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  1. Normal you mean
  2. Imagine even having that nickname for your team
  3. Just got this the other day and it's constant. Last phone didn't do it.
  4. They'll be on the phone to you for a grant
  5. Exactly. Guaranteed no championship highlights next season
  6. If you really did sign him even on a free then you should smash your computer up and have a shower with a scourer and bleach
  7. Gonna smash this fucking phone up. Constantly changing my words.
  8. We have a dental plan
  9. I was at a charity day for a rsc. Didn't even know they were playing. Fucking mutants that they are.
  10. Tierney
  11. I'll just wait until the season starts and judge it by then. No way we can say bad or good signing until we see them play for us. How many good players go to a different team and are shite then move to another and are good. Let's just wait and see.
  12. I don't know how they can be. No where near the money involved down south but imo they needed that promotion. For better players they need to pay well. There is no interest down in the championship so they will be working at a big loss especially as they don't even nearly fill the stadium Member when they thought they were the big cunts laughing at our demise
  13. Hopefully get relegated next season then they're truly fucked Poisonous nothing club
  14. Still would. Then send the video to Thompson
  15. I'm really not At least that was used wisely. His was just diarrhoea