a fuck what there's is. they seem to want to know our line up before there own. 11 scumbags wearing green is who we are playing.
  9. this is fucked up worse ive been in ages woke up this morning after a couple of hrs sleep absolutely buzzing going to work wae tunes blaring lol now a just feel calm as fuck like the game isn't happening lol. was tossing and turning last night so hope no sleep lst night will help tonight. just do it rangers any win just shut these bastards up. how good would it be if lego muncher got sent aff again lol then he has 2 red cards to deal with. planning on going sober tomorrow but think I will need a few beers now.
  10. Woke up the day heavy buzzing for this like it's match day. Keep forgetting that I have to go to work. Going to be a long 2 days.
  11. Of course they will. These games mean the world to me and I wouldn't have any of my family not feeling the same.
  12. They scumbags have no shame they will play every tactic possible to win. I can't ever think of a game that they have been beat without blaming the ref. Let's do this on Sunday mon the Gers.
  13. No surrender goat