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  1. 5 hours ago, 1690tamRFC said:

    And still without doubt the comfiest. Every cunt that wears any boots that are not black should get a good kicking. 

    I always played as a number 9 in my days, went to a game on a Sunday after getting mangled and shagging some fat slag, left her house an hour before KO and had to borrow boots, fucking yellow adidas ones no less, and I'm them days it was not the norm as these abominations were in their infancy, needless to say because I was known for having a knack for goal, and wearing bright yellow boots the centre backs gave me extra treatment that afternoon and fucking rightly so, as I'd have done the same. 

    Fuck these shitey boots and green should never be worn at Ibrox especially by those lucky enough to be on the fucking pitch, and if they don't get that they shouldn't be there in the first place. 

    i had yellow n black mazuno tam ??

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  2. Just now, born a blue nose said:


    Every Fenian H** is actually the original lyrics btw 

    Them being nazi harbouring bastards and singing pro nazi songs lead to pork heid being shut down to closed doors briefly. 

    They have nothing on us, not even there favourite saying. 

    their :rofl:

  3. 1 hour ago, BF1 said:

    Wouldn't read too much into their match. The gilbraltor team look woeful. Even though our scoreline against Progrès wasn't great, we did boss the game, can't remember them having any chances and we only took one of ours. 

    This Cypriot team is clearly better than  Progrès and should be a good challenge for our squad. We will only get better, our players just need more time to gel. Hopefully they can progress fast enough so we can make the group stages. 

    they had a stonewall pen refused 

  4. 11 minutes ago, BlueCafu1872 said:

    Baby steps mate...nowhere near as bad as last season be fair...

    Second half was exactly like last season except we were playing part timers that have never won in Europe and should have had a penalty 

  5. 10 hours ago, graeme_4 said:

    See to be fair, when we're trying to push for goals and our own CF is back in their 6 yard box throwing paper back - it takes an absolute spastic to continue to throw it. Unfortunately there were dozens that fell into that category. 

    Everyone knew all eyes would be on us, and they still act the fucking dicks. 

    Wasnt violent or sectarian, just fucking stupid, unproductive and unfunny. 

    Totally agree. I was saying that last night. When km was clearing it they should have stopped. We even booed them. Just utter morons to keep doing it. 

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