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  1. You take some pelters on here mate! Boring pelters I might add.
  2. Ye never know. Stranger things have happened.
  3. Hope not. But am I just drunk and thought they mentioned they weren't up for restructure etc?
  4. The players are massively overpaid in my opinion anyway and it would be a disgrace should they refuse to budge on this. In saying that i can't see them not agreeing to some sort of temporary cut to help the club and staff out during this period. If they were paid by performances 2020 would have seen them earning fuck all so far.
  5. I genuinely can't get my head round the the thinking that they will just be awarded the title. It's not going to happen.
  6. Spent a night with Davie Wilson at Glenburn Miners Club. Class.
  7. If we cannot complete the fixtures until a winner is determed then celtic cannot be given the title. That's all there is about it really.
  8. Here, Dave Hedgehog, send aw this stuff to the club mate, it's wasted in here!
  9. You must have seen some changes over the years, in terms of the support etc and the all round general feeling around the club be it bad or good up until now. I'm nearly 40 and I feel like I've seen a lot but it's fuck all compared to you ­čĹŹ
  10. Just aff the phone to Marseille there. Apparently their riddled with guilt and we've to automatically go straight in to the next Champion's League final.
  11. Been drinking out this wee beauty for nearly 20 years.
  12. Bet ye The Dude wears Jesus sandals and has big long yellowy taenails.
  13. The number of people feeling that way in this country right now will be huge.
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