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  1. Good. Keep going Leigh, there's a massive win just round the corner. Keeping lumping everything you possess right down to your fucking socks on it all please.
  2. I was really hoping he was going to be a massive success with us. Not quite sure where he fits in nowadays though if he's not happy being a squad player. The deep down truth is that we need better. I know the boy desperately wants to play with us but he will be looking for first team action every week right now. Fair do's. Can't fault his love or desire for us.
  3. It's no holds barred when it comes to this gargoyle.
  4. Can see us beating every cunt for the rest of the season now. Tellin ye man, we could have won the league this year barring all the obvious fuck ups but they were to be expected. Gutted, but we will definitely be right in about it next season.
  5. To the tune of Live Forever. I said Arfieeeeeeeeld I just really wanna knooooow Are you gonna go And bring us 55, Lately, you've came on to a game Can you slay some taigs And bring us 55.
  6. Aye man, I'm up for a trip to Anfield 🇬🇧🍻
  7. To the tune of "Wiggle Wiggle". "Don't stop movin' baby you're the one that drives me crazy..... Scotty Arfield Scotty Arfield" Scenes when you repeat that but add in the bouncy the second time 🙌
  8. It's not over till Susan Boyle sings.
  9. Genuinely no offence intended mate but I just cannot understand nor even begin to get what angle you ever come from. It's just the weirdest of shit to me. What you on about?
  10. Same team and approach as Motherwell game please. Arfield's confidence will be high so I fancy him to get on the scoresheet. Can see Defoe chipping in with one too. Planning on getting heavily mangled at a bbq today and would prefer to be reasonably chatty with people rather than sit in a corner beelin. So come on Rangers, make my day.
  11. He's looking at that ball going "I wish someone here could ping this even remotely close to the way I can".
  12. Don't enjoy being a doubting Thomas but the moment I seen Grezda step foot on the pitch and take a couple of touches I just shook my head and said to myself "naw". For us to rattle 1.1m or whatever it was on him was lunacy. He wasn't even matchfit when we signed him not that it will ever matter as he is pure pish. Terrible decision, especially so soon after signing the last shower of shite that I was hoping we had at least learned lessons from.
  13. As much as I actually quite like Ronaldo, get it right round him.
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