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  1. Smashed my phone lol. Heads banging
  2. Money in league one is more than our prem. If you want lose money. Invest in scotland
  3. I'll do it there in case i lose it i'm a fud lol
  4. No one wants to see that 😂 I have the wee mans card in my bag. Forgot to post it. Will get a stamp in blackpool n post it mate
  5. 😂😂 well got 2. One for 3.50 2 for 6. Be rude not too. Got some english cows looking at me with disgust. Yasssss
  6. Seed sensation bread with cheese and ham mate. Felt a bit taigy with clover on it. Just bought a can of stella on the train 😮😂
  7. On the train just now. Just passed by lockerbie. Had a sandwich. Enjoying the train journey.
  8. They are mate.
  9. Thanks mate. I'm defo doing europe too. Hope it is a tiny corner of europe we would never visit
  10. Gallant pioneer is sold out all weekend. Can only get in 12-5 tomorrow if you don't have one
  11. I've got the zoo the morra. Game and viva on sat and the swimming on sunday. Obv zoo n swimming are for the wee man. Trains at 07.09 the morra
  12. Sorted . cheers
  13. They're expensive. If you hear of a spare for viva give me a shout. It's for one of my mates
  14. As title Saturday night blackpool looking for a mate
  15. The guy from lionbrand will be selling them at the stadium mate. He hasn't confirmed where yet