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  1. bannedfromff

    Ryan Jack Red

    Jack isn't meant to put his leg there at all. If making that pass at full speed means he clatters studs first into May he must, as May did, pull back. Honestly, if this was Brown or some other tim thug everyone would be going nuts. It is indefensible, an accident but a red. Let this one go. It's not doing us any favours when we have a genuine case.
  2. bannedfromff

    Ryan Jack Red

    Knew that one would tip someone over the edge. For wanting McCoist out and McInnes in in the Championship, actually.
  3. bannedfromff

    Ryan Jack Red

    I await the 34 pager defending the lego eater doing this to one of ours. This angle makes me suspicious of how honest it was and the zero remorse.
  4. bannedfromff

    Ryan Jack Red

    Yes. It's on Jack to not break his leg, whether deliberately or carelessly. If May's leg is going to be there, Jack has to anticipate that and avoid putting his studs through it. It's a simple concept that's been understood and explained by every referee pundit that's looked at it. Jack must go into the collision differently. It's extremely unfortunate where May's leg has ended up and how it was planted. Quite simply, if May had done the same to Jack not a single person on here would be defending it and we all know it. It's extreme blinkers. Contrary to the repeated line that May shited it, he didn't, he was late to the collision and put his foot out for a 50/50. Jack went in full blooded for a 70/30. Jack injured may. Sending off.
  5. bannedfromff

    Ryan Jack Red

    He said no doubt whatsoever. The Rangers friendly bein sports panel winced at it and said it was 1000% red. I thought people were at it when this denial it was a red started he nearly took his foot off. You can't endanger an opponent like that. It's on Jack to avoid doing it.
  6. bannedfromff

    Next Manager Poll

    Don't think Preud'homme would come to Scotland. Don't think he's a long term appointment if he would. Calderwood was in the UEFA Cup when it was 1 round then the group stages. McInnes is beating better teams than that every time before getting knocked out in the 3rd round. Granted Calderwood then qualified in 3rd out of 5 with 1 win then got a home draw with Bayern. McInnes would probably pull off similar every season if it was still the same format. McInnes is only 46.
  7. bannedfromff

    Next Manager Poll

    McInnes: - Won the Championship with St Johnstone - Kept them up and mid-table for the next 2 seasons - Took over a basket case at Bristol City that were rock bottom. Kept them up then cost cutting saw them back to the same place - Took over 9th placed perennial shambles Aberdeen - Won the League Cup - Finished 3rd in the last kick of the season - Knocked Groningen out of Europe - Finished 2nd with a record points tally - Knocked Rijeka out of Europe - Finished 2nd - Finished 2nd with another record points tally, got to both cup finals, lost in the last minute to a side with 20x the budget (mastered tactics and learned from the previous final) The facts.
  8. bannedfromff

    McLeish tips Aberdeen for second place

    Genuinely what do you think they would need? £30-40m to get anywhere near that level. To win what? £2m in prize money. Then a punt in CL qualifiers. And if it doesn't work, they die. Can't say I'm shocked no-one's pointing the finger at Stewart Milne for a genuine title challenge just now. Maybe should have done it 2 seasons ago.
  9. bannedfromff

    The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    You can't actually be serious? They're paying players £30,000 a week and the sheep average is around £2,000. Crowds of 10,000. Despite that he's been leading the league in January in recent seasons. Imagine what he could do with us.
  10. bannedfromff

    The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Look at the budget and facilities McInnes works with. Works wonders. Unbelievably strong recruitment this window as well with peanuts.
  11. bannedfromff

    The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    What is wrong with people that they still don't want McInnes? Do you know anything about football?
  12. bannedfromff

    Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    No one takes these statements or even the club's seriously anymore. Written as if by a teenager having a strop.
  13. bannedfromff

    Positives about Pedro

    Signed a bunch of utter duds. Gave big contracts to his old mates. We'll be worse than under Warburton this season. Comfortably outside top 2. We missed the boat with McInnes who will move to a decent English team after his next success.
  14. bannedfromff

    Do you agree now?

    I've always said McInnes. The replies were laughable. Stuff about him not winning the league, on fucking Aberdeen's budget for fuck sake. Losing to 'diddies' from Kazakhstan in the THIRD round who were actually backed by gas billionaires.
  15. bannedfromff


    Incredible stuff. We're fucked for years with complete nonsense like this.