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  1. Unfortunately this was tinged with inevitability for me. Teflon corrupt c*nts that have the brass neck to carry on as if nothing has happened.
  2. That Dundee statement from today actually made me laugh out loud
  3. Agreed with this. And it will go further, that it is some sort of saviour act that has saved clubs up and down the country. Sickening but this is what we are up against.
  4. Take no satisfaction from saying, this Dundee bribed change of vote and fasttrack process could be seen coming a mile away, regardless of how blatantly rhigged the whole episode has been. We better have some serious dirt and preparing a serious legal challenge.
  5. Sadly it is with people like him, that they think they can squirm out of this situation however damning. Remember how many clubs were quick to vote for this for a quick buck rather than see what was really going on. I don't expect the Dundee scandal to make a shred of difference, they will cave and change vote giving Bheast FC the outcome they want in the nick of time. I am sickened by it. Hope I am wrong.
  6. It is interesting the bbc reporting of this. Homepage has nothing til you scroll down a while and the article is the Ross C chairman (bheast?) asking for unity. Nothing on ours or Budges statement today. This will be deflected to the hilt. However much they are in the wrong.
  7. I am still uneasy about this. If Dundee cave to the bribes, and I think they will, this will be rushed through and it will be hard to then reverse that. I hope we have some serious dirt but in the back of my mind I know if the bheasts think they have any way of getting what they want, foul means or otherwise, they will pursue it
  8. Eejay. I have very often seen you call things right so I hope your gut feel is correct here. I still have a doubt on this. Can see Dundee voting yes and this getting pushed through before the UEFA announcement. The bheasts will have the brass neck to try anything then deny and deflect once they have got what they want. I really hope this is a watershed moment in scottish football and what we have meand they f*ckers are nailed
  9. We should be demanding to see the "lost" Dundee correspondence, this will be another thing to get hidden
  10. The club should make public the email trails yesterday which contradict the SPFL statement earlier. Independent review into the SPFL would be interesting. The club need to be calling it out. Where are they
  11. This is corrupt to the core. How can you release the vote results so far with some still yet to vote?
  12. Ok first and foremost we need quality players in the building, but this guy clearly loathes TLB and from his words you get the vibe that he is in it for the cause. Given all the shite that gets thrown our way we need this siege mentality. Warming to this transfer.
  13. If you thought what Pena did upon leaving have a butchers at Kamberi's interview. Taling the piss out of Hibs completely, especially when he's only on loan initially. You love to see it
  14. Still think Jones could be given one more shot. Done with Barker. The only blessing from yesterday's defeat is that the narrative seems to have shifted to needing one more attacking body in. Similar to how Kent got over the line after the Tarrier loss. If we had won yesterday there would have been no further incomings.
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