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  1. A Manager who tells it as it is - I wonder if it will catch on?
  2. Bless you! You are fun to have around on the Forum. 😂
  3. Zetland


    Thanks for saying what I was thinking!
  4. All sounds good @Bears r us The photograph below shows how Ottle o’ Oxna looked when he arrived! Happy to support Pam after all she has done for Broxi. Also, great that one of our Veterans now has Broxi as his companion dog. Happy days.
  5. Zetland


    Terrible comments from a Bear, directed at other Bears. Only tuned in for the second hour tonight but it was all about The Rangers to quote Bridgeman! The panel and the bears who called in were discussing all the topics you would expect and I am sure most listeners enjoyed the discussions. I guess we all see and hear things differently!
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