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  1. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Sad but very true mate.
  2. Hummel

    Just quoted this to be a dick. Apologies.
  3. Hummel

    You should be involved at the club in some capacity mate. Cunts there the now just do not have even the slightest bit of common sense. Windass would be 500k at best tho haha. Apart from that, nice to see a postive comment after the past couple of days anaw!
  4. Hummel

    Yaaas mate i buckled there.
  5. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    Not 100% sure his displeasure was aimed directly at Murty. Fucking hope it was though. The way he swaggered straight doon the tunnel growling and pointing would suggest so.
  6. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    Daniel Candeias
  7. Union Bears Statement.

    Superb man. Been feeling like fucking shit since Sunday but that statement just ignited something in me.
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    If i could give you 100 likes i would mate.
  9. Sell Morelos, Wes and Windass

    Ah, I'm sure not many people on here are, ahem, all that fond of them either buddy but thanks for letting us know how you feel.
  10. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Fucking hell.
  11. Sell Morelos, Wes and Windass

    You just mentioned it though.
  12. Sell Morelos, Wes and Windass

    Standard procedure in life to hate them. Doesn't need mentioning really....
  13. Rumours at this stage

    Brutal that this is where we are isn't it.
  14. Rumours at this stage

    I share the same thoughts.
  15. Bates is off

    I like this post.