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  1. fs uz are awfy aggressive in here my names calm qh fs
  2. It is right. He's utter dug shite He'll probably score a hat trick now
  3. I think they play their games at a ground there mate. That's why I was saying
  4. I'd love to go to Gibraltar always a place I've wanted to visit. They could win. Look at the imps. Anyone can win a game over 2 legs. No way I could do the heat. I'm melting today and it's June and I'm in cumbernauld ? I'll find shade in Luxembourg You flying? Jamie said there might be a bus put on for it. Some journey that but coming back would be brutal
  5. Just can't be fucked. You doing both Euro ties? I'm defo going Luxembourg but thunk I'll need to miss Cyprus cause I'd melt in the middle of July with their temperature
  6. Fsm doesn't even attend games yet says someone else is ripping off the club that does attend ?
  7. No idea but you would think if that happens that they would play in France
  8. Found this deal and checked on the beach and it couldn't come close
  9. Best Marseille and zenit. We need to be realistic. We have no idea how our teams going to be like. I hope they gel but for so many new players to gel instantly is a massive ask
  10. I got the teams mixed up. Same name but the starts different ?
  11. I've booked Luxembourg city. On booking.com 22 min walk to stadium
  12. The heat could be a factor although our new signings will be used to it
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