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  1. Mibeez 😎
  2. More a shambles than the thing that happened at hampden v them
  3. I was very young but I used to always read about ourselves. We had some of the best English players due to the ban England had on European football and we were first choice. After that then the likes of Dr boer. Gio. Hammer. Gazza etc breaks my heart now but they're not any better. They get lucky with some players but days are long gone (unless a new league or England happens) that we will sign amazing players unless a fluke then we can't keep that player. Scottish football is horrendous and no one will make a serious investment here.
  4. Without doubt But he's correct with commanding his box. Some things have been like out a comedy sketch. Hearts away I think when there was no need but he ran along close to the corner flag and lost or nearly lost the ball. Think it was either killieor cakes too. He dedo has the potential but needs a decent coach to show him
  5. We were spoiled though It's nowhere near the same and we need to accept that. I'm sure klos was charbonniers (csnt spell it) bsck uo then he got injured. Niemi was a back up too. Our keepers since I've grew up have been exceptional. Member man u took goram for a game or two due to injuries with their keepers and that was the latter years We really need to find a way to compete.
  6. Since I was a boy we've always had tremendous keepers. Barring recently and ally maxwell. A no2 for us should be great. (I feel they should be used in cups so they feel that they're contributing. God is a fantastic shot stopper imo but needs a massive amount of work with decision making and speed. One on one he is the best in the league imo. He pulls of some tremendous saves time and time again. We've had great defenders for our great keepers fodhas not had that luxury.
  7. Went on their site.wpuld rather avoid
  8. Where's that?
  9. Cheers for posting that. I'm definitely going to go to that.
  10. I'm going with Allan
  11. It's not a long walk. Done it quite a few times after football. I'll be charging so might walk it lol
  12. Yeah I heard that too mate. Were are you going before it? Having drinks in my mates then thinking of pub in town. Prob get a taxi if you want to go halves lol
  13. Standing mate
  14. Fuck I didn't know there was a concert and a bus parade ahahahaha This Rod Stewart?