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  1. The fathers advice at the club has improved since the Dean Windass stuff anyway
  2. McGregor Tavernier Helander Katic Barisic Jack Aribo Hagi Kent Morelos Defoe
  3. I'm in the very first crowd shot after Fernando lifts the trophy. Tap aff, airms oot tae the side, fucking flying. What a fucking day 🇬🇧
  4. Very impressed after reading that interview 👏👏 I reckon we've just been brought right up to speed in the kit department. Much more modern feel around it all, exciting times. Hopefully everyone is a winner here.
  5. If some kind fellow could both kindly and simply explain to me what is likely to occur tomorrow afternoon I would robustly appreciate it.
  6. Stop throwing curve balls ffs mate I'm struggling to keep up as it is.
  7. The eternal optimist in me is saying there might be a surprise on the horizon.
  8. How much would this cost him roughly?
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