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  1. kdybear55

    Another shambles from the referee.

    Still can't believe we got awarded a penalty
  2. kdybear55

    *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    I thought Holt played well with dorransat st Johnstone I do rate jack but I think it was a better balance in midfield. Good to have competition
  3. Any links for this game?
  4. kdybear55

    Argyle Suite

    I've booked the club Europe for the Motherwell game my cousins 1st game so he's going in style! Fair looking forward to it
  5. kdybear55

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Warburton is magic he's got his job back 10 mins after losing it
  6. kdybear55

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Exactly just one thing after another mate
  7. kdybear55

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Clubs a laughing stock again
  8. kdybear55

    Overreactionary nonsense

    True always be a blue nose if she keeps up with shite like that she'll be chucked
  9. kdybear55

    Overreactionary nonsense

    I'm in the same boat she says much of the same
  10. kdybear55

    Overreactionary nonsense

    My missus hit the nail on the head last night after I got in she said why is it every time you come home from watching rangers you say they were shite.... I've tried my best to back warburton because I genuinely do like him but he's proving time and time again he isn't capable of playing against "better" teams let's be honest it's not as if we are beating Ross county and Motherwell 4-5 nil we're scraping 1-0 2-1's it's a fucking joke team
  11. kdybear55

    *** The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Good assist from waggy
  12. kdybear55

    *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    How many times has he saved us turning out to be our best signing
  13. kdybear55

    *** The Official Rangers vs Taigs Match Thread***

    Just read hill and Wallace are having late fitness test so could be deja vu with senderos playing ? This must be a wind up from sky sports
  14. It's going to be a hard night but we've got the winning mentality going so hopefully they can keep this run up