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  1. I'm sure he won't be looking back in anger come the end of the season.
  2. Yip. Some stuff has clearly went on. Whatever the fuck it is is a mystery. Not going to waste my time dwelling on it though. Must be a reason and I'm willing to trust the management with it just now.
  3. Every chance it's the lager talking but not really giving a monkeys even if it is tbh. Gen up feel we can handle Porto home and away. They will be more worried about us than what we are about them in my opinion. Qualification is well within our reach.
  4. Big Helander reminded me of Ivan Drago in the press conference in Rocky 4 there.
  5. Aye or its Mate:- "Such and such was arguing with this cunt last night and it ended up with square go's the lot" Me:- "Did it!? fuck sake where did aw that happen?" Mate:- "Faceboo...... Me interrupting "Fucking bolt mate".
  6. This is one of the many reasons why I don't do Facebook but I still can't escape seeing the shite from it, its either my mates sending me daft screenshots or its on here. It's absolute brain damage.
  7. Because it would look like Gerrard is going "ah fuck it, this wasn't my original plan but seeing as I'm all out of ideas now let's do it" Never going to happen fs.
  8. What I will say is this, we need to start clicking like fuck. None of this Killie last minute, livi goal down, st Mirren slog type games. Keep a fairly settled side, stop making hard work of it all because that shit becomes heavy in the mind and on the legs. Gut feeling is telling me if we are even something like 6 points behind them at xmas then the signs aren't good, they have previous in pulling away whilst we tend to stutter. Rightly or wrongly Gerrard will be here next season even if it all goes tits up though, fairly sure about that.
  9. Things are kicking off in here before my friday night chinese has arrived. Happydays.
  10. Good to know my memory isn't completely fucked after all then lol
  11. From what I recall did big Soti no make the most of it a bit? 😂 blurred times for me man.
  12. Was at both. He was simply the driving force that won us the league that year. Performance after performance after performance.
  13. Sad fucking state of affairs for life as we know it when people actively seek shots like that as their job. The media world is bonkers and I fucking despise it with all my heart. I wish all the ill in the world to anyone who took part in that.
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