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  1. The SPFL has responded again
  2. King is saying that the share issue will be on the basis of 1 for 1, to raise £16m, so the price will be 20p a share (80m new shares at 20p a pop)
  3. I'm not certain about that aspect of it. However, UEFA (and possibly the SFA), may have put the club on notice that they must fund the deficit (£6m?) in line with UEFA monitoring periods at the end of June and the end of September in order to avoid sanctions.
  4. If I understand the BBC report on King's press briefing, the new funding/investment is required to meet UEFA's licensing requirements rather than anything to do with investing in the team. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44030906
  5. The team's not great but will finish no worse than third.
  6. "Concomitant" Check the chairman's speech from the 2016 AGM around 4' 28" in. I don't know if it is King himself acting as a smart-ass with a wide vocabulary, or Traynor, as King's scriptwriter, acting as a smart-ass with a wide vocabulary
  7. The first clip suggests that Jack put the knee into Broadfoot, but the second shows that he was pulling his leg away as Broadfoot was repeatedly trying to stamp on his feet.
  8. Fod trying his best to stay out the way of the shot. Poor!
  9. The accounts have now been received by Companies House, but can't be viewed/downloaded as yet. They will probably be accessible from tomorrow.
  10. I wouldn't be too quick to associate myself with SD. They are very much English based and don't even have any Board representation from Scotland. However, they do have links with the SFA/SPFL and receive funding from them as well as the English FA. That means that they are not a truly independent Fans organisation, and are now effectively a tame in-house puppet organisation for both the SFA and FA. (sounds a bit familiar) I believe that Paul Goodwin, who was their Scottish based rep. until two or three years ago, was forced out at the behest of Petrie and co., because SD Scotland was becoming a bit too vocal for their liking, despite their work in helping Hearts, Dunfermline and other clubs in recent years. I know that an independent organisation called Fans Supporters Federation (FSF) was set up in England and now has 500K members, which means that the FA and Westminster government agencies can't ignore them. Similarly, Paul Goodwin has set up a rival supporters group in Scotland called the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) with the intention of obtaining similar leverage with Scottish clubs, the SFA and the government. I think SD, FSF and the SFSA can all provide good advice and support, but personally I'd prefer to be associated with a truly independent fans group.
  11. Holt was doing ok until the mis-kick. Even then there were chances to prevent the shot and Fod shouldn't be getting beat at what was the near post. McKay is a waste of a jersey. Wilson and Hill look as if they still have a bombscare moment in them. They are nothing special today. Dembele has barely kicked a ball, Sinclair has been anonymous.
  12. I'm intrigued by the 800K figure. 800k what? £, $, € etc. I can't see the club being able to afford £800K after the experience of the last manager on similar terms.
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