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  1. Mate fuck the wee pussy dont reply to the cunt.
  2. If it was the other way about mate they would would already declared the league null and void actually if we had won the league cup they would have also found a way to make that void now due to the Corona virus. We have a minority of our support who bend over to these bastards. No wonder they have been walking over us for years. I was brought up from my grandfather to my father to never surrender. NO SURRENDER
  3. Do some of our fans actually remember 2008. They bastards wouldnt even allow us to have a couple of days rest for cup final. We had to play 4 games in 7 days. 2 cup finals
  4. What a fucking shite idea. Even if we got to play st johnstone we still have 2 games against them lol. You cant give someone an advantage for a completely new season. If you cant play a season out it has to be null and void lol. What is so complex with that. It's simple.
  5. The cunts a fucking troll. Every cunt just dingy him now.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Do you go to games home or away? As in paying for tickets?
  8. Yep plenty maybe if you actually paid attention to actual Rangers posts you would see. You are so out of touch with real Rangers fan. Do you ever post anything that isnt negative about Rangers?
  9. Then you can go and have a tainted party with your taig pals
  10. What has happened to our support. Surely this cunt the dude cant be a bear. Surely he cant be. He should be kicked out the forum.
  11. Helicopter sunday.... that's all I have to say. Nothing has been won or lost yet.
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