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  1. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Fuck the sfa

    Fur fucks sake Barry. Gutted he's came oot and said he didnae mean it. You fucking did mean it. Sad day when one of your heroes acts the shitebag, especially at this moment in time with all the Gazza stuff etc. Disappointed.
  2. 35 Yard Dangerman

    mongo i am

    Couldn't help but read the last sentence in Chinese.
  3. 35 Yard Dangerman

    mongo i am

    Seen a few clearly catastrophic catholic upbringings on here outed but this is just taking the biscuit.
  4. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Safe Standing

    Something extra creepy about this cunt. Proper chills am gettin.
  5. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Safe Standing

    Might just try that. Thanks.
  6. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Safe Standing

    Oh. Ok. I see.
  7. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Safe Standing

    Why are you talking about 90 minutes everywhere I go?
  8. 35 Yard Dangerman

    The sun again.

    Can't wait till the day we look back in years to come and say "Fuck me, mind ye used to get actual newspapers!?" Days are numbered going by this kind of shit. It's constant. It's the equivalent of dragging a convict to be executed and he is just shouting the worse obscenities he possibly can before he's deid. Can't wait.
  9. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    Turn the fine margins round and we are on our way. I believe this will happen. Must be top of Gerrard's to do list.
  10. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Joe Worrall.

    Probably happens with the Mbappe's of this world but not the Worrall's.
  11. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Joe Worrall.

    Reckon it's more to do with a Katic injury than some clause dictating to Gerrard that he must play x amount of games. Can't see Gerrard being up for stuff like that.
  12. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    I like this post.
  13. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    Solanke in Jan.....
  14. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    Think it's his relaxed demeanour that can put some people off. He's not really the hard tackling ball winning player that some have been used to over the years. The comparison to Pogba is quite fair in some ways strangely enough. Gerrard is clearly bringing him on and improving him, amongst others, and I for one am delighted with this.
  15. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    Fuck sake. They are sinking even lower than I thought they ever could. Some cunt needs to somehow do something about this kind of shit. That fat scrounging cunt needs slapped too. Shocking.