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  1. Stop drinking fs He had blame and so did all they fucking clowns in the team. No heart or passion. Tav was decent IMO rest just didn't care and it showed.
  2. Fuck mm he was a rotten murdering rodent that turned to politics before he was lifted. He ordered the deaths of Protestants and killed so many Protestants and when he died it was fucking delicious . you think what's wrong with our club is us celebrating this. You're what's wrong with our club. One of they 'let's be friends' cunts. Fuck they rodents and everything they think they stand for. NS
  3. Scott Brown used to have a bunk bed
  4. Well done mate
  5. Shitebag Anytime a team go right in their face they shite it. Tomorrow we need to come out and never give them a second. They're too used to teams holding off. In their face, two upfront and destroy them like they've destroyed kids lives
  6. Just go and if you don't get one pub it
  7. Cumbernauld utd casuals
  8. Fuck I feel guilty now you got me one Na not really How was the Pollock game?
  9. Thanks to @ricksen_da_best tried for a while to get me a ticket for tomorrow and did. Top guy
  10. You love a good t bag
  11. No shit sherlock
  12. Same
  13. Looks like he has a rucksack on
  14. Fuck up ya banger. I'm far from wee. Please don't call me a fud again