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  1. BlueCafu1872

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Hinging n swinging?
  2. BlueCafu1872

    Jordan jones

    I hope arfield does a job at lm always seem him as a cm...hope your right cause I'd hate to see us spunk money on anything other than a 30 goals a season striker..
  3. BlueCafu1872

    Jordan jones

    Wouldnt be against a player plus cash deal ..vastly better than any other lm/lw we have imo..
  4. BlueCafu1872

    Welcome Goldson

    Got 5 seconds in.
  5. BlueCafu1872

    Welcome Goldson

  6. BlueCafu1872

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Why do they always feel the need to put 1872 in their name....aw wait
  7. BlueCafu1872

    Ovie Ejaria

    Negativity is unreal in here.. will anybody give a shit how old the players are if the teams banging in goals for fun?...
  8. BlueCafu1872

    Orange Top Hint

    No fucks giving by dave this year...fully expecting the team to walk out to the sash come the 12th
  9. BlueCafu1872

    Orange Top Hint

    Put me in the mood for a shake
  10. BlueCafu1872

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Its only funny cause its true.
  11. BlueCafu1872

    162 Years Ago Today. Tom Vallance.

    Brilliant read mate
  12. BlueCafu1872

    Another Article From Rangers Hater Waddell.

    Boils your piss reading that drivel...guys a oxygen thief
  13. BlueCafu1872

    Oh oh oh itss magic you know

    Taig tune wtf?
  14. BlueCafu1872

    Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Ano what you mean mate a hated saying it...just not what were about a
  15. BlueCafu1872

    Gerrard mobbed at airport.

    Cringing like f*ck watching it.....taigish behaviour 👀