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  1. I'm not sure that the payments in the qualifying rounds are cumulative. I think the payments stated above are the total amounts paid to the losers in each qualifying round, so if you lost in the 3rd qualifying round you would receive £206,000 (€235,000) and that's it. You would obviously also benefit from match day income for each home tie. I think that you can also negotiate your own broadcasting fee for the qualifying rounds as the market pool doesn't kick in until the group stages.
  2. The SPFL has responded again
  3. King is saying that the share issue will be on the basis of 1 for 1, to raise £16m, so the price will be 20p a share (80m new shares at 20p a pop)
  4. I'm not certain about that aspect of it. However, UEFA (and possibly the SFA), may have put the club on notice that they must fund the deficit (£6m?) in line with UEFA monitoring periods at the end of June and the end of September in order to avoid sanctions.
  5. If I understand the BBC report on King's press briefing, the new funding/investment is required to meet UEFA's licensing requirements rather than anything to do with investing in the team. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44030906
  6. That's the obvious conclusion. It's the same Board who were quick enough to say that they couldn't reduce celtic's allocation at Ibrox.
  7. I certainly rate Middleton. I saw him play for Scotland in an U19 game earlier this season and he was Scotland's best player. He strikes me as being similar to Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth, not the biggest, but still strong, quick, direct, and with an eye for goal.
  8. You should get an idea of Club1872's actual admin costs when their accounts (to 30/06/17) are published in the next few days. They have been lodged with Companies House, but have still to made available to the public. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC476150/filing-history
  9. The team's not great but will finish no worse than third.
  10. "Concomitant" Check the chairman's speech from the 2016 AGM around 4' 28" in. I don't know if it is King himself acting as a smart-ass with a wide vocabulary, or Traynor, as King's scriptwriter, acting as a smart-ass with a wide vocabulary
  11. The first clip suggests that Jack put the knee into Broadfoot, but the second shows that he was pulling his leg away as Broadfoot was repeatedly trying to stamp on his feet.
  12. Fod trying his best to stay out the way of the shot. Poor!
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