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  1. Think we can take a point here but the way I'm feeling about Europe is just a distraction to more importantly the league.
  2. Cheers mate. I don’t have twitter but link still works. Can’t see anything that says where this leaves from?
  3. Anyone found a cheap route to Feyenoord? I am of work the full week. Thinking of doing the bus if can’t get cheap enough flights.
  4. Imagine being an apologist lol
  5. You will get a ticket mate but if not I am sure the quayside pub have coverage (RADIO COVERAGE OBV).
  6. Ticket purchased. A seen on it u have to send travel details before collecting? What is it they are looking for? Also what if your getting the bus what the fuck u supposed to send them lol
  7. He is proving me wrong here. Amazing goal today. Keep it up.
  8. He has fucked up far to many times now. Listen I love him and he offers so much going forward but defending is awful.
  9. Mate sounds great price. I still haven’t booked yet
  10. I would usually agree with you with these kind of songs goat mate as i am old fashioned and love nothing better than the old song book but after listening to that a couple of times it is a wee bit catchy. I actually like it.
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