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  1. 35 Yard Dangerman

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Seen that anaw!
  2. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    Agreed with every comment in here and can't really add much more other than to say i may truly fucking love Steven Gerrard. Like, proper true.
  3. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Picture(s) tell a thousand words

    Absolutely superb man.
  4. 35 Yard Dangerman

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Good to see you doing this more often again mate.
  5. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Ryan Jack

    CoolBilly! Like it! 👍
  6. 35 Yard Dangerman

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Let's batter fuck out of them on the park. And if any of their support get wide then we batter fuck out of them tae 👊🇬🇧
  7. 35 Yard Dangerman

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    I can see this being a very evenly balanced match. Our defence really has me sleeping quite easily at night just now but I can't help feeling we will conceed something daft for some reason. I can also see us scoring so 1-1.
  8. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Make no mistake

    Whilst I fully agree it's still a bit early I still cannot control the premature ejaculations I am experiencing just now.
  9. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Same mate 👍 My daughter's birth was a the same time but Easter Road outweighs it looking back to be fair 😂
  10. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Quite possibly

    Fair do's mate. When you put it like that actually👍
  11. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    Absolute joke of a support. Absolute joke of a club. Absolutely nothing new to see here.
  12. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    This tide of absolute shite will eventually turn but fuck me I will have no knuckles left to chew by then.
  13. 35 Yard Dangerman

    Progres vs Ufa

    Perhaps I buckled at this a tad more than I should have.
  14. 35 Yard Dangerman


    His left foot gave me both a semi and a few full erections today.
  15. 35 Yard Dangerman


    It's one of those ones where purely because we are doing well just now then we are not so harsh on certain players as previously. I would love to be in his shoes! The better we become the longer he'll get to stay, not for too long but he'll just be absorbing it while he can 👍 He's just loving it being here so fuck it man I'm just happy for a real supporter to live his dream for a while yet.