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  1. Big pollock-bear throwing combinations.
  2. Get it belted out at the next game and I'll join in then.
  3. Personally i would think twice about jumping on to any old corrugated shitey roof even if my life depended on it, but, knowing the feelings of a supporter, young or old, celebrating a last minute winner I totally get it.
  4. Barisic has a much sweeter connection when striking a ball. Give him a bash. Whilst Morelos is still the man, he thrives more on instinctive chances. Sadly I can see him being the type to run up to take it with a bit of doubt. Where as Barisic will slot it naturally giving the keeper no chance.
  5. Might be wrong but I'm picking up vibes you're not too sure about this suggestion.
  6. Only on here do I here rat patter. It's sad as fuck and it would fucking burst ye. If we are to win the league this year, outwith Morelos and Jack, McGregor and Davis will be the cheif instigators in doing so. Very poor from some in my opinion.
  7. Holy fuck. I'm genuinely quite concerned about some people that move amongst us on a daily basis these days.
  8. I have no fucking idea as to what's going on in here. Has that fat mongo that was just about crying been writing letters to cunts about Morelos? Surely fuckin no.
  9. Tell ye wit, I like the cut of this guys jib man. Have a feeling that whatever the fuck he is going to do he is going to do it well.
  10. 👏👏 fair play, good one mate.
  11. Go away BradBear. You are clearly a pollution.
  12. Wasn't the greatest no, still done enough to suggest he can turn it around
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