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  1. *** The Official Dundee fc vs Rangers fc Match Thread ***

    we need to get players playing where they want to be, like today with hynnman playing deep, warburtons fantastic idea of buying a pick and mix of players hoping they'd gel,
  2. *** The Official Dundee fc vs Rangers fc Match Thread ***

    Garbage result today, only player that wanted to play for his shirt today was hyndmann and kenny and its a god damm shame that he's not even ours and the fact he was played in an ineffective role made it worse, I didn't want him to get hooked but McKay really needs to get a set and learn to take a man on, he pulled the same move at least 6 times today running up the wing and instead of takin the man on and getting a cross in he cut it back every single time, murty didn't even show any passion on the sideline today and the quicker we get a permanent boss the better and why the fuck do we keep over looking dodoo, imo he's one of the most exciting players we have and struggles to make a sub! Why bring on forrester who just ran ragged out of his postition from the get go? Why not bring on and exciting young pacey lad who's proven this season he can come on and turn a game on its head in minutes? A manger with old school basic tactics is what we need right now to move this club forward, simple things like playing players in positions where they like to play would be a great start!
  3. *** The Official Dundee fc vs Rangers fc Match Thread ***

    King kenny to score first and 2-1 the gers the day, 30/1 on 365, cmonnnnnn!
  4. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    I canna see it, wouldna complain if there was! no many people been getting bonus's recently either, there taking a pounding, a lot of people had Bayern, real and Aberdeen on a result rush last night aswell
  5. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    Nae danger bud, they took a spanking last night be another month or two before another one I reckon
  6. Risk Free In Play Tomorrow Bet365

    Some beer tokens from the btts fh, get in?
  7. UFC live.

    Silva never won that fight, Brunson landed some beauty's in that clinch, there only giving silva the win because it's the end of his career, should have at least been a split decision
  8. UFC live.

    Bisping only won that fight because it was fought in Britain, silva should have won that fight
  9. Suggestions.

    ?? you crack me up, timberland?? never wore it in my life, and I am a Rangers fan, just because your a Rangers fan doesn't mean you NEED to support queen and country cause a sheep like you says so, why do you support the crown? Because yir da who sells Avon telt yih too? See through the bullshit mate ayy, the queens a nazi German who changed their name from saxe coburg gothe to Windsor during the war to prevent attacks on them? What makes her special? Cause she got shat oot fae some other royal, your deluded mate, there imbred, they can't even bleed without the risk of dying and carry a spray with them incase they get cut as their blood clots due to all their auntys shagging their uncles and cousins, rule Britannia ??
  10. Suggestions.

    Oh And you support the nazis then I take it?? saxe coburg gothe, how more German can you get, fucking imbreeds
  11. Suggestions.

    Quote you again for the banter, wankstain ✊✊??
  12. Suggestions.

    so when your watching a Scotland game you dinna want them to score and hope they all break bones, dinna talk pish, anybody we sense would take naisy back
  13. Suggestions.

    I'm not here for for friends and knew I would get shit for it but the thread is suggestions and it's not just lafferty that fucked us, wouldn't have got that much of a fee for him anyway, what about naisy and whittaker? Still hate them too? Would you take a wage cut for 3-4 year when you could move an get double, yeah it's cuntish and they never thought about the clubs interests and only their own but naisy had the chance to still go and make it and I'll bet you'd take um back in a heart beat because I certainly would