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  1. You've actually done well just to get yourself on the internet never mind post stuff too. Fair play man 👏👏👏
  2. 3 nil win and cunts are fighting. Ffs.
  3. Hoping the 3 possibly 4 serious injury claim payouts cheer my miserable face up a bit. Trauma, anxiety, stress, impotence the fucking lot after that crash
  4. Car crash. Mrs has a broken leg too. Youngest daughter was fine, eldest still in QEUH getting surgery on her leg. Nightmare man. Completely the other drivers fault. Going too fast, spun out of control and fucked head first in to us.
  5. Just moved in. Haven't decorated yet 😂
  6. Not been on here in days. Any kind gentleman care to briefly explain what is going on here? Been in hospital and totally out the loop right now.
  7. I'd like to see you go through less lines, especially inside that left nostril.
  8. Same mate, not a fucking clue there was even other fixtures on today. Soon as I woke up today it's just been whoosh, swally, watched game, done, home, scran, scratcher. Love it.
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