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  1. RangersMedia Erskine Fund Members: Well done to Everyone who has Donated. The post above takes us to 100 Donations
  2. "Just now"

    Hope tomorrow is a better day. Those green faces are a bit of a worry on a True Blue Forum.
  3. I understand GB. Just post my P45 to my home address please?
  4. We are 1 short of 100 for the November / December Fundraiser, GB.
  5. Will get you onto the Pledged list meantime. GB will, I am sure, update me shortly.
  6. Do you think Murty maybe missed your post this week Bru. I am not a happy Bear.
  7. The Lists are currently sitting at: Donated - 97 Members Pledged - 14 Members. Anymore for Anymore Bears?!
  8. "Just now"

    Any update for us today @Falkirk bear
  9. Happy Birthday Johnny Hubbard

    Happy Birthday, Mr Hubbard. Hope your health improves soon.