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  1. Desperately looking for one ticket as have been refunded for BF1 closure and not relocated. Had booked holiday and travel up from Wycombe with my dad and will be gutted if one of us is to miss out on the match.
  2. What sort of crowd is anticipated for this? Tie is done but would be great to see a full Ibrox
  3. Move on 8-10 deadwood players, sign an experienced CB, new LB, striker and hang on to Tav and Mo. Getting Kent over the line would be the cherry on the cake. That's what I think we have left to do. Out - Lafferty, Alnwick, Holt, Dodoo, Rossiter, Dorrans, Middleton (loan), Docherty (loan)
  4. Thanks. Didn't see it advertised on Rangers website so wanted to check before sorting travel.
  5. So is the Q1 home leg confirmed at Thursday 18th July at 7.45pm, regardless of who we play?
  6. And we get Kent, Ojo and Aribo over the line and keep Morelos... Pick a front 6 from this lot. Jack Kamara Davis Aribo Arfield Candeias Murphy Hastie Jones Kent Ojo Morelos Defoe A lot of competition for places. That doesn't include McCrorie, Middleton, Rossiter, Docherty (assume loaned out) (or Holt, Lafferty, Grezda, Dodoo and Dorrans either who I expect will all be away). Think Candeias may have limited playing time at best next season.
  7. So theres no benefit in finishing 2nd over 3rd in terms of European progression?
  8. Do we have to go through Q1 this time? Thought we started a round later for finishing 2nd. Apologies if that is a monumentally stupid question.
  9. Brilliant video, some top content from the media team this season. Having been at Ibrox yesterday great to relive those scenes.
  10. As much as I detest Clarke, he is right to call out McLean, who is the worst ref of the lot, and that's going some
  11. My current ST seat is restricted view and would like the option to change if possible - what's the best way of going about this, and any chance of success?
  12. Should get an early night in but feel the need to get blotto'd
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