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  1. You've nae chance cause I already emptied mine in your Mrs earlier, let's get that straight ok.
  2. Getting vibes that you don't like the look of them here lol
  3. Canny handle the absolute drivel these "reporters" come out with nowadays. It's just wave upon wave of shite they talk.
  4. Hope to fuck they pishy slogan things are ripped off the wall now. If given the chance I'd have a claw hammer in to the rawl plugs in a heartbeat.
  5. I know this is obvious as fuck, but can you imagine just what it must be like to sign with your boyhood heroes. Personally I'd shite myself but that's why am no there lol Remember being nervous as fuck when Boyd signed cause I wanted it to work out for him so much having known how Rangers daft he was and being a local boy.
  6. Canny say am buzzing. Usually when I say that the signing turns oot no bad though. Hope that's the case here. It's a deal where we have nothing to lose really.
  7. I would be up for it but I would probably make an "ersa" it.
  8. Friendlies suck the life out of me. Can never overcome the feeling of wanting to bolt after 15 mins.
  9. I'm here if you want to talk about things mate. Problem shared and all that.
  10. Tried to read it, the technophobe in me reliably reared its ugly head again tho. I'll get it one day. I know by the posts about it from posters whom on here I rate, i know I'm in for a decent wee viewing.
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