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  1. Transferred to the Donated List: @Ace @Bears r us @billscott @blueballss @bornabear @dougie76 @jamess @The Ghost
  2. Looking back through my emails: I have the Castore Pre-order email dated 02/08/20 - Your order is being prepared for dispatch. Then the two Hermes emails were received virtually as the order was being delivered today. 1. Your Castore parcel is now with your local Courier. 2. Hermes successfully delivered your Castore parcel.
  3. Good Luck @BearInTheToon Hope your delivery is next
  4. Let the Celebrations begin! Order has just been delivered
  5. Well at least you got the email about the training gear. We got nothing here!
  6. Disgusting that someone would do that to a delivery item. Hope he gets it sorted and makes a complaint.
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