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  1. ah right excellent im sure it was good, i couldnt get flights back to belfast in time and i had no ticket so just watched it at home im sure you had a great time that night as well

  2. hey hows it going whats the planns for tomorrow

  3. We Welcome The Chase!

    1. stephenbelfast


      alright love whats the crack what you doing for the match tomorrow

  4. In fact we don't just need European away's for drunken debauchery tales!
  5. I know spoils so much of the fun!!
  6. I've seen some of the picture and heard some stories!
  7. Does this include what strippers and hooker to use and what bars to go to?
  8. ... and thoughtful

  9. I've shampoo'd it for the occassion.

  10. gies a gobbble

  11. I always wanted a celeb friend! ;-)

  12. Star of Sky Sports! :D

  13. hows your dribbling?xx.

  14. ive thought about yours a few times ;)


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