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  1. BlueCafu1872

    Found wallet in CF1

  2. BlueCafu1872

    Found wallet in CF1

    Any money in it?
  3. BlueCafu1872


    Bad days when your sitting worrying "what if we csnt sign him permanent "...boy was a different gravy tonight and should be a priority next to coulibally...a proper number 10 and i honestly believe the team would be head and shoulders
  4. BlueCafu1872


    Any idea what the buffalos saying here?
  5. BlueCafu1872

    Who do we play as striker?

    Could always recall rudden...
  6. BlueCafu1872

    Gerrard & Middleton Post Match Reaction - Ayr

    Sexy bastard
  7. BlueCafu1872

    Who do we play as striker?

    Actually sounds like a defenders nightmare mate?...the pace of those 3 will destroy that defence
  8. BlueCafu1872

    Plastic pitch on Sunday

    Image of rossiter walking on that pitch and BOOOM 7 to 10 days away ..
  9. BlueCafu1872

    Who do we play as striker?

    True mate ...as others are saying we have goals coming all over the park...before tonight id be tempted to say he lacks the strength to play up top but the way he took his second goal was superb.
  10. BlueCafu1872

    Who do we play as striker?

    Longs he doesnt need to move with the ball it could work.
  11. BlueCafu1872

    Who do we play as striker?

    Think my choice leans towards ejaria...quick feet and the strength to hold off opponents...closest player to morelos i can think off that would suit our style...hard choice
  12. BlueCafu1872

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    But watching them specifically JAMES... Hmmmmmm
  13. BlueCafu1872

    Ryan Kent

    Hes decent ..but tbh i dont see him breaking into the liverpool squad ..but yeah agree can see them wanting a few million...dont think we should pay no more than 3 mil for him..
  14. BlueCafu1872

    We need to keep this run going

    Bad day when we as fans are shiting ourself that one of players will come away injured from those shitty plastic monstrosities
  15. BlueCafu1872

    Ryan Kent

    No idea what liverpool would want for him...transfermarkt has him valued at 1.5 mil...