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  1. fs uz are awfy aggressive in here my names calm qh fs
  2. ive always loved the fact that the beggars and part time beggars open their mouths n get shown up we should be dignified and not set ourselves up for failure. i honestly think ill have a stroke when we win the title ps for lurking journos ftp and fgau cunts
  3. they shag weans mate horrible tramps
  4. i had yellow n black mazuno tam 😂😂
  5. things you said 😂
  6. post it
  7. im taking a patsy and drinking a mix between wine n bow. cancelled luxembourg to stay aff it too
  8. doris till i die
  9. correct me motherfucker
  10. their
  11. if i had a tommy gun id shoot every fenian one just for walking on the ......
  12. admin fucking with me. i never wrote this @born a blue nose
  13. sexual brady
  14. ive no recollection of writing this