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  1. I actually like it. Feel free to share any better songs for players that you have came up with though.
  2. When I heard this stuff about Tavernier I immediately thought of Polster. He's ready to prove himself and his time is now.
  3. Lafferty is a bit of a tool too but the slating Gareth gave him upon signing for Sunderland either seemed a bam up or he meant it. Must be a bam up.
  4. And that's just the tarriers...
  5. Sorry but what is a resting bitch face? I genuinely do not know what that means?
  6. Heard from a good Ayr Utd source that Dundee Utd offered him double what we did at the time. Cant honestly say I think he's one that got away. One of us aswell.
  7. When I randomly think of players it's cunts like Darren Huckerby that spring to mind. No idea why.
  8. There can't be much more depressing towns in this country than Stranraer fs.
  9. Done nothing but think about beating them there since that last game. Barisic's pass for the first fuck sake. Then the finish. Then Katic towering like Gough. Aw man, trying not to get carried away but I can't help but think we're doing it this season.
  10. Nah that was Adverladze and De Boer. Rab Douglas palmed Vignal's in to the top corner even though it was a daisy cutter lol
  11. Been there about 10 times. Seen one victory and maybe one or two draws. Canny mind, hazy days. Vignal and Novo the victory. Too steaming most of the time but Ricksen's header while those manky fucks were in full voice was one goal in particular that made me lose my voice. Pure silence all around whilst pandemonium in our corner and upper. Lovely shit.
  12. Seen yer boy in one of the clips 👏👏👏
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