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  1. YOU'RE alright
  2. Boot
  3. Sharing is caring my hill walking chum
  4. Everyone seems to
  5. You were adding arse on the hope Dan will ride you
  6. God you're thick. You keep writing you're when it's your. Please keep it correct otherwise you will be classed as a taig
  7. It's your ya stupid cunt
  8. What's Doris doing?
  9. I'll sell you mine Ashley for a sniff
  10. Just got a semi Don't judge. I'm desperate
  11. Shut it wee man. Away n play in the park
  12. Bastard was gonna see if you wanted. To go the gether again
  13. Doesn't come in to affect for two weeks so he will be playing
  14. @born a blue nose and @Dan Deacon said they had one each. I'm sure I seen @K.A.I saying to another lady user he would for a drink from somewhere. Sorry for being vague. Give them a try
  15. No chance. Go to a Rangers pub close to the ground. You'll enjoy the atmosphere
  16. I would expect us to do it if first game after. We went mental that hibs didn't do it for us
  17. We bang on about the rags being full of shite every single fucking day. Then when people see this they automatically assume that they've got it right.
  18. Well done to all. Amazing to help our heroes in this way. That's why I love our club so much. You get some right bangers in our support but this restores the faith. Brilliant again from you GB
  19. Needing one for Saturday for a mate if anyone can help
  20. Did you get sorted? My mate can't take it as he thought he was getting paid Friday but it's next Friday
  21. Be early as it gets extremely busy. If with kids you need to sit outside. Make sure to grab a table
  22. The majority that say boycott have never been to an away match. I prefer away games to home games lol
  23. I got one in the championship but nothing since. One of my favourites as well