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  1. £20 yassssssss
  2. Geez a lift 😁
  3. Alcapone is a sound guy. Sorted me with away tickets a couple of times
  4. The Dutch top just now would be nice just with a big crest on it like the 72 top
  5. That delicious. I want Adidas
  6. Small 😎
  7. Wanna buy me one Tommy 😂
  8. Pic?
  9. What on earth does this say?
  10. The way it's worded doesn't make it obvious
  11. Do you mean as the home top? Would like it for third strip.
  12. Who would be better in your opinion. Guy has spent a decent amount and brought in some good players. He has got us out from Ashley grip. What else do you want from him? Too many supporters just love to be negative
  13. Who?
  14. They'll send you a new card