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  1. So theres no benefit in finishing 2nd over 3rd in terms of European progression?
  2. Do we have to go through Q1 this time? Thought we started a round later for finishing 2nd. Apologies if that is a monumentally stupid question.
  3. Brilliant video, some top content from the media team this season. Having been at Ibrox yesterday great to relive those scenes.
  4. As much as I detest Clarke, he is right to call out McLean, who is the worst ref of the lot, and that's going some
  5. My current ST seat is restricted view and would like the option to change if possible - what's the best way of going about this, and any chance of success?
  6. Should get an early night in but feel the need to get blotto'd
  7. We really need all of them available. If fit I would pick McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan Candeias Jack Mccrorie Arfield Kent Morelos If Kent isn't available I would change shape and put Lafferty up front with Morelos. Don't want Middleton or Grezda starting. Middleton off the bench.
  8. Mcrorie and Worrall are honking and they aren't alone. Embarrassing so far
  9. Top of the league and 3 points will do me but that was so wasteful in the final third. Lafferty was absolutely brutal, missing an open goal header from 3 yards and even in the first minute when their GK air kicked he was too slow and not sharp enough. Hold up play was not a patch on morelos, we would have won by 3 or 4 with him on the park. The contrast is stark. That said, good performances from Jack, Candeias and Barisic. Moving Grezda to the right didn't pay off and we need more from him. If it was a competition on who could win the most corners we were very good.
  10. Dreading this, with no Morelos I have the fear we will make a dog's dinner of this and struggle to put them away. This is a must win
  11. Is morelos banned for this? Thought 2 yellows was a one game ban which he served for the Dundee game?
  12. I've just watched the minutes leading up to Candeias dismissal and as SG would say wow, just wow. A blatant corner Morelos won given as a goal kick by the lino. A bad foul on Candeias that could have seen a yellow, no card. A blatant foul on Tav unpunished. Let's it run and the incident takes place where the ref books the wrong player and forgets he's booked Candeias so feels he can't overturn his call. Staggeringly bad officiating. In between this there was the quite heroic McGregor save, well one of them.
  13. The rendition of Build My Gallows last night was sensational
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