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  1. I'd love to put a face to the name! I'll be there, I'll message ye!
  2. See if we cut out the sloppy passes and all the stupid shit and have a go at them at the right moments we can do this over there.
  3. Fair do's. You must no be able to spot a player then. That's fine.
  4. I hate saying I'd take a 0-0 right now but I'd take a 0-0 right now.
  5. The tent used at that AGM might still be lying about somewhere. That would protect part of an 18 yard box at least.
  6. Can they not just send out a few teenagers to run over it with a cover like what used to happen at Wimbledon?
  7. How do I go about getting this gif on my phone? ­čśé
  8. Pretty disappointed and suprised someone would even consider starting a thread on this.
  9. Always have a wee chuckle at this picture. A thing of beauty.
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