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  1. djwyc14

    Season Tickets

    Bought a ST in main stand rear block T row n. Anyone nearby got a photo of what the view is like?
  2. djwyc14

    Season Tickets

    Are the wing tickets in the Main Stand Rear a badly restricted view or not too bad?
  3. djwyc14

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    The fat lino on the Govan side has been terrible and arrogant in being so Dundee are unfortunate to be behind but we have luckily hit the post twice Dorrans was like a man down at times in that half, hope he improves It's not been Candeias' day thus far
  4. djwyc14

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    Agreed. My first game up since the Sheep but after 4hrs30 on the train still get the buzz for Ibrox and matchday. Filly understand the negative vibes from some as we have been let down for far too long but I still can't shake that excitement of walking down the Paisley Road
  5. djwyc14

    ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Docherty makes such a difference to us. Players can feed the ball into him at pace knowing he has both the ability and strength to either spin an opponent or power past him. We've missed this for ages.
  6. djwyc14

    Fan base in Scotland.

    This. The train from London Euston passing through the North West of England through to Glasgow Central on a Saturday morning is an eye opener. Always staggers me the dozens of fans you get on there travelling up to a game.
  7. djwyc14

    ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    I expect we will see same team as Sheep & County games tomorrow. I'd be tempted to start Docherty in midfield for presence though against McGeouch and McGinn. Buzzing for this one, early start tomorrow, beers on train up and few bevs in the Louden to warm up. WATP
  8. djwyc14

    **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Just as I type that, Thistle win a blatant penalty and score. Blatant but Mutton still questioning it ??
  9. djwyc14

    **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    If the taigs could contrive to drop points at Thistle it will add an extra layer of spice and interest to an already tasty looking game.
  10. djwyc14

    Where do you sit?

    Bit of a stadium nomad too and don't own a season ticket. When I can get up to games I try BF1 half way back as it's best for atmosphere and the view isn't bad. Have sat in every stand and enjoy matches most from there overall. While I'm here, tickets for Aberdeen on Wednesday in BF were impossible to come by so I'm in club deck 6 Row I. Any comment on what the view is like from there? If anyone would be interested in a straight swap from BF to CD I'd be happy to arrange. Same situation for Hibs game too.
  11. djwyc14

    **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Not great news. Hope Martin debuts, although Bates & Wilson have proved they can do it, and on the big stage too at Aberdeen and celtic, I would still be more confident with Martin in. Central midfield probably needs to be Goss and Holt if Jack and McCrorie cannot make it. Windass in behind Morelos with Candeias and Murphy on the wings.
  12. djwyc14

    **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Are Jack & McCrorie out for this?
  13. djwyc14

    Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    This won't be a popular view but I thought Pena had something to offer. Certainly an enigma as his chance conversion and goals to minutes ratio wasn't at all bad. At other times he was incapable of passing five yards and was towing a caravan with dreadful fitness. If he wants to play under Pedro though, he had to go, and much like most things under Caixinha has flopped, and wasted us money we can't afford. The fact that Pedro is already singing his praises as some sort of complete player shows his delusional side. Can't see players like Pena surviving Murty's character assessment in the new recruitment process.
  14. djwyc14


    Literally everything that could have gone wrong for Candeias in the first half did. Miscommunications with Tav, poor decision making and crosses too close to the keeper. That said, even if they were better placed we were so light in numbers getting into the box so it would have been irrelevant. I liked the way he dug in and refused to let the frustration and lack of confidence get the better of him. The result was a fine assist for Morelos and he earned it. Some great deliveries and swivels to beat markers after the interval.
  15. Fod 4 - flap nearly cost us Tav 6 - some good crosses and work going forward but sloppy at times defensively Bruno 6 - strolled it but lost his man for the goal Wilson 6 - solid but very weak for the goal John 6 - bursts forward well and deserved an assist Mccrorie 7* mom Holt 6 - great energy Candeias 6 - was a 3 in the first half and a 9 in 2nd half Pena 3- anonymous and ignored Miller 4 - very poor and needed to stay up front again Windass 5 - some good efforts but some stray balls in final third Subs - Morelos and Barjonas both done well