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  1. 22 minutes ago, BEE said:

    Going to do both, rather do Cyprus than Lux though to be fair.

    Going to be hilarious if St Josephs win, Cyprus will need to shut down for the week.

    I'd love to go to Gibraltar always a place I've wanted to visit. They could win. Look at the imps. Anyone can win a game over 2 legs. 

    No way I could do the heat. I'm melting today and it's June and I'm in cumbernauld  ? 

    I'll find shade in Luxembourg

    You flying? Jamie said there might be a bus put on for it. Some journey that but coming back would be brutal 

  2. 1 minute ago, Redwhiteandblue said:

    Am I right in saying that the biggest teams in Luxembourg play in the German leagues, like Cardiff and Swansea play in England? If that's the case, does the team we have got play in the German leagues or the Luxembourg league?

    No idea but you would think if that happens that they would play in France 

  3. Just now, RFC RYAN said:

    Anyone taking the chance and booking Limassol ? 


    Going to leave Luxembourg as it's going to all add up. Won't have any travel club points and don't know if I would get one for Cyprus on 0 points going independent, anyone know what kind of allocation we are looking at ? 

    Found this deal and checked on the beach and it couldn't come close