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  1. 35 Yard Dangerman

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    Thought I was on FF for a moment there.
  2. 35 Yard Dangerman

    The Media Agenda

    Friendly with an ex pro's brother in law and this is 100% what he is asked to do. Say shit that creates a lot of clicks and general bedlam. The pro in question has already more than made his money so I just wonder why the fuck does he need to do this? Putting it down to missing the spotlight and the attention.
  3. 35 Yard Dangerman

    I don't think Kenny Burns has much to worry about.

    Clutching at straws here but he'd probably look a better player if he shaved all that daft hair off. Does my nut in him constantly pushing his fringe to the side after each pass or header.
  4. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Very true. We'll get passed them though.
  5. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Scum at home please. Pick up where we left off. Get them tae fuck asap then the trophy is ours to lose.
  6. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Aberdeen would be a riot.
  7. 35 Yard Dangerman

    First Rangers game you attended?

    There he is. Something I've been saying my whole life at games but only just realised I've been saying it lol
  8. 35 Yard Dangerman

    First Rangers game you attended?

    Callander. 0-0 draw. We were pish that day.
  9. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Eye Broke

    Not being sarcastic but that might be the most interesting picture I've ever seen on here.
  10. 35 Yard Dangerman


    Wonder how much money these pundits actually get paid? 500 bucks a game? More? Less? I wouldn't imagine it would be that great but you never know.
  11. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Morelos calls Gerrard legend and eyes Columbia recall

    Aye, Griffiths, in to allsorts, gambling, swally, fuck knows what else and a wee racist prick. But Morelos is the fruitcake. No off field antics. Young man in a foreign country tearing it up and still improving. Aye ok Provan ya fuckin bunnet.
  12. 35 Yard Dangerman

    McAllister misquoted in saying unlikely Kent staying

    Kent this was coming.
  13. 35 Yard Dangerman

    A plea to Bears

    Take a deep breath and move on. Good times are not too far away.
  14. 35 Yard Dangerman

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    A hard skelp. I like it. 1-3 or 1-4 Rangers. Get it right up ye Clarke.
  15. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Fair do's, obviously I hope he can step up and do the business but I just don't think he has what it takes to play with us these days unfortunately.