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  1. This needs to stop

    I've took my son since he was two. He's obsessed with us. Knows all the players old and new. Dates of birth etc. Only talks about football. Actually does my nut in how much he goes on and I love football. At a game he never takes his eyes of the ball. Goes mental when I leave early with him so we can get home
  2. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    I got a doing but wasn't exactly a fight. Was a jumping
  3. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    @Frank Harrison is from Fife.
  4. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    That was the night I got jumped at the bellrock ?
  5. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    Ano mate Stan was in my hotel too. He organised Fleetwood. Gent of a guy. Was he skinny about 50 odd? His daughter was absolutely stunning. You should have banjoed Abdul
  6. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    Can't member his name. He was showing me n Joshua the cup that would be presented. His daughter was a photographer. Maybe there was a few organisers cause the guy was Scottish.
  7. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    They should try and make it a bit earlier though due to European football again. I'd defo be up for it next year. Who did you go down With?
  8. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    I met the guy and his daughter that were organising it when I was at the Fleetwood game. They were staying in our hotel. She was amazing
  9. This needs to stop

    Where abouts in cumbernauld are you from?
  10. Rangers v Chelsea Legends 17/06/17 at Sutton

    I was wanting to go to this but couldn't afford it with Europe away (if the 6th is away game) the Fleetwood game and Blackpool for the end of season bash.
  11. This needs to stop

    I'd rather die than let my son be a taig. He hates them and I'm fine with that
  12. This needs to stop

    I don't buy the strip but buy my son them
  13. This needs to stop

    I'm from cumbernauld and never go to palacerigg . Utter shit hole. Get your boy to do them
  14. I wanted my hole of this bird when I was 17. Was with her for a few weeks and her birthday came up. She asked for a scum top and thought may as well if I can get my hole. She was stunning. Went to buy it at jdat the trongate and guy went to hand me it to put it in the bag. Told him to so it as I wasn't touching it and he said do you not think that's immature and I said clearly you're a taig and love them immature ? Never let her wear it around me. Also I did get my hole. She used to have beads hanging off her bed and I used to open the window end launch them in the garden anytime I was in hers. Didn't last long ?
  15. Important Qualifier Information

    12pm tomorrow
  16. Qualifying ticket prices

    It will be a sell out no matter what the price is We have sold out the ground in the 3rd division and you don't think our first game in Europe in years won't sell out?
  17. Excited as fuck

    I hate the way you play. I always know what you're going to do but can't stop it. One two through the middle and I can never stop it ????
  18. Excited as fuck

    He's really good. I fucking hate playing him at fifa.
  19. in dungeons deep

  20. in dungeons deep

    Who's got jobby on his hands
  21. *** Official Pre Season Friendlies announcements and suggestions***

    I love a tie away in England. But understand why there's not. Stupid cup is early and then we have Europe which is important
  22. *** Official Pre Season Friendlies announcements and suggestions***

    Look at sports nation mate. It's affordable and brilliant. You can pay monthly. 3 monthly or yearly.
  23. Rangers race for Uefa deadline

    Get sports nation Doesn't buffer and in 1080 All sports including pay per view alsp home games and 3pm epl games. 50 for the year or think it's 18 for 3 months
  24. Young girl Zoe Bremner

    I'll make a donation on Monday. Absolutey awful. Can't begin to imagine what her families going through. R.I.P wee one
  25. Rangers bar in Calan forcat, Menorca

    Pm @Frank Harrison he has a bar there. Can't mind the name of it