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  1. Fc Köln Talking About Ibrox amongst others

    I have friends from bochum which is close to there. Would be a great trip
  2. Only 1 ticket left in the whole stadium ?
  3. Progrès Niederkorn Away Emails

    Can only go in tomorrow and have a chat mate
  4. Progrès Niederkorn Away Emails

    It is mate Show passport and travel card
  5. Quality of Scottish Press (Linfield)

    This is a quote from a tarrier site called videocelts "People in football are notorious for wind-ups and it appears that Miller has been ‘at it’ with a colourful description to suit the requirements of the day." These mhanky fucks can't seriously think they'll get away with this one. Although the things they've gotten away with already then no wonder. DISGUSTING DIRTY MHANKY FENIAN LYING NEVER ASHAMED CUNTS
  6. Quality of Scottish Press (Linfield)

    Trying a link
  7. Quality of Scottish Press (Linfield)

  8. Thursday night "sold out"

    Cheers mate. My mate sits in bf and he thought he wouldn't be able to get his son one as he wasn't paid till yesterday so I've went on and bought one.
  9. Quality of Scottish Press (Linfield)

    I had a coupleof mates with them they got on holiday. I was in 1st year so 96. Not the point anyway. They didn't play them ????
  10. Quality of Scottish Press (Linfield)

    They're also talking about the pens too mate "and that in 1995 it would be some years before laser pointers became easily available and affordable to members of the public, one wonders where, exactly, these red dots may have appeared from in this match that didn’t actually happen"
  11. Request a recording of a game

    Ah right. I've never had one for him.
  12. Progrès Niederkorn Away Emails

    All good points I didn't even think off ? My mates got me a ticket for it but if it's to be picked up over there then he can't do that.
  13. Request a recording of a game

    How did you get him to be mascot mate? Had my son as mascot for Rangers ladies and the ricksen game but never been able to find a way for Ibrox
  14. Progrès Niederkorn Away Emails

    Is it pick up Thursday or pick up over there? Any idea mate?
  15. Thursday night "sold out"

    He's dreadful. Never a centre forward. He needs at least 5 good chances to get one on target. He's lazy and imo doesn't have the right attitude
  16. Thursday night "sold out"

    Waghorn still being there annoys the fuck out of me. Wish he would just get to fuck. Cunt can hit it over the bar from the line in the goal
  17. Ibrox, Old And New, Different Perspectives.

    Love her so much
  18. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    £20 yassssssss
  19. Westwood RSC bus to Luxembourg

    Geez a lift ?
  20. more transfer funds

    Alcapone is a sound guy. Sorted me with away tickets a couple of times
  21. It has to be orange

    The Dutch top just now would be nice just with a big crest on it like the 72 top
  22. It has to be orange

    That delicious. I want Adidas
  23. New Kit or Not?

    Small ?
  24. New Kit or Not?

    Wanna buy me one Tommy ?
  25. It has to be orange